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The 10 Best Ski & Snowboard Gloves of 2022-2023

By: Jen Streby: Senior Buyer | September 29, 2022


Cold hands are the enemy of many winter recreationalists, from seasoned backcountry pros to first-time lift riders. But with the right ski gloves, the winter chill is no problem. Aside from being essential gear for everyone venturing out into the snow, the best ski and snowboard gloves are also specialized tools and stylish accessories. With a full range from heavy-duty pull-over insulators, to sleek resort gloves and versatile trigger mittens, we’ve selected our favorite gloves of the season with something in mind for everyone choosing gloves.

New This Year:

This year, our list includes offerings from some of our favorite brands. With Swany, Black Diamond, Hestra, Oyuki, and Dakine continuing to offer excellent quality and craftsmanship across their lineups, we’ve noticed special attention has been put into the aesthetics this year. A trend across the board has been a wider range of rich and vibrant color options, letting you express your personal style that much more on the mountain.

Swany X-Cell 2.1 Gloves

Swany X-Cell 2.1

Coming off of Swany's Sport Utility Line, the Swany X-Cell 2.1 Gloves are designed to handle any situation and any condition. The supreme breathability and waterproofing properties of a Dryfinger membrane with a Volcotek heat shield, make the X-Cell Glover a perfect choice for the coldest and biggest mountain sports adventures.

Swany is a trusted name in ski gloves. They put out a stellar product with timeless design features and bombproof construction. The X-Cell 2.1 is an easy choice for maximum warmth in a traditional, leather-faced package.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Over the CuffLeather, SyntheticPrimaloft Gold Synthetic w/ Cross Core$170

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Auclair Outseam Gloves

Auclair Outseam Gloves

There's a reason why you see devoted racers and hardcore riders on virtually every mountain sporting the Auclair Outseam Gloves. Engineered with articulated EVA padding along the back of hand and fingers for protection, plus premium PrimaLoft® Gold insulation throughout for warmth, the full leather Outseam Gloves are the cream of the crop gloves you've been searching for.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffGoatskinPrimaLoft®$136.00

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Hestra Fall Line 5-Finger Gloves

Hestra Fall Line 5-Finger

Building upon their deep history of high-quality construction and reliable warmth in the midst of gruesome mountain weather, the new Hestra Fall Line 5-Finger Gloves provide a timeless style and legacy construction in a highly functional, practical package. With fully impregnated cowhide outers, foam + G-Loft insulation, a removable liner, and neoprene cuffs to seal the deal, the Fall Line 5-Finger Gloves are raising the bar on what to expect from ski/snowboard gloves.

The Hestra Fall Line series is a classic. Offering great warmth in a sleek, stylish package, these gloves are about as good as you can get if your priorities are high performance and good looks. This year, they’ve moved beyond the classic leather tones, offering a range of rich colors to choose from.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffLeatherFoam$164.95

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Hestra Heli Gloves - Women's

Hestra Heli Gloves

The most dexterous of the Heli series, the Hestra Heli Gloves offer 5-finger mobility with little sacrifice in warmth. For those who work and play in their gloves for long periods of time, such as patrollers, the glove is an obvious choice. Supple goat leather and Fiberfill insulation make for an incredibly comfortable yet durable glove that will take you to new heights of backcountry exploration.

These gloves are about as warm as you can get in a five-finger option. If you’re looking to prevent cold hands above all else, but don’t like the loss of dexterity of a mitten, these are the way to go.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Over the CuffLeather, SyntheticRemovable Synthetic$144.95-$159.95

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Burton GORE-TEX Gloves

Burton GORE-TEX Gloves

Trust your gear with the Burton GORE-TEX Gloves, a warm and weatherproof mitt that comes with a removable liner for off-snow versatility. Its Screen Grab® synthetic leather palm is durable and flexible, while extended cuff coverage keeps you dry even when the pow is so deep you could swim in it.

These gloves are simple, affordable, and effective. They look good, feel good, and do the job of keeping your hands warm and dry on the slope. It’s easy to see why they’re a fan favorite year after year..

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Over the CuffDRYRIDE SyntheticThermacore Synthetic$79.95

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Burton AK Clutch GORE-TEX Gloves

Burton AK Clutch GORE-TEX

The Burton AK Clutch GORE-TEX Gloves provide durability, dryness, and dexterity for snowboarders who demand the utmost performance from their handwear. Made with a cow leather shell, GORE-TEX membrane with GORE Active technology, and toasty Primaloft® Gold insulation.

