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The 10 Best Women's Ski Boots for the 2022-2023 Winter

By: Jordan Berde: Assistant Ski Buyer | September 12, 2022


The most important, and often most overlooked part of your ski setup is the boots. When choosing ski boots keep in mind that with a well-fitted, high-performing pair of boots, you will feel better and ski better on the mountain. But the best ski boots for one person are not always the same as the best ones for someone else. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best women’s ski boots for 2023 with something different in mind for each type of rider. Whether you’re a park rat, a backcountry adventurer, or a weekend warrior, we’ve got a pair of boots that will make your days in the snow that much better.

New This Year:

A big focus we’ve seen among ski brands this year for women's ski boots has been a more inclusive array of options. From stiffer flexing expert boots (thank you) to wider volume intermediate boots (thank you again), we’ve got more shapes and sizes to fit more bodies and riding styles, and we are loving it.

ā€‹ Salomon Sā€‹/Pro Alpha 110 EL Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Salomon S​/Pro Alpha 110 EL

Finally, a pro boot for women that's made with the same hardware as the men's! The Salomon S/Pro Alpha 110 EL Ski Boots are packed with customizable features for a powerful fit that absolutely rips anywhere you take it. Added space over the instep reduces pinching on the top of your foot, while a 4D heat moldable liner and Custom Shell HD help create a custom boot that contours the lines of your feet with ease. Carve smooth lines into morning corduroy or smash a fresh field of pow. With the Salomon S/Pro Alpha 110 EL Ski Boots, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re a dedicated resort ripper who likes to go hard, these boots are our choice for you. With a traditional overlap design and a burly flex profile, the S/Pro Alpha is a boot that can send it off the top or style it down the groomers. It's the most advanced, in-bounds specific option on the list, and a top choice of all-mountain experts everywhere.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
11098 mmResort$699.95

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K2 Anthem 105 MV Ski Boots - Women's 2023

K2 Anthem 105 MV

K2 is leading the charge when it comes to building stiffer boots for lady chargers, and the K2 Anthem 105 MV Ski Boots are a cornerstone of the program. This is an ideal choice for freeriders who love to ski hard both on and off piste, and who've grown too wise to put up with full days of discomfort on the hill. A heat moldable shell, relaxed 100mm last, and a remarkably light but powerful shell design are the path to lower limb Nirvana.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
105100 mmResort$549.95

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Lange RX 80 W LV GW Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Lange RX 80 W LV GW

The Lange RX 80 W LV GW Ski Boots are a classic that continues on with only minor changes, which is alright with us because they're great boots already. The RX 80 LVs get Gripwalk soles for security and convenience in walking (make sure your binding is Gripwalk compatible), but the smooth flexing all-polyurethane shell that has performed well for years is still there and ready to transform your skiing. The Lange RX 80’s balance performance and comfort as well as anything on the market, and that’s why they're our go-to recommendation for any resort rider. They flex well and provide great response, which makes them a great progression tool for intermediate skiers, or an unbeatable classic for all-mountain ease.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
8097 mmResort$529.95

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Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W

With a roomy 103mm last designed for wider, high volume feet and a super comfy Sport N.F.S. liner with Celliant® insulation, the Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W Ski Boots will let you spend the whole day out on the slopes without thinking about how much your feet hurt. Make the learning curve a great place to spend time with the Mach Sport HV 85 and change your whole attitude about ski boots.

It’s often hard to find a boot that fits well on a higher volume foot while still proving the high level of response that advanced skiers are looking for. That’s why we love to recommend the Mach Sport HV. It has a roomy last to accommodate more foot sizes, and still brings all the performance features you normally only find on narrower boots.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
85103 mmResort$449.95

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Nordica Promachine 95 W Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Nordica Promachine 95 W

The Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boots won't make you a pro, but they will make your feet feel pretty darn special. Equipped with a heat moldable Primaloft Liner and a customizable shell, it's easy to get the fit dialed and contoured to your anatomy. This high-performance boot loves to ski, and so do you. It's a match made in heaven.

This is another great option for high-level resort riders. With a bit mellower flex than the Salomon S/Pro Alpha, the Promachine still skis hard without needing to be pushed to the limit. Plus, it’s a bootfitter’s dream, with super customizable materials that allow you to dial in the fit to perfection.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
9598 mmResort$549.95

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Dalbello Chakra AX T.I. Alpine Touring Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Dalbello Chakra AX T.I.

With the beef required of the heaviest backcountry hitters, the walk mode and tech fittings of the Lupo series, and a mean gray countenance to boot, the Dalbello Chakra AX T.I. Ski Boots are the obvious choice for charger women who don't hesitate to switch between the resort and the backcountry, and picks and chooses depending on conditions and whim. A comfy 100mm last gives feet that can't quite squeeze into the 98mm Chakra last a little breathing room, and GripWalk soles give you the freedom to choose bomber alpine bindings AND remain surefooted on those steep hikes.

