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The 10 Best Ski & Snowboard Helmets of 2022-2023

By: Jen Streby: Senior Buyer | September 30, 2022


Back in the day, your parents used to show up to the ski hill in a wool cap and a pair of sunglasses, point their straight skis down the fall line, and just sort of hope nothing bad would happen. Thankfully, those days are long behind us. Nowadays, the ski helmet is an essential piece of equipment, protecting the heads of every rider on the mountain, from high-flying daredevils to snow-plowing youngsters (and even your old parents, finally). Aside from being undeniably useful, the ski helmets of today are sleek, stylish, comfortable, and technologically advanced. In the search for the best ski and snowboarding helmets of the season, we’ve put together a collection of our favorites, with different colors, weights, fit and ventilation systems, and protection technologies to suit the needs of any rider.

New This Year:

At your disposal when you're choosing a ski helmet, this year's crop of helmets is as high-tech as we’ve ever seen. More companies are offering a wider range of helmets built with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection Systems), in addition to numerous other proprietary safety systems. But the biggest trend we’ve noticed this year is a move towards simplicity. You’ll notice that almost every option on our list is unisex. While there are still some gendered options, the industry as a whole has been moving more and more towards unisex helmets with inclusive sizing and neutral colorways.

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    Hi, I’m Brenda from evo. Today we’re going to talk about the best ski and snowboard helmets of 2023. A solid helmet is an essential piece of gear for any rider. Technology has come so far in the past few years that wearing a helmet is an easy and responsible decision. Safe, comfortable, and good looking helmets can be found at every price point. Here are some of our favorites. These are the best helmets of 2023. The Nexus MIPS is Smith's latest offering. It represents everything you love about Smith wrapped into one great helmet. The Nexus is made with a material called Koroyd, which offers great impact resistance and breathability. Koroyd, along with MIPS technology and a low profile hybrid shell make this a safe, but lightweight option. The earflaps are audio compatible so you can jam out to your favorite tunes, and AirEvac™ ventilation keeps you cool as you ride. A Boa fastener at the back keeps your helmet where it should be: on your head. The Nexus is a great choice for riders after a lightweight helmet with top of the line safety technology. Next up on the list is the Giro Tenaya Spherical helmet. We love the Tenaya for its high level of protection and adjustability. The Tenaya uses MIPS® Spherical Technology™, combining inner and outer EPP foam components to act as a "ball and socket" in the helmet. It allows rotational movement in any direction, which diverts impact forces away from your brain during a crash. Adjustable venting, a dial fit system, and a magnetic fidlock buckle make the Tenaya super comfortable to wear during long days on the slopes. A techy look adds some contemporary style along with top-notch performance. New from Anon this season is the Oslo WaveCel Helmet. Wavecel is a revolutionary new safety technology. It acts like a network of shock absorbers around your head, reducing impact forces like the crumple zone of a car. Like MIPS, Wavecel diverts rotational forces, which improves your chances of escaping injury in a crash. The Oslo is designed to integrate with Anon’s goggles for a seamless fit, and there’s a great kids version for ambitious groms. We recommend this one for serious riders who already have Anon goggles, or anyone looking for a simple, effective, and good looking helmet. Next up is the all new Giro Tor Spherical Helmet. Like the Tenaya, this one also features MIPS spherical technology. This freeride helmet comes with adjustable venting, which gives you better temperature control as you ride. It also has a magnetic Fidlock buckle and a grippy Inform Dial, making it easy to tweak the fit when you’ve got gloves on. We recommend the Tor for riders who want great freeride performance and convenient, easy to use features. The Oakley Mod 5 is next on our list for its simplicity and sleek look. Built around a lightweight, strategically mapped Duramatter mix shell, the MOD 5 provides excellent protection in key areas without overdoing it in others. A Polartec fleece lining, magnetic Fidlock buckle, and BOA adjustment complete the look. We recommend the Oakley Mod 5 for those who want a simple, customizable helmet that doesn’t skimp on safety. Our final pick is the Oakley Mod 7 Helmet. This one stands out from the pack with an awesome integrated goggle lens. The Mod 7 uses magnets to connect a Prizm Lens to the helmet. The lens stays secure while you ride, and stows out of the way when you’re in the lift line or hanging out. Just hit the eject button on either side of the lens to take it off, and magnetically attach it to your helmet for safe-keeping. Magic! Outro Those are our picks for the best helmets of 2023. If you need more help, our experts love talking about gear. Visit us online, in store, or give us a call, we’re always happy to help. Hit the subscribe button to stay updated on the newest gear, and drop any questions in the comments below. Thanks for watching. See you on the lift!

