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Ski Weight Chart for Alpine & Backcountry Skis

Weights with the source listed as "evo" were recorded with a MyWeigh 7001DX digital scale using an actual product sample. We pick a single ski at random rather than weighing several skis and averaging the weights. Weight between two skis in a pair is seldom the same due to production variation. These charts are a work in progress; check back periodically as we add more weights throughout the season.

* Anomaly, ski weight is heavier or lighter than expected compared to other skis in the model line

2025 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Anomaly 10220251822146evo

2024 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARV 9420241641611evo
Armada ARV 9420241711579*evo
Armada ARV 9420241781848evo
Armada ARV 9420241851738*evo
Armada ARW 8820241611513evo
Armada ARW 8820241661601evo
Armada ARW 8820241711613evo
Armada ARW 10020241581486evo
Armada ARW 10020241651567evo
Armada ARW 10020241721624evo
Armada ARW 10020241791746evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Bent 10020241641573evo
Atomic Bent 10020241721632evo
Atomic Bent 10020241801718evo
Atomic Bent 10020241881904evo
Atomic Bent 11020241641603evo
Atomic Bent 11020241721623evo
Atomic Bent 11020241801734evo
Atomic Bent 11020241881844evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220241451313evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220241521379evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220241591524evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220241661615evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220241731685evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820241471398evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820241591587evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820241651672evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820241711691evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820241771831evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720241531655evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720241591765evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720241651797evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720241711857evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720241771886evo
Blizzard Rustler 920241681656evo
Blizzard Rustler 920241741692evo
Blizzard Rustler 920241801800evo
Blizzard Rustler 920241861921evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241621635evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241681685evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241741826evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241801820*evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241861978evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020241922062evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120241862147evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020241591519evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020241621610evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020241681709evo
Candide Ski Weights    
Candide AK 12120241791963evo
Candide AK 12120241902039evo
Candide BC 11120241751721evo
Candide BC 11120241811854evo
Candide Resort 10120241671489evo
Candide Resort 10120241791773evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Mindbender 96C20241661590evo
K2 Mindbender 96C20241721721evo
K2 Mindbender 96C20241781803evo
K2 Mindbender 96C20241841845evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti W20241541663evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti W20241601682evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C20241691794evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C20241761909evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C20241832075evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C20241892213evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Bacon 10820241661854evo
Line Bacon 10820241721938evo
Line Bacon 10820241782079evo
Line Bacon 10820241842212evo
Line Bacon 10820241902349evo
LIne Blade Optic 9620241631732evo
LIne Blade Optic 9620241701885evo
LIne Blade Optic 9620241771970evo
LIne Blade Optic 9620241842073evo
LIne Blade Optic 10420241711963evo
LIne Blade Optic 10420241782085evo
LIne Blade Optic 10420241852223evo
LIne Blade Optic 10420241902357evo
Line Blade Optic 11420241782217evo
Line Blade Optic 11420241862362evo
Line Blade Optic 11420241922417evo
Line Blend20241641585evo
Line Blend20241711588evo
Line Blend20241781758evo
Line Blend20241851894evo
Line Chronic 9420241641650evo
Line Chronic 9420241721720evo
Line Chronic 9420241781847evo
Line Chronic 9420241851983evo
Line Honey Badger20241441358evo
Line Honey Badger20241551377evo
Line Honey Badger20241661480evo
Line Honey Badger20241721548evo
Line Honey Badger20241771682evo
Line Pandora 8420241511187evo
Line Pandora 8420241581225evo
Line Pandora 8420241651351evo
Line Pandora 9420241511291evo
Line Pandora 9420241581294evo
Line Pandora 9420241651404evo
Line Pandora 9420241721511evo
Line Tom Wallisch Pro20241571375evo
Line Tom Wallisch Pro20241641518evo
Line Tom Wallisch Pro20241711661evo
Line Tom Wallisch Pro20241781680evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bella 20241521540evo
Moment Bella20241621699evo
Moment Bella20241721786evo
Moment Bella20241791877evo
Moment Carson20241361114evo
Moment Carson20241461260evo
Moment Countach20241761964evo
Moment Countach20241822027evo
Moment Countach20241882207evo
Moment Countach20241942311evo
Moment Deathwish20241741818evo
Moment Deathwish20241791966evo
Moment Deathwish20241842028evo
Moment Frankenski20241721726evo
Moment Frankenski20241821862evo
Moment Hot Mess20241521409evo
Moment Hot Mess20241621485evo
Moment Hot Mess20241721579evo
Moment Sierra20241521405evo
Moment Sierra20241621567evo
Moment Sierra20241721737evo
Moment Sierra20241792007evo
Moment Wildcat 10120241641682evo
Moment Wildcat 10120241741824evo
Moment Wildcat 10120241791907evo
Moment Wildcat 10120241902084evo
Moment Wildcat 10820241641739evo
Moment Wildcat 10820241842053evo
Moment Wildcat 11620241641833evo
Moment Wildcat 11620241742038evo
Moment Wildcat 11620241792146evo
Moment Wildcat 11620241842274evo
Moment Wildcat 11620241902337evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9420241651840evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420241721883evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420241792019evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420241862134evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420241912324evo
Nordica Santa Ana 8820241511454evo
Nordica Santa Ana 8820241581580evo
Nordica Santa Ana 8820241651719evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320241511525evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320241581615evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320241651803evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820241511628evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820241581720evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820241651818evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820241721948evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20241561564evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20241621622evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20241681759evo
Nordica Unleashed 9820241681718evo
Nordica Unleashed 9820241741853evo
Nordica Unleashed 9820241801932evo
Nordica Unleashed 9820241861976evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon QST 9820241691805evo
Salomon QST 9820241761901evo
Salomon QST 9820241831985evo
Salomon QST 9820241892050evo
Salomon QST Blank20241782051evo
Salomon QST Blank20241862235evo
Salomon QST Blank20241942330evo
Salomon QST Echo20241731714evo
Salomon QST Echo20241811787evo
Salomon QST Echo20241891933evo
Salomon QST One O Six20241571692evo
Salomon QST One O Six20241651798evo
Salomon QST One O Six20241732004evo
Salomon QST One O Six20241812108evo
Salomon QST One O Six20241892210evo
Salomon QST Lumen20241521515evo
Salomon QST Lumen20241601569evo
Salomon QST Lumen20241681735evo
Salomon QST Lumen20241761911evo
Salomon QST Lux20241521458evo
Salomon QST Lux20241601611evo
Salomon QST Lux20241681727evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Kenja 8820241491579evo
Völkl Kenja 8820241561651evo
Völkl Kenja 8820241631709evo
Völkl Kenja 8820241701769evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20241631850evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20241701907evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20241842146evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20241912201evo
Völkl Mantra 10220241772091evo
Völkl Mantra 10220241842274evo
Völkl Mantra 10220241912329evo
Völkl Revolt 10420241721911evo
Völkl Revolt 10420241801970evo
Völkl Revolt 10420241881999evo
Völkl Revolt 11420241772213evo
Völkl Revolt 11420241842331evo
Völkl Revolt 11420241912486evo
Völkl Secret 9620241491621evo
Völkl Secret 9620241561688evo
Völkl Secret 9620241701934evo
Zag Ski Weights    
Zag Slap 92w20241601554evo
Zag Slap 92w20241661566evo
Zag Slap 9220241731625evo
Zag Slap 9220241781799evo
Zag Slap 9220241851880evo
Zag Slap 98w20241601521evo
Zag Slap 98w20241661646evo
Zag Slap 98w20241731703evo
Zag Slap 9820241731690evo
Zag Slap 9820241801808evo
Zag Slap 9820241871893evo
Zag Slap 104w20241641669evo
Zag Slap 104w20241701731evo
Zag Slap 10420241761807evo
Zag Slap 10420241821896evo
Zag Slap 10420241882052evo

2023 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada Locator 9620231641259evo
Armada Locator 9620231711320evo
Armada Locator 9620231781404evo
Armada Locator 9520231751452evi
Armada Reliance 9220231561563evo
Armada Reliance 9220231641608evo
Armada Reliance 9220231721746evo
Armada Reliance 102ti20231641729evo
Armada Reliance 102ti20231721884evo
Armada Reliance 102ti20231801965evo
Armada ARV 10620231721957evo
Armada ARV 10620231802068evo
Armada ARV 106 UL20231641676evo
Armada ARV 106 UL20231721788evo
Armada ARV 106 UL20231801895evo
Armada ARV 106 UL20231881999evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Atris2023178.41804evo
Black Crows Atris2023184.31993evo
Black Crows Atris2023190.22035evo
Black Crows Atris Birdie2023160.21564evo
Black Crows Atris Birdie2023166.31732evo
Black Crows Atris Birdie2023172.11746evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2023156.11642evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2023162.31732evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2023168.11747evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2023174.21960evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023157.11269evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023164.31336evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023171.11387evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023178.41485evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023183.41555evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2023188.21566evo
Black Crow Corvus Freebird2023176.01858evo
Black Crow Corvus Freebird2023183.41937evo
