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The 9 Best Women's Skis of 2022-2023

By: Jordan Berde: Assistant Ski Buyer | October 5, 2022

The best ski manufacturers know that women are just as down to send it as our male counterparts. From thin, stiff rippers built for icy East Coast trail runs to lightweight, chunky sticks designed to float through Rocky Mountain powder, women from all over the country can find a ski they love within these ranks. Versatility is key, and these skis reflect the want (and need) to put down turns both in and out of bounds, no matter the conditions. Patriarchal society puts women in a box, setting the limits of what we “can” and “can’t” do. Our skis should not.

New This Year:

In 2023, ski manufacturers put in the effort to develop skis that work with the athletic woman’s body, not against it. You’ll find cores milled to rider size, with stronger reinforcement, so the ski gives back the energy you put into it. Accompanied by a smattering of new top sheet designs, the latest and greatest in women’s skiing is listening to the feedback of female riders everywhere that are looking for the best women's skis that can ride just as hard as they can.

Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis - Women's 2023

Salomon QST Lumen 98

Since its inception, the Salomon QST series has set itself apart as one of the most technologically advanced options on the market. With a unique lightweight laminate blend and cork-powered tip cutouts, it's clear the engineers had a field day on these skis. As the most versatile model in the line, the Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis put all that technology towards the purpose of having the most fun possible on the mountain. They carve clean lines on groomers, float up skin tracks, and pivot effortlessly through bumps and trees.

The Salomon QST Lumen 98 is made for the hard-charging woman who wants to ski all day, any part of the season, without breaking the bank. Simple, elegant, and effective, these skis are intuitive riders on any day.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
All-Mountain131-98-119 mm15 m$599.99

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Line Skis Pandora 94 Skis - Women's 2023

Line Skis Pandora 94

The Line Skis Pandora 94 Skis are just plain fun. If you're an all-mountain rider who tends a bit more towards the hard pack, these skis will help make the blank canvases of cord into a place that's brimming with bright potential for colorful swoops and expressive turns. Plus, they're super lightweight, which leads many riders to pair them with tech bindings and take them into the backcountry.

5-Cut Geometry on the sidewall allows the skier to ski a wide variety of turns without sacrificing responsiveness. Best for the loud and proud woman who likes messing around in-bounds and crushing an out-of-bounds lap or two, whichever direction you point your Pandora 94s in, a treasure trove of splendor awaits you.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
All-Mountain, Alpine Touring131-94-117 mm14.5 m$549.95

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Völkl Kenja 88 Skis - Women's 2023

Völkl Kenja 88

You like your skiing hard, lightning fast, and razor precise. You expect your skis to mirror your outlook. You want the Völkl Kenja 88 Skis on your feet, no question about it. Always a winner, the new Kenja 88 gets the Tailored Titanal Frame and Carbon tip treatment for this season, making a good thing even better - the new ski is smoother going into the turn and less hooky in sub-optimal snow.

No new snow? No problem. You’re the kind of gal that likes to show off their technique and ride the high of that perfect turn, and you’ve laid the tracks to prove it. A classic inbound resort ski, the Volkl Kenjas are made to take on hard-pack and ice like it's nothing. Their ability to push through chalk and corn is a bonus. Get on the Kenja this season and make your groomer days something special.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
All-Mountain129-88-113 mm13 m$699.99

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Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti Skis - Women's 2023

Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti

Born from the demands of hard-charging gals who need a ski that can keep up on steep descents in variable conditions, the titanal injected Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti Skis deliver! With a 104mm waist width, these skis straddle the line between powder-worthy float and the everyday edge control you need to carve confidently both off-piste and on groomers.

The Rallybird boasts a progressive sidecut for a firm grip that supports riders seamlessly through chop and crud but maintains its fluidity for quick transitions in variable conditions. While the width of the ski rides best in heavy storms, the core and sidecut ensure this pair will still be a go-to when your local haunt hasn’t seen snow in a while. If you're in the market for a strong, stable ski that won't leave you longing for more whether conditions are firm or soft, look to the ladies-specific Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti Skis.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
Big Mountain, Powder137-102-127 mm16 m$849.95

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Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL Skis - Women's 2023

Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL

The Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL Skis are not just skis. They're enablers for your wildest powder day fever dreams. They float through Sierra Cement like they're blowing foam from the top of a glass of champagne, and they dance across blower pow like a sharp-clawed cat on a down comforter. They're nimble, like a needle trying to fix a comforter that's just been torn up by a sharp-clawed cat, and they're powerful, like the rebuke of someone whose champagne has just been wasted by blowing it on the floor. Release yourself to the limits of your imagination.

