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The 10 Best Kids' Ski Boots for 2024

By: Jordan Sunshine: Ski Buyer | October 16, 2023


Shopping for ski boots is hard enough, shopping for your kids is dang near impossible. Or at least, it used to be. It’s hard to tell if your kids' ski boots actually fit, if they have an appropriate flex, and if they’re keeping those small feet warm and comfortable. Luckily, kids' ski boots have come a long way. The best kids' ski boots are designed to be easy to get on and off and provide the right blend of flex and stiffness to absorb chatter and help smaller bodies turn their skis.

New This Year:

2024 ushers in a refreshing shift in the design and aesthetics of kids' ski boots. Embracing inclusivity and breaking away from traditional norms, brands are now offering more gender-neutral color options. This trend not only provides a broader spectrum of choices for young skiers but also champions the idea that the mountain is for everyone, irrespective of gender. With these diverse color palettes, kids can now choose boots that resonate with their unique style and personality, ensuring they hit the slopes with confidence and flair.

Atomic Hawx Jr 3 Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Atomic Hawx Jr 3

A slightly taller, more supportive boot for kids who've already got the pizza and french fries thing down, the Atomic Hawx Jr 3 Ski Boots feature Atomic's Bronze Jr liner, the Junior Performance shell, and three polycarbonate buckles.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price

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Salomon Team T3 Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Salomon Team T3

The Salomon Team T3 Ski Boots are the perfect choice for young rippers making the transition from pizza to parallel - with their lightweight Polyolefin construction and 3-buckle design, they're easy to coax into the turn and simple to put on and take off.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
30 JrYouth Fit$149.95

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Dalbello Green Gaia 1.0 GW Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Dalbello Green Gaia 1.0 GW

Wait, even we can see the Green Gaia is black in the photo . . . ahhh, the Dalbello Green Gaia 1.0 GW Ski Boots are green in the very cool sense that they're made from recycled DB-Hyperlite plastic, possibly from boots you wore as a kid (just speculating). One buckle ease and comfort and a Supercomfort J liner make the Green Gaia 1.0 the perfect choice for her first boot.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
20Junior Last$119.99

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K2 Luv Bug 2 Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

K2 Luv Bug 2

Light, comfy, and super easy to put on and take off even if your fingers are tiny, the K2 Luv Bug 2 Ski Boots are the perfect starter boot for kids just learning or about to learn the basics. Featuring a recycled TPU shell and Cushfit Jr liner, the Luv Bug 2 will help them fall in love with the sport.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
N/AJr Last$109.95

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Salomon Shift Pro 80T Alpine Touring Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Salomon Shift Pro 80T Alpine Touring

Your kiddo has been asking for ages about the backbowl pass everyone seems to have, and now they're finally big enough for touring boots of their own. Gear up for the backcountry with the Salomon Shift Pro 80T Alpine Touring Ski Boots, pint sized tech boots with all the safety features they need to success. Complete with tech fittings, a walk mode, and solid construction, they can ski in the resort all day long and take it to the skin track when they're ready. Let them eat pow!

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price

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K2 FL3X Evolver Ski Boots – Kids 2024

K2 FL3X Evolver

Perfect for the kid whose feet have reached adult length, but whose body mass hasn't caught up yet, the K2 Fl3X Evolver Ski Boots pair a classic Revolver (Full Tilt Classic) shell with a softer tongue for a youth-friendly 70 flex. If Junior is tall, thin, and dying to evolve those park skills, or just wants a comfy, smooth flexing all mountain boot that still allows for some ankle flexion, this is the right call.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price

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Dalbello J-Tour Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Dalbello J-Tour

The Dalbello J-Tour Ski Boots come with Gripwalk soles and a nice walk mode for use with both alpine and junior-friendly frame bindings. The ski-walk mechanism is easy for small hands to get the hang of, with a smooth walking cuff engineered to help little legs make it up the hill with minimum fuss. If you're thinking of taking your little ones on uphill adventures, this is the boot you need.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
N/AJunior Last$219.99

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K2 Reverb Ski Boots - Big Kids' 2024

K2 Reverb - Big Kids'

The time has come; no longer are you spending days on the magic carpet skiing switch in front of the kid, you're having trouble keeping them in sight. Crank up the K2 Reverb Ski Boots, a real 4-buckler overlap design meant to keep them in control when they're out in front. With a lighter Polypropylene construction and a friendly 70 flex, the Reverb won't overpower small bodies, but it's a big step up from the two-buckle kiddie boots and it's show in their skiing.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price

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Tecnica Cochise Jr Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Tecnica Cochise Jr

The Tecnica Cochise Jr Ski Boots will let Junior soar to the best of his or her abilities, without limiting ankle movement with an overly stiff flex like a junior race boot. With a lightweight polyolefine construction and a flex index of 65, the Cochise Jr is the right tool for lighter bodies learning to master the entire mountain.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
65Junior Last$249.95

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Fischer Two Ski Boots - Kids' 2024

Fischer Two

So . . . your kid still hasn't decided whether they like playing in the snow or skiing better? Make the best of the situation by hooking them up with the Fischer Two Ski Boots, a bomber snow boot with a super functional gaiter that just happens to have a GripWalk sole to fit in a ski binding.

FlexLast Width (mm)Original Price
N/AYouth Wide$179.99

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Jordan Sunshine

I was born and raised in northern Vermont and moved west as soon as I turned 18. I bounced around the PNW for a while eventually following evo’s store openings to Denver where I have called home since and although I will always take even the wettest of pow days, have come to appreciate any day skiing in the sun, be it with friends or my kids.

I have been skiing since I was 2 and started working in a ski shop when I was 14, which was way more fun than washing dishes. Over the years I have worked as a ski tech, boot fitter, liftie, product copywriter, and eventually came to manage evo’s Portland and Denver stores. Now I am the Ski Buyer, overseeing ski hardgoods and backcountry accessories.