The AK signature is reserved for Burton’s top-of-the-line gear, and these gloves are no different. Top-end warmth, dexterity, and style in a low-profile, under-the-cuff glove.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffLeather, DRYRIDE SyntheticPrimaloft Gold Synthetic$129.95

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Oyuki Haika 3-in-1 Gloves

Oyuki Haika 3-in-1

The Oyuki Haika 3-in-1 Gloves are a technical 3-in-1 shell and inner glove combination that provides multiple wearing options. Plus, they get extra points for the touchscreen-compatible fingertips on the inner liner. Perfect for backcountry touring, photographers, and adventurers who require durability and versatility.

We love the versatility of a 3-in-1 glove, especially for the backcountry. If you want one pair of gloves to fill all your touring needs on the up and the down, the Haika is a dream come true.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffGoatskin LeatherInner Synthetic Glove$159.95

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Oyuki Pep GORE-TEX Trigger Mitts

Oyuki Pep GORE-TEX Trigger

The Oyuki Pep GORE-TEX Trigger Mitt is a full leather trigger finger mitten designed by Pep Fujas to be the ultimate workhorse. Built for those looking for a durable trigger mitt to provide warmth and dexterity in cold weather conditions.

The second trigger mitt on the list is the signature glove of a serious style master, and it shows. In our opinion, this has to be one of the best-looking snow gloves on the market. Backed up by Oyuki’s renowned construction, these mittens are just all around awesome.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffGoatskin LeatherPrimaloft Gold & Eco Grip$149.95

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Dakine Excursion Gore-Tex Gloves

Dakine Excursion Gore-Tex

The one bummer with beautiful, blower, low-density powder is that you just can't get it on a moderate-temp day. The cold smoke that you dream about only comes with seriously low temps, and so it works out that on the best mornings of your season, you're going to have some chilly fingers. But when you can keep your fingers tucked away inside the Dakine Excursion GORE-TEX Gloves, you've got nothing to worry about. With 230g PrimaLoft Gold insulation, a soft wool blend liner, and the water-stopping power of GORE-TEX, the Excursion Gloves sit at the warmest end of the Dakine spectrum.

If the Hestra Heli gloves were sounding good to you, but you need bigger size options, this is a solid choice. It’s as warm of a five-finger glove as you can find and easy to pull on and off for photography, navigation, and more. If you’re doing big missions in cold places, the Excursion lives up to its name.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Over the CuffLeather, SyntheticPrimaloft Gold$104.95-$129.95

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evo Pagosa Leather Gloves

evo Pagosa Leather

evo’s Pagosa Leather gloves prove that high end leather ski gloves don’t have to cost a fortune. Instead they bring the features and performance you’d expect from a premium glove down to a more affordable price that just about anyone can justify. The Pagosa leather gloves use a high end goatskin leather for the shell, with a waterproof coating. Pair that with their Hipora membrane and your hands will stay dry no matter how hard its snowing. Finally the PrimaLoft Gold and Grip insulation keeps your hands warm, and wicks sweat away from your skin.

The Pagosa gloves come with a built in wrist leash and reinforced seams so they’ll stay fresh and looking good for years to come. Nice gloves don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and the Pagosa will blow away your expectations.

Cuff StyleShellInsulationOriginal Price
Under the CuffGoatskin LeatherPrimaloft Gold & Grip Control$79.95

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The Selection Process:

Our snow accessories buyers have an endless amount of knowledge on all things snow accessory related stemming from years of experience in the outdoor industry in tandem with their countless hours spent outside in all conditions around the world. From hot to cold, snow, rain, wind, and even sunshine, they know what accessories will keep you comfortable and really up your experience outside. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Jen Streby

Hi! My name is Jen and while growing up in the very cold Midwest, I didn’t have much experience in the snow apart from sledding and building your classic snowman. Eventually, after college, I migrated my way out to Utah. There I stepped on the snow on skis for the first time at the young age of 27. The first experience being at Alta, doing a complete yard sale under the Collins lift on my first run. Stubborn me didn’t give up. I soon after got a job at Snowbird where I grew to love the sport and learned to love the mountains in the wintertime as much as I do in the summer.

My winter passion didn’t change upon moving to the PNW where I call Seattle my home. I started with evo 6 years ago and have been a buyer for several categories, one of which currently includes the snow accessories category. Come to me if you want to talk about helmets, goggles, gloves, and more.