Black Crow Corvus Freebird2023188.22056evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2023167.11530evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2023173.41654evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2023179.11718evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2023185.81820evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231471409evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231531507evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231591611evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231651710evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231711746evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820231771843evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720231531670evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720231591707evo
Blizzard Hustle 920231571401evo
Blizzard Hustle 920231641513evo
Blizzard Hustle 920231721575evo
Blizzard Hustle 920231801767evo
Blizzard Hustle 1020231661518evo
Blizzard Hustle 1020231721727evo
Blizzard Hustle 1020231801901evo
Blizzard Hustle 1120231641665evo
Blizzard Hustle 1120231721804evo
Blizzard Hustle 1120231801968evo
Blizzard Hustle 1120231882148evo
Blizzard Hustle 1120231922234evo
Blizzard Sheeva 920231481259evo
Blizzard Sheeva 920231571621evo
Blizzard Sheeva 920231641692evo
Blizzard Rustler 920231641742evo
Blizzard Rustler 920231721858evo
Blizzard Rustler 920231802019evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020231561697evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020231721884evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020231641772evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020231721870evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020231802044evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020231882165evo
Elan Ski Weights    
Elan Ripstick 94w20231541419evo
Elan Ripstick 94w20231621451evo
Elan Ripstick 94w20231701581evo
Elan Ripstick Black 9420231781761evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231641374evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231711418evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231781495evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231851518evo
Elan Ripstick 102w20231541502evo
Elan Ripstick 102w20231621605evo
Elan Ripstick 102w20231701739evo
Elan ripstick 102w20231781833evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231641395evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 9420231711438evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 10420231661606evo*
Elan Ripstick Tour 10420231731506evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 10420231801584evo
Elan Ripstick Tour 10420231871619evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction La Machine Mini 220231711443evo
Faction La Machine Mini 220231771503evo
Faction La Machine Mini 220231831515evo
Faction La Machine Mega 320231721488evo
Faction La Machine Mega 320231781515evo
Faction La Machine Mega 320231841621evo
Fischer Ski Weights    
Fischer Ranger 10220231832109evo
Fischer Ranger 10220231902162evo
Fischer Ranger 102w20231621702evo
Fischer Ranger 102w20231691833evo
Fischer Ranger 102w20231761914evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Dispatch 10120231681488evo
K2 Dispatch 10120231751540evo
K2 Dispatch 11020231701534evo
K2 Dispatch 11020231771614evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20231561404evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20231631503evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20231701610evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20231771701evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti w20231541699evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti20231721960evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti20231782011evo
K2 Mindbender 99ti20231842104evo
K2 Mindbender 108ti20231792127evo
K2 Mindbender 108ti20231862244evo
K2 Mindbender 108ti20231932390evo
K2 Reckoner 9220231491450evo
K2 Reckoner 10220231631631evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blade Optic 10420231711991evo
Line Blade Optic 10420231782121evo
Line Blade Optic 10420231852247evo
Line Blade Optic 10420231902328evo
Line Blade Optic 11420231782195evo
Line Blade Optic 11420231862353evo
Line Blade Optic 11420231922552evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20231761739evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20231841808evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20231901886evo
Line Pandora 8420231581290evo
Line Pandora 8420231651349evo
Line Pandora 9420231511300evo
Line Pandora 9420231651477evo
Line Pandora 9420231721539evo
Line Pandora 10420231581371evo
Line Pandora 10420231651538evo
Line Pandora 10420231721606evo
Line Pandora 11020231781621evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bella20231521468evo
Moment Bella20231621699evo
Moment Bella 20231721630evo*
Moment Bella Tour20231721446evo
Moment Deathwish20231741873evo
Moment Deathwish20231842089evo
Moment Deathwish 10420231791988evo
Moment Deathwish 10420231841998evo
Moment Deathwish Tour20231741601evo
Moment Frankenski20231721823evo
Moment Frankenski20231821920evo
Moment Wildcat20231741863evo
Moment Wildcat 10120231641601evo
Moment Wildcat Tour 10820231791716evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9420231651918evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420231722027evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420231792136evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420231862177evo
Nordica Enforcer 9420231912341evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited 20231721488evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited 20231791578evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited20231861652evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited20231651340evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited20231721507evo
Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited20231791544evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020231722071evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020231792248evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020231862294evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020231912514evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20231721995evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20231792042evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free 20231862202evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20231912305evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited20231721578evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited20231791683evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited20231861705evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited20231911833evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820231581741evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820231651844evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820231721968evo
Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free20231581664evo
Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free20231651730evo
Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free20231721823evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20231561603evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20231621621evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20231681742evo
Nordica Unleashed 98w20231741780evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head Kore 9320231561304evo
Head Kore 9920231911943evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Jeffrey 10220231611568evo
ON3P Jeffrey 10220231661718evo
ON3P Jeffrey 10220231711761evo
ON3P Jeffrey 10220231811835evo
ON3P Jeffrey 10220231862103evo
ON3P Woodsman 10220231671576evo
ON3P Woodsman 10220231721754evo
ON3P Woodsman 10220231771863evo
ON3P Woodsman 10220231822097evo
ON3P Woodsman 10220231872044*evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11020231761960evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11020231812007evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11020231862152evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Escaper 87 Nano20231681227evo
Rossignol Escaper 87 Nano20231751323evo
Rossignol Rallybird 9220231701696evo
Rossignol Rallybird 10220231541599evo
Rossignol Rallybird 10220231621649evo
Rossignol Rallybird 10220231701809evo
Rossignol Rallybird 104ti20231711781evo
Rossignol Sender 94ti20231721686evo
Rossignol Sender 94ti20231781760evo
Rossignol Sender 94ti20231861881evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon QST 9220231601581evo
Salomon QST 9220231681745evo
Salomon QST 9220231761902evo
Salomon QST 9820231691786evo
Salomon QST 9820231761881evo
Salomon QST 9820231832082evo
Salomon QST 9820231892097evo
Salomon QST 10620231651820evo
Salomon QST 10620231731927evo
Salomon QST 10620231812008evo
Salomon QST 10620231892254evo
Season Eqpt Ski Weights    
Season Aero20231581450evo
Season Aero20231651626evo
Season Aero20231731717evo
Season Aero20231801845evo
Season Pass20231761684evo
Season Pass20231851823evo
Season Nexus20231581613evo
Stöckli Ski Weights    
Stöckli Nela 8820231521479evo
Stöckli Nela 8820231601570evo
Stöckli Nela 9620231561592evo
Stöckli Nela 9620231641673evo
Stöckli Stormrider 9520231751804evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Blaze 9420231651448evo
Völkl Blaze 9420231721520evo
Völkl Blaze 9420231791581evo
Völkl Blaze 9420231861704evo
Völkl Blaze 94w20231651393evo
Völkl Blaze 94w20231721488evo
Völkl Blaze 10620231721672evo
Völkl Blaze 10620231791767evo
Völkl Blaze 106w20231581549evo
Völkl Blaze 106w20231651532*evo
Völkl Blaze 106w20231721671evo
Völkl Revolt 10420231721874evo
Völkl Revolt 10420231801946evo
Völkl Revolt 10420231882082evo
Völkl Rise Beyond20231771286evo
Völkl Secret 9620231561690evo
Völkl Secret 9620231631829evo
Völkl Secret 9620231701971evo
Völkl Mantra M620231701923evo
Völkl Mantra M620231772063evo
Völkl Mantra M620231842142evo
Völkl Mantra M620231912147evo
Völkl Revolt 12120231772063evo
Völkl Revolt 12120231842170evo
Völkl Revolt 12120231912336evo
WNDR Ski Weights    
WNDR Intention 108 Camber20231851990evo
WNDR Intention 108 Camber20231942085evo
WNDR Intention 108 Rocker20231641681evo
WNDR Intention 108 Rocker 20231701791evo
WNDR Intention 108 Rocker20231852026evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20231551466evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20231621591evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20231761695evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20231851849evo
WNDR Vital 100 Rocker20231691614evo
WNDR Vital 100 Rocker20231761734evo
WNDR Vital 100 Rocker 20231831854evo

2022 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARV 9620221721927evo
Armada ARV 9620221802177evo
Armada ARV 9620221882288evo
Armada JJ UL20221751681evo
Armada JJ UL20221851811evo
Armada JJ UL20221921997evo
Armada Reliance 92 Ti20221561500evo
Armada Reliance 92 Ti20221641618evo
Armada Reliance 92 Ti20221721746evo
Armada White Walker20221851867evo
Armada White Walker20221921951evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Backland 10020221721280evo
Atomic Backland 10020221801322evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020221721640evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020221801752evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020221881876evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020221921935evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 120 20221841763evo
Atomic Maven 93c20221641467evo
Atomic Maven 93c20221721631evo
Atomic Maverick 95ti20221721656evo
