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The 8 Best Ski & Snowboard Socks of 2024

By: Megan Amick: Accessories Buyer | October 30, 2023

We’re all familiar with the stereotypes of unwashed ski and snowboard socks stinking up hotel rooms and making consecutive days of skiing or riding disgusting and uncomfortable. But the best ski and snowboard socks don’t just stay smelling fresh day after day, they also provide the right level of fit, cushion, and compression to help your feet drive your skis or snowboard. And that mix of features makes a huge difference. So, if your favorite ski socks are showing some wear and have seen better days, this list is for you.

New This Year:

When it comes to ski and snowboard socks this season, it's all about precision comfort and a burst of personality. With the emergence of targeted cushioning, these socks are designed to provide extra padding precisely where you need it most. And if you're wondering how to choose ski socks that offer both comfort and style, the variety of colorways available this year has got you covered. Whether you're carving down the slopes or lounging in the lodge, your feet will be cozy, supported, and undeniably stylish.

Smartwool Light Cushion OTC Socks - Kids'

Smartwool Light Cushion OTC - Kids'

The Smartwool Light Cushion OTC Socks feature cushion common pressure points: the shin, calf, and foot. They might be growing in and out of their gear constantly, but with these merino blend socks, it'll be a little more comfy.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
70% Merino Wool / 18% Recycled Nylon / 11% Nylon / 1% ElastaneLight$18.95

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Smartwool Targeted Cushion OTC Socks

Smartwool Targeted Cushion OTC

Sleek colors, a targeted cushion, and over the calf fit make the Smartwool Targeted Cushion OTC Socks great for any skier that wants compression and needs a little extra support on high pressure areas.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
57% Merino Wool / 30% Recycled Nylon / 10% Nylon / 3% ElastaneMidweight$27.95

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Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC Socks

Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC

The Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC Socks provide close to body and compression for high energy days on the slopes. Zero cushion and a 4 degree elite fit system helps provide superior performance, so you can complain less and shred more. All while supporting the snow.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
55% Merino Wool / 31% Recycled Nylon / 10% Nylon / 4% ElastaneUltra Lightweight$26.95

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Le Bent Core Ultra Light Socks

Le Bent Core Ultra Light

Made from Le Bent's signature blend of techy natural fibers, the Le Bent Core Ultra Light Socks are the best your toes can get for romping around on the snow. These snowsport specific socks are ultralight weight for a low volume performance fit, with just a bit of cushioning in the shin area for added comfort.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
Le Bent Signature Blend – Merino wool and Rayon from bambooUltra Lightweight$27.00

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Stance Bomin Snow Socks

Stance Bomin Snow

Feel that boom boom pow every time you show up to the mountain sporting your Stance Bomin Snow Socks. And by boom boom pow we're talking unrivaled comfort with performance cushioning, moisture-wicking properties for a fresh all-day feel, and Infiknit™ durability that just won't quit. That's the boom boom pow feeling.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
43% Nylon / 37% Polyester / 17% Merino Wool / 3% ElastaneMedium$21.95

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Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC Socks - Women's

Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC - Women's

Your toesies deserve the best when they're stuck inside a plastic boot all day. That's why the Smartwool Zero Cushion OTC Socks get a gold star. Zero cushion, an over the calf fit, and body mapped mesh zones for breathability come together to make high performance leg tubes that help reduce friction during high energy days. Made with a slimmer fit for women with narrow feet, these brightly colored socks were made for aggressive skiing and general getting after it.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
55% Merino Wool / 31% Recycled Nylon / 10% Nylon / 4% ElastaneThin$26.95

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Le Bent Oaken Midweight Snow Socks - Women's

Le Bent Oaken Midweight Snow - Women's

Providing a comfort fit with full cushion and support, the Le Bent Oaken Midweight Snow Socks feature bright patterns complimented by breathable midweight merino wool construction.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
Le Bent Signature Blend – Individually, Merino wool and Rayon from bambooMidweight$31.00

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Smartwool Full Cushion Tie-Dye OTC Socks - Women's

Smartwool Full Cushion Tie-Dye OTC - Women's

Get ready to groove and shred in style with these Smartwool Full Cushion Tie-Dye OTC Socks. These socks are the ultimate combo of Indestructawool™ durability and seamless comfort, ensuring your feet stay cozy and your style stays far out on the slopes.

MaterialThicknessOriginal Price
52% Merino Wool / 6% Nylon / 40% Recycled Nylon / 2% ElastaneMidweight$28.95

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The Selection Process:

Our snow accessories buyers have an endless amount of knowledge on all things snow accessory related stemming from years of experience in the outdoor industry in tandem with their countless hours spent outside in all conditions around the world. From hot to cold, snow, rain, wind, and even sunshine, they know what accessories will keep you comfortable and really up your experience outside. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Megan Amick

Hi! My name is Megan. I was born and raised in Washington and grew up loving skiing and the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are ski trips to Park City with my parents, Mt. Bachelor with the grandparents, and weekend rides at our home mountain the good ‘ol Ski Acres - IYKYK. I left Washington to go to college in California, and then moved to Nevada for a few years. I moved back to Washington in 2013 and jumped right back into weekend rides at my home mountain. Washington is and always will be the place I call home!

I have been working at evo since 2016 and am so grateful for all the opportunities. I started working in our warehouse in receiving and shipping and then worked my way to the merchandising department which gave me the opportunity to integrate my passions as our Accessories and Camp Buyer. It truly is a beautiful thing to work for a company that you are passionate about and that feels like family. You will still find me every weekend at my home mountain with my husband Beau and our daughter Baker.