With a huge surge in the popularity of backcountry skiing, boots like the Chakra AX are seeing more and more use on the feet of some of the best skiers around. Borrowing a 3-piece design normally seen on freestyle boots, a walk-mode from touring boots, and a stiff flex from aggressive downhill boots, these 50/50 options provide everything a freeride skier needs. If you like to charge hard in and out of bounds, and prefer a new-school boot design, you’ve got to give these boots a try.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
95100 mmFreeride Touring$699.99

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Atomic Hawx Magna 75 W Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Atomic Hawx Magna 75 W

The Atomic Hawx Magna 75 W Ski Boots are a great option for beginner to intermediate skiers with wide feet looking for comfort and performance on the hill. Made with a roomy 3D stretch toe box, customizable heat molded liners, and an easygoing flex, the Magna 75s are sure to impress.

The Magna 75 is our boot of choice for beginners looking for an all-around tool they won’t grow out of. These boots are comfortable, reliable, and affordable, making them an easy choice for anyone making the jump from renting to owning their own gear.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
75102 mmResort$299.95

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Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 S W GW Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 S W GW

Subtle improvements make a winner even better in the Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 S W GW Ski Boots. The switch to highly moldable Mimic Gold liners and grippy Gripwalk sole pads are welcome changes that will improve comfort and safety, but the groundswell of approval that's met the Hawx Ultra 95 among skiers of all kinds will be sure to continue. Don't be put off by the nominal "narrow" last, this boot can be made to fit many average width feet remarkably well in the hands of a skilled bootfitter, and the results are worth it.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
9598 mmResort$449.95

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K2 Mindbender W 115 LV Alpine Touring Ski Boots - Women's 2023

K2 Mindbender W 115 LV

The K2 Mindbender W 115 LV Alpine Touring Ski Boots are high-level freeride boots for the resort and the backcountry. The downhill performance of this boot is uncompromising and will have you satisfied and confident even if you never leave the ski resort. Likewise, if you're a hard-charging backcountry skier, you could use this as a pure touring boot and be just as stoked. It's everything you're looking for in a 50/50 boot.

Similar to the Dalbello Chakra, the K2 Mindbender is an all-around smash hit for freeride skiers. It tours well, skis crazy hard, and provides one-stop shopping whether you’re riding lifts or chasing skin tracks. The main difference between the two options is the traditional overlap design found on the Mindbender. If you like the dialed fit of a race-style boot but you’ve left the gates far behind in search of powder, get ready to have your Mind Bent.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
11598 mmFreeride Touring$649.95

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Salomon MTN Summit Pro W Alpine Touring Ski Boots - Women's 2023

Salomon MTN Summit Pro W Alpine Touring

Crush it like Cody Townsend in your new Salomon MTN Summit Pro W Alpine Touring Ski Boots. Inspired by high ascents and technical endeavors that require more than an inclination for type 2 fun, the MTN Summit Pro brings years of product development together to create a lightweight and strong boot that'll hold up during the most intense backcountry missions. Fully heat moldable, this fast and light shell has a 70-degree range of motion in walk mode and an adjustable forward lean that allows you to customize your ride. The single buckle design with BOA adjustment makes transitions easy and fiddle free, and the Surelock Ski Walk Mechanism means it's a breeze to get in and out of uphill mode. Go on, bag that peak. Meme lord Cody would be proud.

The final option on the list is the only pure touring boot of the bunch. If you’re looking to chase the highest peaks and need a boot that lives for the skin track, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better boot than this one. It’s lightweight and built for the uphill, while still providing enough downhill chops to manage whatever malarkey you've gotten yourself into.

Flex RatingLastStyleOriginal Price
N/A (Stiff)99 mmTouring$699.95

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Jordan Berde

Jordan (she/her) is the Assistant Ski Buyer at evo. Before working in this role, she worked at the evo Denver store for two years, where she began as a bootfitter and quickly moved into Store Lead and then Store Supervisor roles. Prior to evo, Jordan worked as a bootfitter at other shops, a mountain bike instructor for kiddos in Colorado, a ski patroller in Alaska, and a liftie in Taos. She's an avid backcountry skier and ski mountaineer and recently summited Mt. Baker as a fundraiser for SheJumps, a non-profit committed to getting more women involved in the outdoors.

She started sliding on snow later than most (in her late 20s), but now she’s the friend getting up at 4 am to make sure she can get a dawn patrol lap in before work! Jordan is passionate about diversity and inclusion and making outdoor activities more inclusive to all genders, races, and ability levels. When she's not skiing, Jordan is likely on her mountain bike exploring all that Colorado and Washington have to offer with her wife. Some say she never stops moving…