Atomic Maverick 95ti20221801766evo
Atomic Maverick 100ti20221721647evo
Atomic Maverick 100ti20221801735evo
Atomic Maverick 100ti20221881873evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Anima2022182.12222evo
Black Crows Anima2022189.22296evo
Black Crows Atris2022178.31876evo
Black Crows Atris2022184.22029evo
Black Crows Atris2022189.72099evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2022178.21573evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2022183.31601evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2022188.31618evo
Black Crows Captis2022184.21776evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird20221761879evo
Black Crows Ferox Freebird2022176.71792evo
Black Crows Ferox Freebird2022181.41839evo
Black Crows Justis2022177.41984evo
Black Crows Mirus Cor2022173.21711evo
Black Crows Mirus Cor2022178.01822evo
Black Crows Mirus Cor2022184.21916evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2022167.11576evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2022173.41590evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2022185.81812evo
Black Crows Orb2022174.31770evo
Black Crows Orb2022179.11788evo
Black Crows Orb Freebird2022179.31441evo
Black Crows Serpo2022180.11821evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820221471504evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820221531537evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820221591670evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820221651779evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720221591772evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720221651899evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9720221712010evo
Blizzard Brahma 8820221772081evo
Blizzard Bonafide 9720221772173evo
Blizzard Cochise 10620221772194evo
Blizzard Rustler 920221641769evo
Blizzard Rustler 920221721909evo
Blizzard Rustler 920221802068evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020221882285evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120221802055evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120221882159evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520221781254evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520221851360evo
Blizzard Zero G 10520221721385evo
Blizzard Zero G 10520221801504evo
Blizzard Zero G 10520221881637evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar M Free 10820221822212evo
Dynastar M Free 10820221922336evo
Dynastar M Pro 9020221701702evo
Dynastar M Pro 9920221701823evo
Dynastar M Pro 9920221781889evo
Dynastar M Pro 9920221862050evo
Dynastar M Tour20221701290evo
Dynastar M Tour20221861394evo
Elan Ski Weights    
Line Ripstick 10620221721731evo
Line Ripstick 10620221881895evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction Agent 4.020221791695evo
Faction Agent 4.020221851770evo
Faction CT 2.020221781853evo
Faction CT 2.020221831934evo
Faction CT 2.020221882009evo
Faction CT 3.020221781964evo
Faction CT 3.020221842024evo
Faction Prodigy 1.0 LTD20221711751evo
Faction Prodigy 1.0 LTD20221781824evo
Faction Prodigy 1.0 LTD20221841957evo
Faction Prodigy 3.020221781989evo
Faction Prodigy 3.020221842002evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head Kore 9320221631473evo
Head Kore 93 20221701559evo
Head Kore 9320221771637evo
Head Kore 9320221841785evo
Head Kore 10520221701695evo
Head Kore 10520221771696evo
Head Kore 10520221841823evo
Head Kore 11120221771758evo
Head Kore 11120221841865evo
Head Kore 11120221912018evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Mindbender 90c20221491329evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20221561397evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20221631457evo
K2 Mindbender 90c20221701613evo
K2 Mindbender 98Ti20221611736evo
K2 Mindbender 98Ti20221681795evo
K2 Mindbender 99Ti20221701901evo
K2 Mindbender 99Ti20221772027evo
K2 Mindbender 99Ti20221842140evo
K2 Mindbender 106c20221591504evo
K2 Mindbender 106c20221671580evo
K2 Mindbender 106c20221751725evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20221792019evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20221852096evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20221932265evo
K2 Mindbender 116c20221862006evo
K2 Poacher20221701948evo
K2 Poacher20221772068evo
K2 Poacher20221842096evo
K2 Reckoner 10220221701569evo
K2 Reckoner 10220221771712evo
K2 Reckoner 10220221841911evo
K2 Reckoner 11220221771872evo
K2 Reckoner 11220221841963evo
K2 Reckoner 12220221771952evo
Lib Tech Ski Weights    
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 9220221771592evo
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 9220221841740evo
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 10220221721718evo
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 10220221791849evo
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 10220221861915evo
Lib Tech Yewps20221751925evo
Lib Tech Yewps20221852146evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blend20221851913evo
Line Chronic20221781861evo
Line Pandora 8420221511235evo
Line Pandora 8420221581253evo
Line Pandora 8420221651371evo
Line Pandora 9420221511296evo
Line Pandora 9420221581384evo
Line Pandora 9420221651453evo
Line Pandora 10420221581453evo
Line Pandora 10420221651531evo
Line Pandora 10420221721664evo
Line Pandora 11020221621363evo
Line Pandora 11020221701376evo
Line Pandora 11020221781549evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20221841822evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20221901901evo
Line Vision 9820221721357evo
Line Vison 9820221791469evo
Line Vision 9820221861534evo
Line Vision 10820221751489evo
Line Vision 10820221831553evo
Line Vison 11820221891961evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Wildcat20221741907evo
Moment Wildcat20221792025evo
Moment Wildcat20221842162evo
Movement Ski Weights    
Movement Alp Tracks 9520221691170evo
Movement Alp Tracks 9520221771275evo
Movement Alp Tracks 10020221701114evo
Movement Alp Tracks 10020221771220evo
Movement Alp Tracks 10020221851323evo
Movement Alp Tracks 10620221851391evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 10020221722128evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020221792244evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020221862371evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020221912498evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20221722072evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20221792151evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20221862218evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20221912352evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320221511604evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320221581701evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320221651849evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820221511671evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820221581788evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820221651882evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9820221721978evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billy Goat 11820221872305evo
ON3P Woodsman 110 Tour20221821710evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops Escaper20221641577evo
Rossignol Black Ops Escaper20221721636evo
Rossignol Black Ops Escaper20221781763evo
Rossignol Black Ops Escaper20221861876evo
Rossignol Black Ops Gamer20221762345evo
Rossignol Black Ops Holy Shred20221721873evo
Rossignol Black Ops Holy Shred20221822019evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender20221721768evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender20221781871evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender Ti20221801998evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender Ti20221872147evo
RMU Ski Weights    
RMU Apostle 3.0 96 Tour20221761509evo
RMU Apostle 3.0 96 Tour20221861787evo
RMU Apostle 3.0 106 Tour20221761596evo
RMU Apostle 3.0 106 Tour20221861706evo
RMU Valhalla20221621620evo
RMU Valhalla 20221721760evo
RMU Valhalla Tour20221621457evo
RMU Valhalla Tour20221721565evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Lumen 9920221531594evo
Salomon Lumen 9920221591694evo
Salomon Lumen 9920221671816evo
Salomon Lux 9220221531540evo
Salomon Lux 9220221611635evo
Salomon QST 9220221611641evo
Salomon QST 9220221691823evo
Salomon QST 9220221771905evo
Salomon QST 9220221851980evo
Salomon QST 9820221832040evo
Salomon QST 9820221892139evo
Salomon QST 10620221671868evo
Salomon QST 10620221741978evo
Salomon QST 10620221812138evo
Salomon QST 10620221882244evo
Salomon QST Blank20221782068evi
Salomon QST Blank20221862269evo
Salomon QST Blank20221942408evo
Salomon QST Spark2022157 1556evo
Salomon QST Spark20221641652evo
Salomon QST Spark20221781917evo
Salomon Stance 8820221541439evo
Salomon Stance 8820221611536evo
Salomon Stance 9420221541509evo
Salomon Stance 9420221611607evo
Salomon Stance 9420221681674evo
Season Ski Weights    
Season Aero 20221651685evo
Season Aero 20221801914evo
Season Forma20221671951evo
Season Forma20221832209evo
Season Nexus 20221771904evo
Season Nexus 20221832136evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Blaze 9420221721562evo
Völkl Blaze 9420221791599evo
Völkl Blaze 9420221861699evo
Völkl Blaze 10620221721625evo
Völkl Blaze 10620221791750evo
Völkl Blaze 10620221861842evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20221702023evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20221772096evo
Völkl M6 Mantra20221842138evo
Völkl Revolt 9620221731947evo
Völkl Revolt 10420221801978evo
Völkl Revolt 10420221882068evo
Völkl Secret 9620221561721evo
Völkl Secret 9620221631809evo
Völkl Secret 9620221701939evo
WNDR Alpine Ski Weights    
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20221551442evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20221621480evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20221691619evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20221761666evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber 20221831816evo
WNDR Vital 100 Camber20221901915evo
WNDR Vital 100 Reverse20221621513evo
WNDR Vital 100 Reverse20221691661evo
WNDR Vital 100 Reverse20221761653evo
WNDR Vital 100 Reverse20221831847evo
WNDR Vital 100 Reverse20221901955evo
WNDR Intention 110 Camber20221641665evo
WNDR Intention 110 Camber20221781858evo
WNDR Intention 110 Camber20221852003evo
WNDR Intention 110 Camber20221922056evo
WNDR Intention 110 Reverse20221641633evo
WNDR Intention 110 Reverse20221711707evo
WNDR Intention 110 Reverse20221781856evo
WNDR Intention 110 Reverse20221851878evo
WNDR Intention 110 Reverse20221822071evo
WNDR Reason 120 Camber20221701864evo
WNDR Reason 120 Camber20221771969evo
WNDR Reason 120 Camber20221842060evo
WNDR Reason 120 Camber20221912228evo
WNDR Reason 120 Reverse20221701910evo
WNDR Reason 120 Reverse20221771941evo
WNDR Reason 120 Reverse20221842100evo
WNDR Reason 120 Reverse20221912283evo
Zag Ski Weights    
Zag Nurse 20221781979evo
Zag Nurse20221862110evo
Zag Nurse20221922206evo
Zag Slap 10420221701654evo
Zag Slap 10420221761684evo
Zag Slap 10420221821879evo
Zag Slap 10420221881955evo
Zag UBAC 9520221701341evo
Zag UBAC 9520221741326*evo
Zag UBAC 9520221781432evo
Zag UBAC 9520221841471evo
Zag UBAC 10220221761521evo
Zag UBAC 10220221841670evo
Zag UBAC 10220221881773evo