    Sweet Protection Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet

    Sweet Protection Trooper 2Vi MIPS

    The Sweet Protection Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet has all the latest tech, so your fun day on the mountain can be safe and comfortable no matter what the snow conditions are. Sweet Protection's new 2Vi Technology Platform optimizes this head bucket for freeride performance, with a 7% lighter carbon fiber shell with 2-layer MIPS technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain during a crash. The snap-in-lining is comfortable and easy to clean, and an adapted goggle fit makes adding eye protection seamless. Completing the package is adjustable ventilation and a Fidlock magnetic buckle, which makes regulating your temperature and taking the Trooper off for the Après safe and easy.

    With its streamlined looks and a laundry list of tech, this is an easy helmet to recommend to almost any skier or snowboarder. But one thing we especially love about the Trooper 2Vi is just how lightweight it is for such a full-featured helmet, making it a great choice for the rider who wants to play in the resort one day and earn their turns the next. Have the best day possible with the Sweet Protection Trooper 2Vi MIPS Helmet.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    700 gAdjustable: 8 vents$299.95

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    Anon Oslo WaveCel Helmet

    Anon Oslo WaveCel

    Simplicity wins with the clean lines and versatile styling of the Anon Oslo WaveCel Helmet. An excellent all-around snow helmet whether you prefer to lap the park, explore the backside, or experience a little bit of everything, the Oslo WaveCel features a micro-adjustable BOA® 360 fit system that works in conjunction with the Fidlock® magnetic buckle and WaveCel® shock absorbing technology to give you ease of use and peace of mind.

    If you’re looking for a no-frills option that still delivers what you need, the Anon Oslo is the one for you. It offers stellar protection and a clean, minimalist style for any time resort riding.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    450 gFixed: 10 vents$219.95

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    Giro Tenaya Spherical Helmet - Women's

    Giro Tenaya Spherical - Women's

    Equipped with the highest levels of protection, the Giro Tenaya Spherical Helmet is your one and only. This versatile dome protector utilizes the MIPS® Spherical Technology™ to ensure you stay safe when you get tossed off your feet. Not only do you have the adjustable venting feature for all-day comfort no matter the conditions, but you also have the Stack Vent that keeps your goggles fog-free for superior visibility through it all. The plush interior padding also provides comfort and warmth for peak winter days where you're putting in work from first chair till last.

    Every helmet on this list is designed to keep your head safe when you fall, but none of the others can keep you quite so comfy while it’s doing it. The soft, fur-like details on the Tenaya make this helmet cozier than any piece of technical gear has a right to be. You've only got one noggin, so treat it real nice in the Giro Tenaya Spherical Helmet.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    567 gAdjustable: 16 vents$249.95

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    Giro Tor Spherical MIPS Helmet

    Giro Tor Spherical MIPS

    When it comes to protecting the noggin, compromising isn't an option. The Giro Tor Spherical Helmet is made for the steep and deep with the new MIPS® Spherical Technology™ that facilitates the highest level of protection should you take a tumble. The adjustable ventilation allows you to maintain all-day comfort no matter the varying conditions, and the fit system helps make micro-adjustments a breeze even with gloves on. The new magnetic buckle closure is a one-handed operation that is easy to open and close. Times have changed for the better and wearing a helmet this rad is as cool as it gets.

