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The 10 Best Women's Skis of 2024

By: Jordan Berde: Ski Buyer | September 25, 2023

The best ski manufacturers know that women are just as down to send it as our male counterparts. From thin, stiff rippers built for icy East Coast trail runs to lightweight, chunky sticks designed to float through Rocky Mountain powder, women from all over the country can find a ski they love within these ranks. Versatility is key, and these skis reflect the want (and need) to put down turns both in and out of bounds, no matter the conditions. Patriarchal society puts women in a box, setting the limits of what we “can” and “can’t” do. Our skis should not.

New This Year:

The 2024 season marks a significant stride towards inclusivity in the realm of women's skis, by broadening the spectrum of sizing and color options. The industry has embraced a more encompassing range of sizes, catering to both shorter skis (140-159cm) and longer fringe sizes (170cm+), ensuring every skier finds their perfect match. This year, the color palette is nothing short of a visual delight. Moving away from the outdated 'shrink-it-and-pink-it' approach, the market is flooded with diverse color options that reflect the vibrant spirit of female skiers. Some of the most captivating colorways are now featured on women's skis, turning the slopes into a canvas of dynamic hues. These evolutions not only cater to the functional needs but also the aesthetic preferences of women skiers, making the 2024 lineup a true celebration of diversity and individual expression. With these advancements, women skiers can now carve the slopes in gear that resonates with their style while enjoying a precise fit for an exhilarating skiing experience.

Armada ARW 88 Skis - Women's 2024

Armada ARW 88

Expand your definition of what's possible in the park with the Armada ARW 88 Skis. A poplar core, camber underfoot, and classic Armada flex and style make it a formidable park beast that gets down and dirty with all types of features. w3Dgewall sidewall construction beefs up durability, and an ash insert underneath the bindings reinforces an especially vulnerable area so you can go into the day with confidence your gear will hold up. Whether you're jumping metal balls or hitting threes, even falls will be fun on the Armada ARW 88 Skis.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
Park & Pipe119 - 88 - 11316$549.95

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K2 Mindbender 96 C W Skis - Women's 2024

K2 Mindbender 96 C W

Now accepting bets on how many types of terrain the K2 Mindbender 96 C W Skis are good for. Our guess? All of them. Featuring an all new spectral braid carbon and flax layup for lightweight strength and stability, these all mountain performers are fun, easy to maneuver, and most importantly: adaptable.

Erika, Email Marketing Manager: "The more times I used the K2 Mindbender 96C’s, the more comfortable I became. Even though the weight and stiffness of the skis presented some additional challenges at an intermediate level, they also provided the stability to go faster and into more variable terrain than I would normally feel comfortable trying out."

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TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain131 - 96 - 11914.1$649.95

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Line Skis Pandora 104 Skis - Women's 2024

Line Skis Pandora 104

An all-mountain, all-conditions tool for the skier who hasn't found snow she doesn't like yet, the Line Skis Pandora 104 Skis crush it in anything from pure powder to tracked-out crud to pristine corduroy. Built around an Aspen wood core with Carbon Magic Fingers filaments added to increase power and pop, the Pandora 104 is the ski to take if you don't know what snow conditions the day will bring but want to be ready for all of them.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain, Alpine Touring137 - 104 - 12114.5$649.95

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Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis - Women's 2024

Salomon QST Lumen 98

The Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis are perhaps the most versatile ski in the current Salomon lineup, capable of railing groomers when needed and taking soft snow and chop in stride when called upon. Light enough to use as a hybrid touring-alpine ski but with the stability and power of many a heavier alpine ride, the Lumen 98 is one of the premier choices on the market.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain129 - 98 - 11712$649.95

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Blizzard Sheeva 9 Skis - Women's 2024

Blizzard Sheeva 9

Love your hard carved groomer turns, but hate having your booty handed to you in bumps and trees? There's a ride that does both superbly, and it's the Blizzard Sheeva 9 Skis. With a new construction for 2024 that's even more confident on harder snow and higher speeds, Blizzard has moved the Titanal from the center of the ski to the edges, with a new composite plate under the bindings to absorb chatter, and updated the core with a TrueBlend design that lets them tune the flex to perfection. Our testers, who thought the old Sheeva 9 was pretty much perfect, were blown away.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain129 - 96 – 118.514$749.95