2021 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARV 8620211631510evo
Armada ARV 8620211701684evo
Armada ARV 8620211771741evo
Armada ARV 9620211701707evo
Armada ARV 9620211771890evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20211752015evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20211852193evo
Armada Declivity 9220211641634evo
Armada Declivity 9220211721703evo
Armada Declivity 10220211721924evo
Armada Declivity 10220211801951evo
Armada Zero ARG20211872565evo
Armada Zero JJ Ultralite20211751698evo
Armada Zero JJ Ultralite20211851816evo
Armada Zero Stranger20211721974evo
Armada Zero Stranger20211802188evo
Armada Zero Whitewalker20211851806evo
Armada Zero Whitewalker20211921892evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Backland 9520211851458evo
Atomic Backland 9820211641175evo
Atomic Backland 10020211801365evo
Atomic Backland 10020211881377evo
Atomic Backland 10720211671462evo
Atomic Backland 10720211751529evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020211721662evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020211801847evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020211881931evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020211841829evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020211921886evo
Coalition Snow Ski Weights    
Coalition Snow Rafiki20211641577evo
Coalition Snow Sierra20211521367evo
Coalition Snow SOS20211571662evo
Coalition Snow SOS20211661932evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Atris2021178.31926evo
Black Crows Atris2021184.22105evo
Black Crows Atris2021189.72147evo
Black Crows Camox2021174.21783evo
Black Crows Camox2021180.41895evo
Black Crows Camox2021186.51951evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2021156.11549evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2021162.31632evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2021168.11756evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2021183.31550evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2021188.31618evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2021157.31356evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2021164.21474evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2021171.11576evo
Black Crows Ferox Freebird2021176.71792evo
Black Crows Ferox Freebird2021181.41837evo
Black Crows Ferox Freebird2021186.21914evo
Black Crows Navis Freebird2021173.41630evo
Black Diamond Ski Weights    
Black Diamond Helio Recon 9520211831811evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820211471514evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820211531518evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820211591610evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820211711754evo
Blizzard Bonafide 9720211772258evo
Blizzard Bonafide 9720211832271evo
Blizzard Brahma 8820211832216evo
Blizzard Cochise 10620211772169evo
Blizzard Cochise 10620211852285evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020211721947evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020211802024evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020211882244evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120211802076evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120211882205evo
Blizzard Sheeva 920211571643evo
Blizzard Sheeva 920211641776evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020211641796evo
Blizzard Sheeva 10202117211916evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1120211641804evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1120211721882evo
Blizzard Zero G 852021150925evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520211851343evo
Blizzard Zero G 10520211801495evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP20211631263evo
DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP20211841557evo
DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP2021184 1607evo
DPS Wailer A11220211781823evo
DPS Wailer A11220211842025evo
DPS Wailer F11220211781977evo
DPS Wailer F11220211842020evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Menace 9820211752140evo
Dynastar Menace 9820211812169evo
Dynastar Menace 9820211872265evo
Dynastar M-Pro 9020211701702evo
Dynastar M-Pro 9020211781802evo
Dynastar M-Pro 9920211701827evo
Dynastar M-Pro 9920211781906evo
Dynastar M-Pro 9920211862005evo
Dynastar M-Tour 9920211781338evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction CT 2.020211732079evo
Faction CT 2.020211782175evo
Faction CT 2.020211832284evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Maiden 9120211551449evo
Icelantic Maiden 9120211621370evo
Icelantic Maiden 9120211691465evo
Icelantic Maiden 10120211551449evo
Icelantic Maiden 10120211621515evo
Icelantic Maiden 10120211691612evo
Icelantic Nia Pro 10520211621585evo
Icelantic Nia Pro 10520211691685evo

K2 Ski Weights
K2 Mindbender 88 Ti Alliance20211561449evo
K2 Mindbender 88 Ti Alliance20211631507evo
K2 Mindbender 98 Ti Alliance20211611723evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C Alliance20211591550evo
K2 Mindbender 106 C Alliance20211671659evo
K2 Mindbender 108 Ti20211791998evo
K2 Mindbender 108 Ti20211862125evo
K2 Mindbender Alliance 90 C20211561400evo
K2 Mindbender Alliance 90 C20211631440evo
K2 Reckoner 10220211771780evo
K2 Reckoner 10220211861890evo
K2 Wayback 9620211701292evo
K2 Wayback 9620211771341evo
Lib Tech Ski Weights    
Lib Tech Wreckreate 9220211771567evo
Lib Tech Wreckreate 10220211721605evo
Lib Tech Wreckreate 10220211791750evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blade W20211601616evo
Line Blade W20211671735evo
Line Blade20211761988evo
Line Blade20211812008evo
Line Blend20211711643evo
Line Blend20211781756evo
Line Chronic20211711646evo
Line Chronic20211781845evo
Line Chronic20211851893evo
Line Outline20211781904evo
Line Outline20211862020evo
Line Pandora 9420211511311evo
Line Pandora 9420211581359evo
Line Pandora 9420211651478evo
Line Pandora 9420211721551evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20211761685evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20211841808evo
Line Vision 9820211721354evo
Line Vision 9820211791434evo
Line Vision 9820211861531evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bella20211521459evo
Moment Bella 20211621617evo
Moment Bella 20211721642evo
Moment Deathwish Tour20211791661evo
Moment Deathwish Tour20211841693evo
Moment Sierra20211521379evo
Moment Sierra20211621508evo
Moment Wildcat Tour20211791722evo
Moment Wildcat Tour20211841864evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9420211842248evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020211862369evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020211912408evo
Nordica Enforcer Free 10420211721998evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops Escape20211721683evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender20211781881evo
Rossignol Black Ops Sender Ti2021 1872164evo
Rossignol Black Ops Stargazer 20211701635evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon QST 9920211671809evo
Salomon QST 9920211741955evo
Salomon QST 9920211882290evo
Salomon QST 10620211741976evo
Salomon QST 10620211812060evo
Salomon Stance 9620211761833evo
Salomon Stance 9620211822054evo
Salomon Stance 9620211882091evo
Season Eqpt Ski Weights    
Season Eqpt Aero20211661699evo
Season Eqpt Aero20211801922evo
Season Eqpt Forma20211832198evo
Season Eqpt Nexus20211671827evo
Season Eqpt Nexus20211832033evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Blaze 94 W20211581393evo
Völkl Blaze 94 W20211651457evo
Völkl M5 Mantra20211702073evo
Völkl M5 Mantra20211772091evo
Völkl M5 Mantra20211842183evo
Völkl M5 Mantra20211912232evo
Völkl Mantra 10220211772185evo
Völkl Mantra 10220211842225evo
Völkl Secret 102 W20211561857evo
Völkl Secret 102 W20211631932evo
Völkl Revolt 10420211721895evo
Völkl Revolt 10420211801985evo
Völkl Revolt 10420211882115evo
WNDR Alpine Ski Weights    
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Camber20211691592evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Camber20211761677evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Camber20211831743evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Camber20211901932evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Rocker20211691594evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Rocker20211761868evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Rocker20211831828evo
WNDR Alpine Vital 100 Rocker20211901918evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Camber20211641670evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Camber20211711813evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Camber20211781840evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Camber20211851985evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Camber20211922068evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Rocker20211641717evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Rocker20211711792evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Rocker20211781911evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Rocker20211851891evo
WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Rocker20211921990evo

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARV 96 UL20201631512evo
Armada ARV 96 UL20201701589evo
Armada ARV 96 UL20201771698evo
Armada ARV 96 UL20201841774evo
Armada ARV 9620201701783evo
Armada ARV 9620201771881evo
Armada ARV 10620201641874evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20201922384evo
Armada Tracer 9820201641444evo
Armada Tracer 9820201801641evo
Armada Tracer 10820201721666evo
Armada Tracer 10820201801721evo
Armada Tracer 10820201881891evo
Armada Tracer CHX 11820201801840evo
Armada Tracer CHX 11820201881986evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Bent Chetler20201841836evo
Atomic Vantage 86C W20201491322evo
Atomic Vantage 86C W20201571369evo
Atomic Vantage 97C W20201561456evo
Atomic Vantage 97C W20201641598evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Atris2020184.22085evo
Black Crows Atris2020189.72112evo
Black Crows Ferox2020181.41835evo
Black Crows Ferox2020186.21911evo
Black Crows Camox2020174.21728evo
Black Crows Camox2020180.41806evo
Black Crows Camox2020186.51910evo
Black Diamond Ski Weights    
Black Diamond Helio Recon 9520201731578evo
Black Diamond Helio Recon 9520201831811evo
Black Diamond Helio Recon 10520201751757evo
Blizzard Ski Weights   
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220201521282evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220201591396evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8220201661459evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820201521448evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820201591556evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820201661607evo
Blizzard Bonafide 20201732079evo
Blizzard Bonafide20201802147evo
Blizzard Bonafide20201872306evo
Blizzard Brahma 8220201731828evo
Blizzard Brahma 8220201801953evo
Blizzard Brahma 8820201731958evo
Blizzard Brahma 8820201802060evo
Blizzard Brahma 8820201872111evo
Blizzard Rustler 920201641637evo
Blizzard Rustler 920201721763evo
Blizzard Rustler 920201801979evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020201721860evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020201882127evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120201801972evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120201882132evo