    The unisex version of the Tenaya trades out the fuzzy bits for a larger range of sizes and a wider offering of colorways. But the core of the helmet remains the same: top-of-the-line protection with complete adjustability.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    567 gAdjustable: 16 vents$249.95

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    Smith Code MIPS Helmet

    Smith Code MIPS

    You don't need to be Nicholas Cage or Tom Hanks to have all the answers, you can just wear the Smith Code MIPS Helmet. Built with top-notch MIPS technology and Koroyd® construction in an unassuming package, the Smith Code MIPS is the stylish dome piece you need for some seriously low-profile protection this winter. A BOA® 360 Fit System allows you to find your perfect fit, while the removable goggle clip and beanie compatibility give you tons of flexibility. Crack the code of head protection with the Smith Code MIPS Helmet.

    The Code is our number one choice for riders who like the protection a ski or snowboard helmet offers, but are a bit hesitant about the extra bulk and weight. This helmet is lightweight and low profile, built to feel like you’re just wearing a beanie, right up until it saves your life.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    450 gFixed: 4 vents$210

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    Smith Nexus MIPS Helmet

    Smith Nexus MIPS

    For the devout skier or snowboarder looking for premium fit, function, and protection, look to the Smith Nexus MIPS Helmet. A hybrid shell construction combines lightness and durability while maintaining a low profile (i.e. no bobblehead aesthetics here), the Nexus MIPS Helmet features complete Koroyd® coverage AND MIPS for elevated protection.

    Every category has to have its premier option, and for ski and snowboard helmets, that option is the Smith Nexus. Packed with every helmet technology you can imagine, this lightweight, well-ventilated, supremely adjustable, comfortable, and protective helmet is as good as it gets for any style of riding.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    550 gAdjustable: 24 vents$325

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    Giro Crue MIPS Helmet - Little Kids'

    Giro Crue MIPS - Kids'

    A sturdy hard shell design that will outlast several kids' youth careers, the Giro Crue MIPS Helmet is a clean freestyle design with the MIPS® protection system built in. That head has to last for a lifetime, so protect it when they're young with the outstanding Giro Crue Helmet.

    With all the safety features of a bomber adult helmet in a smaller size, it’s easy to see why this is our favorite kids’ helmet of the year. It looks cool so they’ll wear it, and is built with MIPS and a hardshell so you’ll feel safer knowing they are.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    520 gFixed: 8 vents$94.95

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    Oakley MOD 5 MIPS Helmet

    Oakley MOD 5 MIPS

    All-day comfort meets clean lines and cutting-edge technology with the Oakley MOD 5 MIPS Helmet. Redesigned from the ground up with inputs from some of the world's best big mountain athletes, the MOD 5 offers a customizable BOA® adjusted fit, glove-friendly Fidlock® buckle, and Polartec® liner for sweat-wicking warmth.

    The MOD 5 is our choice for riders who are obsessed with the perfect fit and refuse to sacrifice safety to get it. The standout feature of this helmet is the unique Skull Matrix system that merges the MIPS liner into its adjustable fit system, giving your head dialed-in protection and unshakable comfort.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    600 gAdjustable: 11 vents$260

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    Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet - Women's

    Smith Mirage MIPS - Women's

    The Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet gives you the assurance of MIPS® rotational protection, Koroyd® crush resistance, and a solid in-mold construction in a simple and clean design that keeps your head warm throughout the day thanks to the soft tricot lining. Adjustable venting ensures you can control your own destiny and adjust airflow throughout the day.

    The Mirage helmet is our choice for the value-minded customer. With MIPS and Koroyd in one streamlined package, this helmet can’t be beaten for the money.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price
    450 gAdjustable: 14 vents$140

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    Oakley MOD 7 MIPS Helmet

    Oakley MOD 7 MIPS

    Put the days of sub-par goggle/helmet integrations behind you with the Oakley MOD 7 MIPS Helmet. Introducing Oakley's proprietary new Secure-Connect helmet technology, the MOD 7 boasts a seamlessly integrated Prizm™ visor that looks and functions very much like traditional goggles — just without any of the hassle. Protect your brain, dial in the perfect fit, stay warm, and experience crystal clear vision all at once with the Oakley MOD 7 MIPS Helmet.

    WeightVentilationOriginal Price

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