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Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis - Women's 2024

Black Crows Atris Birdie

The big mountain weapon of choice for many an elite level freerider, the Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis are back unchanged since last season's move to a 105mm waist, and just as potent when the going gets steep, deep and gnarly. A uniquely versatile shape blends big mountain stability with the option to pivot on a dime (or a centime) when you really need to in tight quarters, which goes a long way to explaining the popularity of the Atris skis. If you haven't tried it, get on an Atris Birdie and see what all the flap is about, you won't be disappointed.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain, Big Mountain134 - 105 – 12019$899.95

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Nordica Santa Ana 98 Skis - Women's 2024

Nordica Santa Ana 98

If you really ski "all over the mountain" (it's a bit of cliché) and need something that isn't a huge disappointment anywhere, check out the Nordica Santa Ana 98 Skis for what we consider one of the most user-friendly, versatile and smooth-riding skis in the business. Numbers back it up, and not just at evo - skiers all over the world buy this ski and love it. We're not going to argue; a couple runs on the Santa Ana 98 will quell any doubts.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain, Big Mountain130 - 98 – 11713.4$749.99

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Coalition Snow SOS Skis - Women's 2024

Coalition Snow SOS

Embrace the mountain with the versatile and confidence-inspiring Coalition Snow SOS Skis. Designed to excel in virtually any snow conditions—be it groomers, chunder, or pow—these skis boast a multi-radius sidecut and approachable mid-wide waist that harmonize with your skills, whether you're mastering lift line chutes, navigating tight spots, or cruising groomers with friends. Defying conventions, these skis aren't just gear; they're your ticket to making the most out of everyday on the mountain, whether you're riding forwards, backwards, or dialing in new tricks.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain, Big Mountain117 - 97 – 11138 /23 / 40$799.00

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Atomic Maven 86 Skis + M10 GW Bindings - Women's 2024

Atomic Maven 86 Skis + M10 GW Bindings

The Atomic Maven 86 Skis + M10 GW Bindings are a value leader and perennial best-seller at evo. With performance-to-weight ratio that's hard to beat, the Maven 86 excels at short radius turns and quick directional changes, but doesn't shrink in the face of firm snow conditions - a combination that's often hard to come by. An excellent choice as a first "real" ski after a season or two of rentals.

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain118.5 - 86 – 10213.7$499.95

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Rossignol Rallybird 92 Skis - Women's 2024

Rossignol Rallybird 92

For the all-mountain skier with a freeride flair, the Rossignol Rallybird 92 Skis is a very worthy vessel! Combining a progressive sidecut and Free Rocker profile, the Rallybird 92 gives you the edgehold you need to carve on corduroy while still having the fun, easy-to-turn characteristics when you find yourself navigating through trees or moguls. Simultaneously light yet damp, the Rossignol Rallybird 92 Skis will be a beloved all-mountain staple that makes skiing in any conditions, well...a whole lot of fun!

TerrainDimensions (mm)Turning Radius (m)Original Price
All-Mountain126 - 90 – 11612$649.95

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The Selection Process:

Our ski buyers have an endless amount of knowledge on all things skiing stemming from years of experience in the ski industry in tandem with their countless hours spent on slopes everywhere from groomers to the remote backcountry around the world. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Jordan Berde

Jordan (she/her) is a Ski Buyer at evo. Before working in this role, she worked at the evo Denver store for two years, where she began as a bootfitter and quickly moved into Store Lead and then Store Supervisor roles. Prior to evo, Jordan worked as a bootfitter at other shops, a mountain bike instructor for kiddos in Colorado, a ski patroller in Alaska, and a liftie in Taos. She's an avid backcountry skier and ski mountaineer and recently summited Mt. Baker as a fundraiser for SheJumps, a non-profit committed to getting more women involved in the outdoors.

She started sliding on snow later than most (in her late 20s), but now she’s the friend getting up at 4 am to make sure she can get a dawn patrol lap in before work! Jordan is passionate about diversity and inclusion and making outdoor activities more inclusive to all genders, races, and ability levels. When she's not skiing, Jordan is likely on her mountain bike exploring all that Colorado and Washington have to offer with her wife. Some say she never stops moving…