Biizzard Sheeva 920201571632evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520201711182evo
Blizzard Zero G 10520201801503evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Powderworks Wailer 10020201791414evo
DPS Powderworks Wailer 10020201841476evo
DPS Wailer A110 C220201791849evo
DPS Wailer A110 C220201841926evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Menace 9820201812117evo
Dynastar Menace 9820201872205evo
Dynastar Menace Proto20201802206evo
Dynastar Menace Proto20201892354evo
Elan Ski Weights    
Elan Ripstick 96 20201741591evo
Elan Ripstick 9620201881782evo
Elan Ripstick 10620201741756evo
Elan Ripstick 10620201811828evo
Fischer Ski Weights    
Fischer Ranger 99Ti20201741877evo
Fischer Ranger 99Ti20201812005evo
Fischer Ranger 102 FR20201771950evo
Fischer Ranger 102 FR20201842101evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head KORE 9320201711601evo
Head KORE 9320201801728evo
Head KORE 10520201711800evo
Head KORE 10520201801847evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Catamaran20201842321evo
K2 Mindbender 90C20201631464evo
K2 Mindbender 90C20201701588evo
K2 Mindbender 90C20201771709evo
K2 Mindbender 90Ti20201701797evo
K2 Mindbender 90Ti20201772009evo
K2 Mindbender 90Ti20201842041evo
K2 Mindbender 106C20201591595evo
K2 Mindbender 106C 20201671626evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20201792022evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20201862177evo
K2 Mindbender 108Ti20201932323evo
Lib Tech Ski Weights    
Lib Tech Wreckcreate 9220201651472evo
Lib Tech Backwards20201661424evo
Lib Tech Wonderstick 10620201721713evo
Lib Tech UFO 11520201751848evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blade W2020/211601616evo
Line Blade W2020/211671735evo
Line Blade2020/211761988evo
Line Blade2020/211812008evo
Line Sakana20201741739evo
Line Sakana 20201811859evo
Line Vision 10820201831620evo
Line Vision 9820201721336evo
Line Vision 9820201791445evo
Line Vision 9820201861596evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 10020201772116evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020201852229evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20201792143evo
Nordica Enforcer 104 Free20201862251evo
Nordica Enforcer 110 Free20201852356evo
Nordica Enforcer 110 Free20201912407evo
Nordica Santa Ana 8820201581652evo
Nordica Santa Ana 8820201651733evo
Nordica Santa Ana 10020201531759evo
Nordica Santa Ana 10020201611797evo
Nordica Santa Ana 10020201691921evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops 9820201922160evo
RMU Ski Weights    
RMU Apostle 9820201751660evo
RMU Apostle 9820201851840evo
RMU Apostle 10620201751736evo
RMU Apostle 10620201851979evo
RMU YLE Pro 11020201791840evo
RMU YLE Pro 11020201861951evo
RMU YLE Pro 11820201882137evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon QST Lux20201691660evo
Salomon QST 9220201691710evo
Salomon QST 9220201771893evo
Salomon QST 9220201851982evo
Salomon QST 9920201741958evo
Salomon QST 9920201812134evo
Salomon QST 9920201882207evo
Salomon QST 10620201741965evo
Salomon QST 10620201812098evo
Salomon QST 11820201852123evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Mantra 10220201772174evo
Völkl Mantra 10220201842211evo
Völkl Mantra M520201701950evo
Völkl Mantra M520201772105evo
Völkl Mantra M520201842110evo
Völkl V-Werks Mantra20201701602evo
Völkl V-Werks Manra20201781717evo
Völkl V-Werks Mantra20201861727evo

2019 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights   
Armada ARV 8620191701651evo
Armada ARV 8620191771805evo
Aramda ARV 8620191841874evo
Armada ARV 9620191701723evo
Armada ARV 9620191771936evo
Armada ARV 9620191842086evo
Armada ARV 96Ti20191701871evo
Armada ARV 96Ti20191771977evo
Armada ARV 10620191721869evo
Armada ARV 10620191801985evo
Armada ARV 10620191882152evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20191752096evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20191852261evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20191922530evo
Armada ARV JJ UL20191751665evo
Armada ARV JJ UL20191851792evo
Armada ARV JJ UL20191921870evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20191711604evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20191791679evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20191871896evo
Armada Invictus 99 Ti2019179188220evo
Armada Invictus 99 Ti20191871998evo
Armada Invictus 108 Ti20191782030evo
Armada Invictus 108 Ti20191882160evo
Armada Tracer 9820191721731evo
Armada Tracer 9820191801862evo
Armada Tracer 9820191882005evo
Armada Tracer 10820191721813evo
Armada Tracer 10820191801939evo
Armada Tracer 10820191882120evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020191721655evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020191801688evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 10020191881872evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020191761609evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020191841727evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 12020191921836evo
Atomic Vantage 97c20191561520evo
Atomic Vantage 97c20191641581evo
Atomic Vantage 97c20191721642evo
Atomic Vantage 97Ti20191721796evo
Atomic Vantage 97Ti20191801949evo
Atomic Vantage 97Ti20191881991evo
Atomic Vantage 10720191751951evo
Atomic Vantage 10720191822115evo
Atomic Vantage 10720191892077evo
Atomic Vantage 107c20191591671evo
Atomic Vantage 107c20191671729evo
Atomic Vantage 107c20191751741evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Atris Birdie2019169.11686evo
Black Crows Atris Birdie2019178.31932evo
Black Crows Daemon2019170.21753evo
Black Crows Daemon Birdie2019157.11587evo
Black Crows Daemon Birdie2019164.31640evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2019156.11547evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2019174.61772evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird2019175.11759evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird2019183.31880evo
Black Crows Camox2019174.61854evo
Black Crows Camox2019186.12091evo
Black Crows Atris2019178.31886evo
Black Crows Atris2019189.72091evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Bonafide20191732046evo
Blizzard Brahma20191731935evo
Blizzard Brahma20191872140evo
Blizzard Cochise20191852312evo
Blizzard Cochise20191922462evo
Blizzard Rustler 920191641556evo
Blizzard Rustler 920191721691evo
Blizzard Rustler 920191801844evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120191721802evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120191801985evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1120191561590evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1120191641726evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1120191721809evo
Blizzard Spur20191922301evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820191781658evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820191851755evo
Coalition Snow Ski Weights    
Coalition Snow Rebel20191621574evo
Coalition Snow Rebel20191681703evo
Coalition Snow La Nieve20191731790evo
Coalition Snow SOS20191571619evo
Coalition Snow SOS20191661823evo
Coalition Snow SOS20191731901evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Yvette Alchemist20191681679evo
DPS Yvette Alchemist20191781876evo
DPS Wailer 110A20191781890evo
DPS Wailer 110A20191841982evo
DPS Wailer 110A20191892176evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Legend W8820191591701evo
Dynastar Legend W9620191651653evo
Dynastar Legend X10620191731857evo
Dynastar Legend X10620191821999evo
Dynastar Legend X10620191882017evo
Elan Ski Weights    
Elan Ripstick 86 W20191591373evo
Elan Ripstick 86 W20191661510evo
Elan Ripstick 9620191741625evo
Elan Ripstick 9620191811695evo
Elan Ripstick 9620191881741evo
Elan Ripstick 10620191741758evo
Elan Ripstick 10620191811858evo
Elan Ripstick 10620191881957evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction Prodigy 2.020191741657evo
Faction Prodigy 2.020191781705evo
Faction Prodigy 2.020191841863evo
Faction Prodigy 3.020191772090evo
Faction Prodigy 3.020191832083evo
Fischer Ski Weights    
Fischer Ranger 90 Ti20191721617evo
Fischer Ranger 90 Ti20191791794evo
Fischer Ranger 98 Ti20191721646evo
Fischer Ranger 98 Ti20191801847evo
Fischer Ranger 98 Ti2019 1882059evo
Fischer Ranger 102 FR20191701772evo
Fischer Ranger 102 FR20191771956evo
Fischer Ranger 102 FR20191842131evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head KORE 9320191711644evo
Head KORE 9320191801748evo
Head KORE 9320191891887evo
Head KORE 9920191801822evo
Head KORE 10520191711757evo
Head KORE 10520191801853evo
Head KORE 10520191892068evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Nomad 10520191711855evo
Icelantic Nomad 10520191812030evo
Icelantic Nomad 105 Lite20191711799evo
Icelantic Nomad 105 Lite20191811927evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Catamaran20191772198evo
K2 Catamaran20191842372evo
K2 Marksman20191702121evo
K2 Poacher20191701996evo
K2 Poacher20191772032evo
K2 Pinnacle 8520191631428evo
K2 Pinnacle 8520191701573evo
K2 Pinnacle 8820191701711evo
K2 Pinnacle 8820191771841evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520191771843evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520191841982evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520191771908evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520191842050evo
K2 Press20191491454evo
K2 Press20191591542evo
K2 Press20191691679evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Sakana20191741769evo
Line Sakana20191811921evo
Line Blend20191711753evo
Line Blend20191781841evo
Line Blend20191851994evo
Line Magnum Opus20191881980evo
Line Mordecai20191861979evo
Line Mordecai20191932212evo
Line Pandora 9420191571393evo
Line Pandora 9420191651458evo
Line Pandora 9420191721553evo
Line Pandora 10420191581501evo
Line Pandora 10420191651567evo
Line Pandora 10420191721631evo
Line Pescado20191801799evo
Line Sick Day 9420191721532evo
Line Sick Day 9420191791640evo
Line Sick Day 9420191861781evo
Line Sick Day 10420191721646evo
Line Sick Day 10420191791777evo
Line Sick Day 10420191861852evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20191841878evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Deathwish20191741759evo
Moment Deathwish20191841917evo
Moment Wildcat20191741789evo
Moment Wildcat20191841992evo
Moment Wildcat Tour20191741529evo
Moment Wildcat Tour20191841716evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9320191691834evo
Nordica Enforcer 9320191772003evo
Nordica Enforcer 9320191852150evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020191692023evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020191772088evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020191852242evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320191611677evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320191691727evo
Nordica Soul Rider20191771917evo
Nordica Soul Rider 20191852059evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Kartel 9620191761854evo
ON3P Kartel 9620191811918evo
ON3P Kartel 9620191862041evo
ON3P Kartel 10820191762028evo
ON3P Kartel 10820191812118evo
ON3P Billy Goat 20191792255evo
ON3P Billy Goat20191842371evo
ON3P Billy Goat20191892445evo
ON3P Jessie 9620191611567evo
ON3P Jessie 9620191661670evo
RMU Ski Weights    
RMU YLE Pro20191882134evo
RMU Apostle 9820191751679evo
RMU Apostle 9820191851831evo
