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The 9 Best Ski & Snowboard Boot Bags of 2022-2023

By: Kevin Katsafanas: Ski & Snowboard Bags Buyer | November 1, 2022


The ski racers have been doing it for years, and it’s time to get with the program. In today’s day and age when traveling with ski gear, there’s no need to be carrying armfuls of gear across ice parking lots, rogue ski poles sticking up like broken antennas, or velcro chafing your neck while your open ski boots slowly fill with falling flakes. We have the technology. We have the power. And the best ski and snowboard boot bags are ready to fill that void. We have backpack-style bags that fit your whole kit in a hands-free package to easily tote up to the lodge. We have duffle-style bags with little mats to keep your socks dry while you change out of the back of your car. We even have heated bags that keep your boots warm and dry in transport. To help you choose the bag that’s right for you, we’ve put together this list of the best ski and snowboard packs of the year, filled with our very favorites of every style

New This Year:

Each year brands continue to push the envelope with materials and construction, going for lighter weight while still maintaining the durability you need out of a ski boot bag to last season after season.

Dakine 50L Boot Pack

Dakine 50L

Don't forget a single thing with the Dakine 50L Boot Pack. Perfectly framed to hold all your necessities for shredding, including boot and helmet compartments. The large front pocket will ensure that the face mask, gloves, and goggles' are right where you need them. The sturdy construction and soft padded straps on the Dakine 50L Boot Pack make traveling with your gear a breeze.

This boot pack from Dakine is our number one choice for customers looking for a high volume, pack-style boot back that can fit their helmet and accessories as well as their boots. It’s perfect for the hike from the parking lot to the lodge, and back to the car again.

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Dakine DLX 75L Boot Pack

Dakine DLX 75L

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and no pack helps you keep your gear dialed and organized like the Dakine DLX 75L Boot Pack. That's boots, helmet, goggles, and anything else you can fit, which is a lot!

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Kulkea Speed Star Boot Bag - Kids'

Kulkea Speed Star

Free up your hands, take the stress out of ski trips, and enable the young bucks to haul their own gear in style with the Kulkea Speed Star Boot Bag. Designed specifically for kids with wide, comfortably padded shoulder straps and easy-to-organize pocketing, the Speed Star Boot Bag is constructed from durable 420D polyester, water-resistant tarpaulin, and durable YKK® zippers that can handle the abuse kids are known to dish out. Smooth out any family dysfunction on-the go and put the fun back into ski trips with the help of the Kulkea Speed Star Boot Bag.

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Dakine Boot Bag 30L

Dakine 30L

Your boots deserve a nice place to rest when they're not helping you slay pow. Stow them in the Dakine Boot Bag 30L, which features a zippered front pocket and removable shoulder strap.

Simplicity is key to this bag. If you’re looking for a value-packed bag that will keep your boots protected, look no further.

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Rossignol Tactic Boot Bag

Rossignol Tactic

The Rossignol Tactic Boot Bag is just right for a pair of boots (up to 30.5 Mondopoint) plus goggles and gloves. Sturdy 600D Polyester construction protects your gear and a handy shoulder strap lets you carry your skis and poles simultaneously.

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Dakine 45L Boot Pack - Big Kids'

Dakine 45L

The Dakine 45L Boot Pack will keep your little shredders organized and prepared, thanks to a roomy 45L capacity with multiple pockets and an ID patch that means they'll never come home with the wrong bag.

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Kulkea Powder Trekker Boot Bag

Kulkea Powder Trekker

A place for everything and everything in its place. The Kulkea Powder Trekker Boot Bag takes this philosophy to the mountains with a roomy, functional design that keeps you and your gear super organized. It has huge, vented boot pockets to go with a ton of rider-friendly features. Whether you're traveling to far-flung mountains for your turns or just keeping things dialed for your local hill, this bag is a keeper.

If you are a person who loves organization and compartments, this bag is perfect for you. It is meticulously deviled, with each compartment specially designed for a different piece of your kit, perfect for packing every little thing away and carrying everything you need to ride from home to the hill.

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Rossignol Electra Boot and Helmet Pack - Women's

Rossignol Electra Boot & Helmet Pack - Women's

Keep your boots and gear organized and your hands-free with the Rossignol Electra Boot and Helmet Pack. Built of sturdy 600 denier Polyester with 4 pockets, boot loops, an external helmet storage pouch, and comfy shoulder straps so you can socialize and/or carry your skis while on the go, the Electra Boot and Helmet Pack is an essential part of your travel kit.

As our only gendered boot bag on the list, this option from Rossignol is perfect for women looking for a backpack-style bag. As unisex backpacks can sometimes be uncomfortable for women, this one is designed with specially shaped and padded straps to carry like a dream.

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Dakine 69L Boot Locker Bag

Dakine 69L

Stow your boots in the Dakine Boot Locker Bag 69L. Its tarp-lined boot compartment works as a changing mat, too, so no more worrying about getting your socks wet or muddy. If there's one thing we can all agree upon in this world, it's that wet socks suck.

If you’re looking for a bag mostly for getting from the house to the car, this one is built for you. It’s a high volume duffle style option that creates a perfect changing station in wet parking lots, so you can get ready at your tailgate and head right to the lift.

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The Selection Process:

Our snow accessories buyers have an endless amount of knowledge on all things snow accessory related stemming from years of experience in the outdoor industry in tandem with their countless hours spent outside in all conditions around the world. From hot to cold, snow, rain, wind, and even sunshine, they know what accessories will keep you comfortable or make traveling with gear that much smoother. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Kevin Katsafanas

Growing up in the northwest I took to snowboarding when I was 13 and spent most weekends up at Snoqualmie riding the park. As I grew as a rider I traded out rails and jumps for more freeride terrain found on the other side of I-90 over at Alpental. With evo in my backyard, I spent countless weekends hounding the shop staff about gear. Finally, when I was 19 years old I found my way into a full-time position selling snowboards at the Seattle store. In the decade since I've worn a number of hats in the outdoor industry in addition to talking gear, including spending time as the Seattle store's marketing and events coordinator. 9 years later and I am still here at evo in my role as the Buyer for men's techwear, and ski/snowboard bags.