Armada knows style, and their top sheets match that of the skiers who ride them. Their smear-tech is the best on the market when it comes to creating a 3D beveled base that cruises off crud and choppy takeoffs. Full-twin tip construction makes the ski versatile and responsive any which way you choose to ride. Go ahead and get creative; these skis won’t hold you back. The Armada ARW 116 VJJ UL Skis are the featherweight freedom factories of your future.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
Powder139-116-135 mm17 m$799.95

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Atomic Backland 107 W Skis - Women's 2023

Atomic Backland 107 W

You're going out on big backcountry missions, so you need a ski that's lightweight, kick turns easily, and isn't a burden to bring up the skin track. But also, you're going out on big backcountry missions, so you need a ski that's composed down the fall line, predictable in tight spots, and powerful at speed.

Fiberglass layers supported by a carbon backbone don’t skimp on stability, plus a Dura Cap sidewall can take hard hits in the early and late season when your bases are at risk of grazing a shark or two, making the Atomic Backlands one of the best touring options for women pushing the limits year-round. Basically, you're going out on big backcountry missions, so you need the Atomic Backland 107 W Skis.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
Alpine Touring135-107-122 mm15.8 m$749.95

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Faction Agent 2X Skis - Women's 2023

Faction Agent 2X

Built with the shape of the frontside specialist Dancer series, but with a heart of ultralight Karuba wood, a carbon-enhanced layup with Titanal only under the bindings, and skintrack-ready flat, notched tail, the Faction Agent 2X Skis are a top "touring" choice for technical backcountry skiers, but also excel on steep technical terrain, forests, and bumps. An excellent choice to mount up with a hybrid or full tech binding and take advantage of whatever seems the best option on any particular day.

The Faction Agent 2X Skis are stiffer than most Faction models, meaning your edge won’t give out on you when conditions are variable, and you need reliability, making them one of the best touring options on the market in 2023. These skis are the way to go when you want to keep the climb light and the turns tight.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
All-Mountain, Alpine Touring127-96-117 mm15 m$749

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Stöckli Nela 88 Skis - Women's 2023

Stöckli Nela 88

In Europe they like to think of an "88" as a "mid-fat," but here in North America the Stöckli Nela 88 Skis are what we reach for when it hasn't snowed in a month, and we couldn't think of a better choice. "Damp" doesn't begin to describe the silky-smooth ride of the Nela 88, even when the surface is chattery and rock hard, the balance between required input and edgehold is perfection, and the in-your-face Titanal topsheet is darn right beautiful. Lowkey graphics let your skiing do the talking. Complete with a racing graphite base and metal edges, these skis are best for high-speed rippers and ski racing enthusiasts. The Nela 88 stands tall in a very competitive class, and we're glad to offer them.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
Carving, All-Mountain127-88-113 mm15 m$1099

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Elan Ripstick 102 Skis - Women's 2023

Elan Ripstick 102

Finding the right metaphor to describe the Elan Ripstick 102 Skis is almost impossible because they embody everything a hard ripper needs to have their best day of the season. Constructed with a Tubelite wood core that's light enough to flick around with ease, these sticks are reinforced with carbon for extra power and response. The Ripstick slays the hardpack and floats like a dream over the fluffy stuff. For everyone looking to dig deep and ski hard, the Elan Ripstick 102 Skis are your ticket to a high-energy day packed with stoke. Go ahead, lay ‘em out. These skis are best in class when it comes to generating power on all types of terrain without weighing yourself down. Treat yourself this season, get some Ripsticks.

TerrainDimensionsTurning RadiusOriginal Price
All-Mountain, Big Mountain143-104-120 mm17 m$699.99

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Jordan Berde

Jordan (she/her) is the Assistant Ski Buyer at evo. Before working in this role, she worked at the evo Denver store for two years, where she began as a bootfitter and quickly moved into Store Lead and then Store Supervisor roles. Prior to evo, Jordan worked as a bootfitter at other shops, a mountain bike instructor for kiddos in Colorado, a ski patroller in Alaska, and a liftie in Taos. She's an avid backcountry skier and ski mountaineer and recently summited Mt. Baker as a fundraiser for SheJumps, a non-profit committed to getting more women involved in the outdoors.

She started sliding on snow later than most (in her late 20s), but now she’s the friend getting up at 4 am to make sure she can get a dawn patrol lap in before work! Jordan is passionate about diversity and inclusion and making outdoor activities more inclusive to all genders, races, and ability levels. When she's not skiing, Jordan is likely on her mountain bike exploring all that Colorado and Washington have to offer with her wife. Some say she never stops moving…