RMU Apostle 10620191751825evo
RMU Apostle 10620191851982evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops 9820191822031evo
Rossignol Black Ops 11820191762317evo
Rossignol Black Ops 11820191862449evo
Rossignol EXP 94 Ti20191731807evo
Rossignol EXP 94 Ti20191801918evo
Rossignol EXP 94 Ti20191872045evo
Rossignol Sky 7 HD20191721579evo
Rossignol Sky 7 HD20191801694evo
Rossignol Sky 7 HD 20191881759evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20191641702evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20191721744evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20191801865evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20191881977evi
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon QST 8520191611700evo
Salomon QST 8520191691920evo
Salomon QST 8520191771990evo
Salomon QST 9220191771743evo
Salomon QST 9220191851863evo
Salomon QST 9920191671692evo
Salomon QST 9920191741817evo
Salomon QST 992019 1811867evo
Salomon QST 9920191881975evo
Salomon QST 10620191741815evo
Salomon QST 10620191812067evo
Salomon QST 10620191882080evo
Salomon QST Myriad 8520191611683evo
Salomon QST Lumen 9920191671651evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl M5 Mantra20191772055evo
Völkl M5 Mantra20191842129evo
Völkl V-Werks Mantra20191701528evo
Völkl V-Werks Mantra20191781679evo
Völkl V-Werks Mantra20191861727evo
Völkl Secret20191631789evo
Völkl Yumi20191541404evo
Völkl Yumi20191611416evo
Völkl Yumi20191681498evo

2018 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada Al Dente Zero20181681697evo
Armada Al Dente Zero20181781888evo
Armada Al Dente Zero20181882067evo
Armada AR8 Zero20181711855evo
Armada AR8 Zero20181761947evo
Armada AR8 Zero20181812053evo
Armada ARV 9620181631741evo
Armada ARV 9620181701794evo
Armada ARV 9620181771944evo
Armada ARV 9620181842063evo
Armada ARV 10620181801959evo
Armada ARV 10620181882108evo
Armada ARV 106 LTD20181802045evo
Armada ARV 106 LTD20181882234evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20181752070evo
Armada ARV 116 JJ20181852179evo
Armada Invictus 9520181761693evo
Armada Invictus 9520181851794evo
Armada Invictus 9920181791874evo
Armada Invictus 9920181872028evo
Armada JJ Zero20181751694evo
Armada JJ Zero20181851895evo
Armada JJ Zero20181951960evo
Armada Tracer 9820181721749evo
Armada Tracer 9820181801811evo
Armada Tracer 10820181721740evo
Armada Tracer 10820181801942evo
Armada Tracer 11820181882130evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Backland 9520181771280evo
Atomic Backland FR 10220181721682evo
Atomic Backland FR 10220181801778evo
Atomic Backland FR 10220181881919evo
Atomic Backland FR 10920181751800evo
Atomic Backland FR 10920181821933evo
Atomic Backland FR 10920181891957evo
Atomic Backland FR 11720181862172evo
Atomic Bent Chetler 20181852384evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20181922538evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Balck Crows Anima Freebird2018176.81782evo
Black Crows Anima Freebird2018182.11849evo
Black Crows Anima Freebird2018188.41889evo
Black Crows Camox2018174.61906evo
Black Crows Camox2018181.21974evo
Balck Crows Camox2018186.12078evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2018156.11549evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2018165.21719evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2018157.31397evo
Black Crows Corvus2018183.32121evo
Black Crows Corvus2018188.12177evo
Black Crows Corvus2018193.12281evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird2018175.11743evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird2018183.31880evo
Black Crows Corvus Freebird2018188.11967evo
Black Crows Daemon2018170.21751evo
Black Crows Daemon2018177.41819evo
Black Crows Daemon2018183.61904evo
Black Crows Daemon Birdie2018157.11586evo
Black Crows Daemon Birdie2018164.31639evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820181521392evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 8820181591436evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820181521472evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820181591611evo
Blizzard Black Pearl 9820181661633evo
Blizzard Bonafide20181802179evo
Blizzard Bonafide20181872332evo
Blizzard Brahma20181731960evo
Blizzard Brahma20181802049evo
Blizzard Brahma20181872124evo
Blizzard Cochise20181852283evo
Blizzard Cochise20181922473evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020181721709evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020181801831evo
Blizzard Rustler 1020181882040evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120181882028evo
Blizzard Rustler 1120181922180evo
Blizzard Sheeva 1020181641641evo
Blizzard Spur20181922252evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520181711225evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520181781293evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520181851342evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS A112 SE20181781845evo
DPS A112 SE20181841983evo
DPS F112 Foundation20181902217evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Legend W 9620181581582evo
Dynastar Legend W 9620181651654evo
Dynastar Legend X 9620181711671evo
Dynastar Legend X 9620181781731evo
Dynastar Legend X 9620181861907evo
Dynastar Legend X 10620181821993evo
Dynastar Legend X 10620181882064evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction Candide 2.020181721753evo
Faction Candide 2.020181841968evo
Faction Candide 3.020181761889evo
Faction Candide 3.020181821930evo
Faction Candide 3.020181862001evo
Faction Candide 3.020181922075evo
Faction Dictator 2.020181791803evo
Faction Dictator 2.020181831867evo
Faction Dictator 3.020181822018evo
Faction Dictator 3.020181862079evo
Faction Heroine20181541315evo
Faction Heroine20181581376evo
Faction Heroine20181621463evo
Faction Prime 3.020181771758evo
Faction Prime 3.020181821816evo
Faction Prodigy W20181581453evo
Faction Prodigy W20181641530evo
Faction Prodigy W20181681565evo
Faction Supertonic20181621771evo
Faction Supertonic20181691823evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head KORE 9320181711562evo
Head KORE 9320181801745evo
Head KORE 10520181711798evo
Head KORE 10520181801812evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Catamaran20181772134evo
K2 Catamaran20181842362evo
K2 Catamaran20181912505evo
K2 Marksman20181702100evo
K2 Marksman20181772181evo
K2 Marksman20181842179evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520181701725evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520181771860evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520181841979evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520181771918evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520181842055evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blend20181711765evo
Line Blend20181781808evo
Line Mordecai20181791918evo
Line Mordecai20181862072evo
Line Pandora 9520181521403evo
Line Pandora 9520181621603evo
Line Pescado20181801894evo
Line Sick Day 9420181721603evo
Line Sick Day 9420181791657evo
Line Sick Day 9420181861741evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20181781848evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20181841856evo
Line Soulmate 8620181511410evo
Line Soulmate 8620181651598evo
Line Soulmate 9220181511401evo
Line Soulmate 9220181581509evo
Line Soulmate 9220181651631evo
Majesty Ski Weights    
Majesty Destroyer20181701940evo
Majesty Destroyer20181822109evo
Majesty Dirty Bear20181751702evo
Majesty Dirty Bear20181821845evo
Majesty Supernova20181771721evo
Majesty Supernova20181851908evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9320181771938evo
Nordica Enforcer 9320181852158evo
Nordica Enforcer 10020181691981evo
Nordica Enforcer 11020181852202evo
Nordica Santa Ana 9320181531589evo
Nordica Santa Ana 10020181611783evo
Nordica Santa Ana 10020181691897evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billy Goat20181792286evo
ON3P Billy Goat20181842441evo
ON3P Billy Goat20181892540evo
ON3P Kartel 9820181761946evo
ON3P Kartel 9820181812068evo
ON3P Kartel 9820181862134evo
ON3P Kartel 10820181762139evo
ON3P Kartel 10820181812272evo
ON3P Kartel 10820181862359evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops 9820181822082evo
Rossignol Black Ops 11820181762363evo
Rossignol Black Ops 11820181862422evo
Rossignol Sassy 720181401587evo
Rossignol Sassy 720181501659evo
Rossignol Sassy 720181601786evo
Rossignol Sin 720181721934evo
Rossignol Sin 720181801990evo
Rossignol Sky 7 HD20181721595evo
Rossignol Sky 7 HD20181801729evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20181721777evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20181801873evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20181881949evo
RMU Ski Weights    
RMU Rippah 20181751759evo
RMU Rippah20181851941evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Lumen 9920181591481evo
Salomon Lumen 9920181671631evo
Salomon Lux 9220181531389evo
Salomon Lux 9220181611505evo
Salomon Myriad 8520181531539evo
Salomon Myriad 8520181611683evo
Salomon Stella 10620181591630evo
Salomon QST 9220181851879evo
Salomon QST 10620181671707evo
Salomon QST 11820181852055evo
Salmon  QST 11820181922124evo
Season Eqpt Ski Weights    
Season Eqpt Aero20211801864evo
Season Eqpt Nexus20211832056evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl 100 Eight20181731851evo
Völkl 100 Eight20181811941evo
Völkl Confession20181792105evo
Völkl Confession20181862257evo
Völkl Mantra 20181701935evo
Völkl Mantra 20181772061evo
Völkl Mantra 20181842131evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20181841885evo

2017 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARV 8420171701571evo
Armada ARV 86 W20171561518evo
Armada ARV 86 W20171631613evo
Armada ARV 96 W20171561674evo
Armada ARV 9620171771968evo
Armada ARV 9620171842099evo
Armada ARV 10620171721830evo
Armada ARV 10620171801994evo
Armada ARV 1062017188 2115evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20171711761evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20171792015evo
Armada Invictus 89 Ti20171872165evo
Armada Invictus 99 Ti20171711884evo
Armada Invictus 99 Ti20171792100evo
Armada Invictus 99 Ti20171872302evo
Armada TST evoAir20171741546evo
Armada TST evoAir20171831605evo
Armada TST evoAir20171921743evo
Armada Victa 8320171511212evo
Armada Victa 8320171591271evo
Armada Victa 8320171671383evo
Armada Victa 9320171511322evo
Armada Victa 9320171591442evo
Armada Victa 9320171671671evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Backland 10220171721677evo
Atomic Backland 10220171801789evo
Atomic Backland 10220171881905evo
Atomic Backland 10920171751754evo
Atomic Backland 10920171821852evo
Atomic Backland 10920171891953evo
Atomic Backland 11720171792027evo
Atomic Backland 11720171862123evo
Atomic Backland 11720171932213evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20171782101evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20171852402evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20171922515evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Mini20171331148evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Mini20171431281evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Mini20171531429evo
Atomic Infamous20171611443evo
Atomic Infamous20171711640evo
Atomic Infamous20171761704evo
Atomic Infamous20171811814evo
Atomic Punx20171641500evo
Atomic Punx20171701614evo
Atomic Punx20171761663evo
