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The 9 Best Kids' Ski & Snowboard Helmets of 2022-2023

By: Megan Amick: Accessories Buyer | October 18, 2022

A good snowsports helmet has a lot of factors that go into it. It has to be comfortable, protective, and of course, it has to look good. But for a good kids’ ski and snowboard helmet, all of those factors are upped a notch. For them to actually keep it on all day, it has to be as comfy as possible. For you to feel safe sending your kid out onto the mountain, you want it to be even more meticulously designed for their safety than your own helmet. And for kids showing off to their friends on the hill, the style factor is maybe the most important of all, to make sure they’ll want to wear the thing in the first place. In this list of the best kids’ ski and snowboard helmets, we’ve picked out a selection of helmets that meet all of these criteria to help you narrow down your search for perfection when choosing a ski helmet.

New This Year:

One standout of the list this year is a brand new offering that we are so excited about. We’ve been big fans of everything Oakley puts out for a long time now, from their excellent goggles to their top-notch safety gear. Their all-new kids' ski helmet is the MOD Pro 1, which features a super durable shell material that has been a big hit in their adult lines.

Smith Glide Jr. MIPS Helmet

Smith Glide Jr. MIPS

Super lightweight and so comfy they'll not even notice it's on, the Smith Glide Jr. MIPS Helmet sets the standard for kids' lids. A combination of Smith's lightest in-mold construction paired with the MIPS® Brain Protection System is just right for getting started on the snow.If you’re trying to get a high-quality kids' helmet without breaking the bank, the Smith Glide Jr. is a hard-to-beat option. It’s one of the most affordable helmets on the market that still features a MIPS rotational protection system in addition to standard helmet safety, making it an easy one for us to recommend every year.

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Giro Crue MIPS Helmet

Giro Crue MIPS

A sturdy hard shell design that will outlast several kids' youth careers, the Giro Crue MIPS Helmet is a clean freestyle design with the MIPS® protection system built in. That head has to last for a lifetime, so protect it when they're young with the outstanding Giro Crue Helmet. With an old-school, skate helmet design and tons of bright colors to choose from, the Giro Crue is perfect for kids with an early flair for style. Also, the no-frills hardshell build is made to last.

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Giro Spur MIPS Helmet

Giro Spur MIPS

You're still able to keep in front of them, if only just barely. Soon they'll be laying first tracks whether you like it or not, and the Giro Spur MIPS Helmet will ease your worry as they blaze around that next corner, out of sight. With MIPS® and a great custom fit, your big kid will be protected and comfortable as they leave you in the dust. Thanks, that's what parents are for! With a similarly awesome color selection to the other Giro helmet on the list, the Spur is the perfect choice for kids who like it bright and fun. The main difference between the two options is that this one uses an in-mold construction rather than a hardshell. Both methods offer the same safety, with in-mold being a bit lighter weight and hardshell being a bit more durable.

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Oakley MOD 1 Pro MIPS Helmet

Oakley MOD 1 Pro MIPS

There are reasonable places to scrimp and save, but your helmet (or your kid's helmet) is not one of them. Keep your young blood on course in the Oakley MOD 1 Pro MIPS Helmet and reduce your stress level while watching them push the limits. The MOD 1 Pro retains the clean, low-profile skate styling of the original MOD 1, but beefs up the durability by switching to an injection-molded Dura-Matter shell. MIPS® and the BOA® 360 Fit System are standard, of course. The new MOD 1 Pro is simply one of our favorite helmets out there. It’s got it all: style, safety, tech, and comfort. With a freestyle design that’s built for the parks, this top-of-the-line lid will keep your kids stoked and safe, no questions asked.

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Anon Burner Helmet

Anon Burner

With the protection you want and the style your grom wants, Anon makes the whole family happy with the Anon Burner Helmet. Its lightweight yet highly protective polycarbonate shell adheres to both ASTM 2040 and CE 1077B snowsports helmet certifications while still delivering the style and comfort that your kid will WANT to wear! Another awesome lightweight option, this offering from Anon pairs skate style cool with a sleek palette of colors. It’s perfect for little rippers who prefer their kit to match the under-the-radar vibes of their favorite pros.

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Anon Rime 3 Helmet

Anon Rime 3

Our littlest noggins shouldn't have problems. So wrap them in ABS, the wee froth goblins. The Anon Rime 3 Helmet is a multi-season skate-inspired hard hat designed for today's juvenile omni-shredders. With a low profile, a comfortable fleece liner and removable earpads, and a smooth magnetic buckle, it's well-designed and built to last. So they can go fast. And crash. And do the monster mash. If you’re just looking for simple functionality, this is our choice for you. The Rime gets the job done of keeping your kids safe while they ride, and manages to be comfy, cleanly designed, and easy on the wallet while it’s at it.

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Smith Scout Jr. MIPS Helmet

Smith Scout Jr. MIPS

Hardshell durability and MIPS brain protection in one sweet package make the Smith Scout Jr. MIPS Helmet a tough combination to beat in a kids' helmet, and the comfort factor of the Scout Jr MIPS means they'll wear it without thinking about it - a good habit to get into. Our favorite thing about the Scout Jr is that it manages to incorporate an adjustable fit system without the dial system that most helmets rely on. By swapping that out for a simple elastic band, this helmet is no-bulk and lightweight, perfect for kids who don’t always like the feel of wearing helmets.

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Smith Prospect Jr. MIPS Helmet

Smith Prospect Jr. MIPS

The Smith Prospect Jr. MIPS Helmet features the latest in protective technology PLUS the ability to adjust to a huge range of head sizes so your young ripper can keep the same helmet for many seasons. The Smith Grow With Me™ sizing system uses a dual-stage liner strategy to accommodate the largest range of head sizes in the industry and comes with both MIPS® rotational protection and Aerocore™ protection. Any one of these features is enough to warrant buying this helmet, but with the Prospect Jr. MIPS, you get them all. With all of the features found in Smith’s high-end adult helmets, the Prospect Jr is perfect for serious young riders. Its freeride-inspired design is built for groms heading to the big mountains, with top-end safety, plus adjustable ventilation and tons of tech.

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POC POCito Fornix MIPS Helmet

POC POCito Fornix MIPS

Kids can go overboard sometimes — eyes bigger than their stomach, biting off more than they can chew, and sometimes, there's a bit more stoke in their riding than their skillset and growing bodies are ready to handle. The POC POCito Fornix MIPS Helmet construction and technical features help minimize consequences when the young guns go a bit too big. MIPS technology offers enhanced rotational protection during awkward falls, an upgraded adjustable fit system helps optimize safety and comfort, an NFC medical ID chip in the helmet keeps medical data stored to assist in emergencies, and RECCO is built-in to easily search if someone is lost on the mountain. POC has made a name for itself by making top-end race helmets for skiers who are serious about getting after it between the gates. Whether your kid is competing on their local ski team or just ripping around the hardpack, the POCito is our favorite helmet for kids that go fast.

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