Atomic Vantage 90 W20171611508evo
Atomic Vantage 95 W20171621625evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Atris2017178.21977evo
Black Crows Atris2017184.02063evo
Black Crows Atris2017189.92062evo
Black Crows Atris Birdie20171691731evo
Black Crows Camox2017174.91824evo
Black Crows Camox2017181.21955evo
Black Crows Camox2017186.12062evo
Black Crows Camox Birdie2017165.21615evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2017171.41536evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2017178.11644evo
Black Crows Camox Freebird2017183.21686evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2017157.31380evo
Black Crows Captis Birdie2017164.21493evo
Black Crows Corvus20171752015evo
Black Crows Corvus20171832065evo
Black Crows Navis2017179.41899evo
Black Crows Navis2017185.42050evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Bodacious 20171772074evo
Blizzard Bodacious20171852263evo
Blizzard Bodacious20171932389evo
Blizzard Bonafide20171662024evo
Blizzard Bonafide20171732091evo
Blizzard Bonafide20171802214evo
Blizzard Bonafide20171872270evo
Blizzard Brahma20171661765evo
Blizzard Brahma20171731916evo
Blizzard Brahma20171801963evo
Blizzard Brahma20171872124evo
Blizzard Cochise20171712148evo
Blizzard Cochise20171782255evo
Blizzard Cochise20171852384evo
Blizzard Cochise20171922488evo
Blizzard Gunsmoke20171862180evo
Blizzard Spur20171892419evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520171781296evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820171781658evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Wailer 106 Pure 320171851731evo
DPS Wailer 106 Pure 320171911909evo
DPS Wailer 112 RPC 2.020171922004evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Denali20171681179evo
Dynafit Denali20171761262evo
Dynafit Denali20171841355evo
Dynaift Dhaulagiri20171691309evo
Dynafit Dhaulagiri20171771366evo
Dynafit Dhaulagiri20171831451evo
Dynafit Meteorite20171702101evo
Dynafit Meteorite20171771831evo
Dynafit Meteorite20171841916evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction 3.020171761801evo
Faction 3.020171821879evo
Faction 3.020171861908evo
Faction Chapter 10620171781857evo
Faction Chapter 10620171821892evo
Faction Chapter 10620171861965evo
Faction The Heroine2017 1541357evo
Faction The Heroine20171581368evo
Faction The Heroine20171621456evo
Faction The Heroine20171681546evo
Faction The Prodigy20171541384evo
Faction The Prodigy20171581444evo
Faction The Prodigy20171641559evo
Faction The Prodigy20171681569evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Nomad 9520171811767evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 AlLuvit20171561549evo
K2 AlLuvit20171631621evo
K2 Empress20171491528evo
K2 Empress20171591687evo
K2 Empress20171691739evo
K2 FulLuvit20171561431evo
K2 FulLuvit20171631414evo
K2 Marksman20171702050evo
K2 Marksman20171772219evo
K2 Marksman20171842204*evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520171701703evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520171771774evo
K2 Pinnacle 9520171841900evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520171701840evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520171771892evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520171841994evo
K2 Poacher 20171772005evo
K2 Poacher20171842054evo
K2 Remedy 9220171561698evo
K2 Remedy 9220171631724evo
K2 Remedy 10220171631912evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blend20171711815evo
Line Blend20171781817evo
Line Blend20171852021evo
Line Mordecai20171791945evo
Line Mordecai20171862020evo
Line Pandora 9520171651562evo
Line Pescado20171801796evo
Line Sick Day 9520171721717evo
Line Sick Day 9520171791805evo
Line Sick Day 9520171861918evo
Line Sick Day 10220171791803evo
Line Sick Day 10220171862032evo
Line Sick Day Tourist20171791661evo
Line Sick Day Tourist20171861737evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20171781833evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20171842038evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon Mini20171651694evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Enforcer 9320171691818evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billy Goat20171842357evo
ON3P Jessie 9820171611549evo
ON3P Jessie 9820171711749evo
ON3P Kartel 9820171761927evo
ON3P Kartel 9820171812006evo
ON3P Kartel 9820171862112evo
ON3P Kartel 10820171711882evo
ON3P Kartel 10820171762050evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Black Ops 20171862553evo
Rossignol Sky 720171721822evo
Rossignol Sky 720171801850evo
Rossignol Sky 720171881999evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20171721821evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20171801905evo
Rossignol Soul 7 HD20171882083evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Lumen 9920171671609evo
Salomon Lumen 9920171741736evo
Salomon Lux 9220171611490evo
Salomon Myriad 8520171611677evo
Salomon Myriad 8520171691775evo
Salomon QST 9220171771720evo
Salomon QST 9220171851864evo
Salomon QST 9920171741807evo
Salomon QST 9920171811895evo
Salomon QST 10620171741825evo
Salomon QST 10620171811906evo
Salomon QST 11820171781908evo
Salomon QST 11820171851999evo
Salomon Lux 9220171531375evo
Salomon Lux 9220171611466evo
Salomon Stella 10620171591627evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl 90Eight20171701597evo
Völkl 90Eight20171771756evo
Völkl 90Eight20171841894evo
Völkl 100Eight20171731837evo
Völkl 100Eight20171811980evo
Völkl 100Eight20171892079evo
Völkl Confession20171932384evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20171771828evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20171841887evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20171911979evo

2016 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
4FRNT Ski Weights    
4FRNT Devastator20161742034evo
4FRNT Kye 9520161731879evo
4FRNT Kye 9520161802061evo
4FRNT Kye 11020161742106evo
4FRNT Kye 11020161812240evo
4FRNT Kye 11020161882441evo
4FRNT Raven20161841859evo
4FRNT YLE/SAGA Colab20161772242evo
4FRNT YLE/SAGA Colab20161872449evo
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada AR720161611687evo
Armada AR720161661756evo
Armada AR720161711880evo
Armada AR720161761919evo
Armada AR720161812040evo
Armada B-Dog20161641840evo
Armada B-Dog20161701931evo
Armada B-Dog20161762039evo
Armada B-Dog20161822190evo
Armada Cantika20161501385evo
Armada Cantika20161571527evo
Armada Cantika20161641645evo
Armada Declivity20161761789evo
Armada Declivity20161841973evo
Armada Invictus 9520161671722evo
Armada Invictus 9520161761854evo
Armada Invictus 9520161851994evo
Armada Invictus 10820161681881evo
Armada Invictus 10820161781976evo
Armada Invictus 10820161882243evo
Armada JJ 2.020161651940evo
Armada JJ 2.020161752086evo
Armada JJ 2.020161852288evo
Armada JJ 2.020161952519evo
Armada Kufo 10320161681479evo
Armada Kufo 10320161771599evo
Armada Kufo 10320161861694evo
Armada TST20161741836evo
Armada TST20161832075evo
Armada TST W20161561548evo
Armada TST W20161651973evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Automatic 10220161721738evo
Atomic Automatic 10220161801821evo
Atomic Automatic 10220161881991evo
Atomic Automatic 10920161751905evo
Atomic Automatic 10920161892097evo
Atomic Automatic 11720161792103evo
Atomic Automatic 11720161862221evo
Atomic Automatic 11720161932408evo
Atomic Backland 7820161701210evo
Atomic Backland 8520161761382evo
Atomic Backland 9520161641477evo
Atomic Backland 9520161731591evo
Atomic Backland 9520161821694evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20161702206evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20161922615evo
Atomic Century 10220161561575evo
Atomic Century 10220161641799evo
Atomic Century 10220161721741evo
Atomic Century 10920161591688evo
Atomic Century 10920161671781evo
Atomic Century 10920161751893evo
Atomic Infamous20161611476evo
Atomic Infamous20161711642evo
Atomic Infamous20161761742evo
Atomic Infamous20161811857evo
Atomic Punx20161701576evo
Atomic Punx20161761651evo
Atomic Punx20161821865evo
Atomic Ultimate 652016163716evo
Atomic Ultimate 7820161701094evo
Atomic Ultimate 8520161761228evo
Atomic Vantage 85 W20161571347evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9020161691776evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9020161761895evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9520161621591evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9520161701708evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9520161781819evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 9520161861928evo
Atomic Vantage 95 W20161541524evo
Atomic Vantage 95 W20161621623evo
Atomic Vantage 95 W20161701753evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 10020161721764evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 10020161801860evo
Atomic Vantage CTI 10020161881943evo
Black Crows Ski Weights    
Black Crows Anima20161822158evo
Black Crows Anima20161882229evo
Black Crows Atris20161782007evo
Black Crows Atris20161842149evo
Black Crows Atris20161892147evo
Black Crows Camox20161741813evo
Black Crows Camox20161811949evo
Black Crows Camox20161862049evo
Black Crows Navis20161691799evo
Black Crows Navis20161791921evo
Black Crows Navis20161852081evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Black Pearl20161521496evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20161591526evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20161661635evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20161731715evo
Blizzard Bodacious20161772073evo
Blizzard Bodacious20161852259evo
Blizzard Bodacious20161932357evo
Blizzard Bonafide20161661971evo
Blizzard Bonafide20161732107evo
Blizzard Bonafide20161802188evo
Blizzard Bonafide20161872292evo
Blizzard Brahma20161661779evo
Blizzard Brahma20161731948evo
Blizzard Brahma20161801966evo
Blizzard Brahma20161872091evo
Blizzard Cochise20161712147evo
Blizzard Cochise20161782266evo
Blizzard Cochise20161852351evo
Blizzard Cochise20161922462evo
Blizzard Samba20161521537evo
Blizzard Samba20161591642evo
Blizzard Samba20161661727evo
Blizzard Shiva20161581727evo
Blizzard Shiva20161651780evo
Blizzard Shiva20161721939evo
Blizzard Spur20161892374evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520161641177evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520161711207evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520161781299evo
Blizzard Zero G 9520161851343evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820161711537evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820161781613evo
Blizzard Zero G 10820161851757evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Lotus 120 Pure 320161781893evo
DPS Lotus 120 Pure 320161892090evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20161681645evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20161761721evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20161841935evo
DPS 112 RP2 Pure 320161681610evo
DPS 112RP2 Pure 320161781761evo
DPS 112RP2 Pure 320161841913evo
DPS 112RP2 Pure 320161902013evo
DPS 112RP Hybrid20161842073evo
DPS 112RP Hybrid20161902158evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Cho Oyu20161661078evo
Dynafit Cho Oyu20161741194*evo
Dynafit Cho Oyu20161821179evo
Dynafit Chugach20161731899evo
Dynafit Chugach20161812072evo
Dynafit Chugach20161882106evo
Dynafit Denali20161681183evo
Dynafit Denali20161761278evo
Dynafit Denali20161841328evo
Dynafit Hokkaido20161762032evo
Dynafit Hokkaido20161822174evo
Dynafit Hokkaido20161892265evo
Faction Ski Weights    
Faction 1.020161701840evo
Faction 1.020161761854evo
Faction 1.020161821884evo
Faction 2.020161781871evo
Faction 3.020161821770evo
Faction 3.020161861820evo
Faction 4.020161751825evo
Faction 4.020161831998evo
Faction Heroine20161581337evo
Faction Heroine20161631459evo
Fischer Ski Weights    
Fischer Hannibal 10020161701374evo
Fischer Hannibal 10020161801430evo
Fischer Ranger W9820161641566evo
Fischer Ranger 9020161651567evo
Fischer Ranger 9020161721589evo
Fischer Ranger 9020161791700evo
Fischer Ranger 9820161721668evo
Fischer Ranger 9820161801838evo
Fischer Ranger 10820161741843evo
Fischer Ranger 10820161821931evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head Great Joy20161531594evo
Head Great Joy20161581582evo
Head Great Joy20161631694evo
Head Great Joy20161681819evo
Head Monster 8820161701982evo
Head Monster 8820161772038evo
Head Monster 8820161842206evo
Head Monster 9820161702053evo
Head Monster 9820161772172evo
Head Monster 9820161842416evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Oracle20161651644evo
Icelantic Keeper20161711840evo
Icelantic Keeper20161812114evo
Icelantic Nomad20161611801evo
Icelantic Nomad20161711953evo
Icelantic Nomad20161812058evo
Icelantic Pioneer20161661602evo
Icelantic Pioneer20161741683evo
Icelantic Pioneer20161821806evo
Icelantic Vanguard20161781712evo
Icelantic Vanguard20161881761evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Pinnacle 9520161841925evo
K2 Pinnacle 10520161842021evo
K2 Pinnacle 11820161772349evo
K2 Pinnacle 11820161842415evo
K2 Press20161491442evo
K2 Press20161591652evo
K2 Press20161691703evo
K2 Press20161791801evo
K2 Remedy 9220161561719evo
K2 Remedy 9220161631750evo
K2 Remedy 10220161561758evo
K2 Remedy 10220161631948evo
K2 Shreditior 9220161631818evo
K2 Shreditor 9220161701892evo
K2 Shreditor 9220161772007evo
K2 Shreditor 10220161701956evo
K2 Shreditor 10220161771974evo
K2 Shreditor 10220161842070evo
K2 Shreditor 11220161792076evo
K2 Shreditor 11220161892221evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Blend20161781858evo
Line Chronic20161641620evo
Line Chronic20161711676evo
Line Chronic20161781760evo
Line Magnum Opus20161882061evo
Line Pandora 9520161721724evo
Line Pandora 11020161521543evo
Line Pandora 11020161621745evo
Line Tiger Snake20161571358evo
Line Tiger Snake20161781529evo
Line Sick Day 9520161721720evo
Line Sick Day 9520161791817evo
Line Sick Day 9520161861941evo
Line Sick Day 10220161721751evo
Line Sick Day 10220161791837evo
Line Sick Day 10220161862047evo
Line Sick Day 11020161791959evo
Line Sick Day 11020161862165evo
Line Sick Day Tourist20161791663evo
Line Sick Day Tourist20161861760evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20161902223evo
Line Soulmate 8620161511391evo
Line Soulmate 8620161581470evo
Line Soulmate 8620161651591evo
Line Supernatural 9220161651681evo
Line Supernatural 9220161721772evo
Line Supernatural 9220161791964evo
Line Supernatural 9220161862061evo
Line Supernatural 10020161721999evo
Line Supernatural 10020161792093evo
Line Supernatural 10020161862233evo
Line Supernatural 10820161792202evo
Line Supernatural 10820161862397evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bibby20161842174evo
Moment Bibby20161902248evo
Moment PB&J20161721744evo
Moment PB&J20161821930evo
Moment PB&J20161882089evo
Moment Vice20161781679evo
Moment Vice20161841738evo
Moment Underworld20161811660evo
Moment Underworld20161871799evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billy Goat20161742214evo
ON3P Billy Goat20161792285evo
ON3P Billy Goat20161892501evo
ON3P Filthy Rich20161711653evo
ON3P Filthy Rich20161761756evo
ON3P Filthy Rich20161811879evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11420161762225evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11420161812361evo
ON3P Jeffrey 11420161862423evo
ON3P Jessie 10020161611780evo
ON3P Jessie 10020161711914evo
ON3P Jessie 11220161611945evo
ON3P Jessie 11220161712143evo
ON3P Steeple 11220161742115evo
ON3P Steeple 11220161792223evo
ON3P Steeple 11220161842293evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Experience 10020161661894evo
Rossignol Experience 10020161741959evo
Rossignol Experience 10020161822027evo
Rossignol Sassy 720161401347evo
Rossignol Saffron 720161621692evo
Rossignol Saffron 720161701887evo
Rossignol Sassy 720161501466evo
Rossignol Sassy 720161601537evo
Rossignol Savory 720161621692evo
Rossignol Savory 720161701842evo
Rossignol Savory 720161781878evo
Rossignol Slat20161691995evo
Rossignol Slat20161752067evo
Rossignol Slat20161812117evo
Rossignol Sin 720161641707evo
Rossignol Sin 720161721874evo
Rossignol Sin 720161801955evo
Rossignol Sin 720161882129evo
Rossignol Smash 720161401355evo
Rossignol Smash 720161501439evo
Rossignol Smash 720161601509evo
Rossignol Smash 720161701709evo
Rossignol Smash 720161801854evo
Rossignol Soul 720161641682evo
Rossignol Soul 720161721790evo
Rossignol Soul 720161801933evo
Rossignol Soul 720161881974evo
Rossignol Super 720161721862evo
Rossignol Super 720161801916evo
Rossignol Super 720161882131evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Lumen20161541512evo
Salomon Lumen20161621619evo
Salomon Lumen20161701717evo
Salomon Lux20161511392evo
Salomon Lux20161591471evo
Salomon Lux20161671529evo
Salomon MTN Explore 8820161691202evo
Salomon MTN Explore 9520161771414evo
Salomon MTN Explore 9520161691360evo
Salomon MTN Explore 9520161771442evo
Salomon MTN Explore 9520161841549evo
Salomon MTN Lab 11520161761743evo
Salomon MTN Lab 11520161841840evo
Salomon Q 9020161611469evo
Salomon Q 9020161691554evo
Salomon Q 9020161771616evo
Salomon Q 9820161641591evo
Salomon Q 9820161721694evo
Salomon Q 9820161801833evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10020161621677evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10020161701759evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10020161781905evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10020161862119evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820161741931evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820161822059evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820161902277evo
Salomon Rocker2 12220161722015evo
Salomon Rocker 2 12220161802098evo
Salomon Rocker2 12220161842261evo
Salomon Stella20161581546evo
Salomon Stella20161651742evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Aura20161561799evo
Völkl Aura20161631873evo
Völkl Kenja20161491543evo
Völkl Kenja20161561638evo
Völkl Kenja20161631773evo
Völkl Kenja20161701833evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 10920161661458evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 10920161761584evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 10920161861737evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20161771843evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20161841947evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20161911978evo
Völkl Wall20161611729evo
Völkl Wall20161691834evo
Völkl Wall20161771884evo

2015 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada Al Dente20151681728evo
Armada Al Dente20151781891evo
Armada Al Dente20151882036evo
Armada Alpha X20151641826evo
Armada Alpha X20151701944evo
Armada Alpha X20151762030evo
Armada Alpha X20151822093evo
Armada AR720151661773evo
Armada AR720151711849evo
Armada AR720151761941evo
Armada ARVTi20151681838evo
Armada ARVTi20151781969evo
Armada ARVTi20151882109evo
Armada B-Dog20151641839evo
Armada B-Dog20151701898evo
Armada B-Dog20151762034evo
Armada B-Dog20151822080evo
Armada Declivity20151841960evo
Armada El Rey20151711727evo
Armada El Rey20151781876evo
Armada El Rey20151851957evo
Armada JJ220151651952evo
Armada JJ220151752117evo
Armada JJ220151852320evo
Armada TST20151741962evo
Armada TST20151832165evo
Armada TSTw20151561563evo
Armada TSTw20151651827evo
Armada TSTw20151741934evo
Armada ARVw20151601737evo
Armada JJJ20151551574evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Bent Chetler20151782177evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20151852341evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20151922538evo
Atomic Automatic 11720151792131evo
Atomic Automatic 11720151862250evo
Atomic Automatic 11720151932374evo
Atomic Automatic 10920151822044evo
Atomic Automatic 10220151641672evo
Atomic Automatic 10220151721781evo
Atomic Automatic 10220151801876evo
Atomic Automatic 10220151881994evo
Atomic Panic20151651480evo
Atomic Panic20151731651evo
Atomic Panic20151811794evo
Atomic Century 10920151591729evo
Atomic Century 10920151671799evo
Atomic Century 10920151751876evo
Atomic Century 10220151641580evo
Atomic Elysian20151501385evo
Atomic Elysian20151591538evo
Atomic Elysian20151681736evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Jr.20151331153evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Jr.20151431314evo
Atomic Bent Chetler Jr.20151531460evo
Black Diamond Ski Weights    
Black Diamond Carbon Convert20151881506evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Bodacious20151862443evo
Blizzard Bonafide20151661927evo
Blizzard Bonafide20151731770evo
Blizzard Bonafide20151872173evo
Blizzard Brahma20151661688evo
Blizzard Brahma20151731770evo
Blizzard Brahma20151801974evo
Blizzard Brahma20151872101evo
Blizzard Gunsmoke20151862212evo
Blizzard Spur20151892397evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20151521495evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20151591543evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20151661630evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20151731709evo
Blizzard Samba20151521524evo
Blizzard Samba20151591651evo
Blizzard Samba20151661742evo
Blizzard Samba20151731824evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Denali20151761268SW
Dynafit Denali20151841296evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Cham 11720151802062evo
Dynastar Cham 11720151902204evo
Dynastar Power Track 8920151721887evo
Dynastar Power Track 8920151791968evo
Dynastar Power Track 8920151862034evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Press20151491411evo
K2 Press20151591546evo
K2 Powabunga20151842407evo
K2 Sight20151491599evo
K2 Sight20151591679evo
K2 Sight20151691794evo
K2 Sight20151791914evo
K2 Pettitor 12020151692179evo
K2 Pettitor 12020151792315evo
K2 Pettitor 12020151892579evo
K2 Shreditor 11220151691890evo
K2 Shreditor 11220151792119evo
K2 Shreditor 11220151892367evo
K2 Shreditor 10220151701865evo
K2 Shreditor 10220151772005evo
K2 Shreditor 10220151842069evo
K2 Shreditor 9220151631777evo
K2 Shreditor 9220151771947evo
K2 Shreditor 9220151842020evo
K2 Coomback 10420151771669evo
K2 Coomback 10420151841723evo
K2 AMP Rictor 90XTi20151701707evo
K2 AMP Rictor 90XTi20151771725evo
K2 AMP Rictor 90XTi20151841877evo
K2 Annex 11820151842495evo
K2 Annex 11820151912501evo
K2 Annex 9820151701746evo
K2 Annex 9820151771898evo
K2 Annex 9820151841945evo
K2 Annex 9820151912075evo
K2 Talkback20151601234evo
K2 Empress20151491420evo
K2 Empress20151591547evo
K2 Empress20151691626evo
K2 Misconduct20151491574evo
K2 Misconduct20151591648evo
K2 Remedy 10220151701943evo
K2 Remedy 11220151691958evo
K2 Remedy 11220151792098evo
K2 Shreditor 100 Jr.20151391466evo
K2 Shreditor 100 Jr.20151491622evo
Line Ski Weights    
Line Sick Day 11020151721932evo
Line Sick Day 11020151791953evo
Line Sick Day 11020151862158evo
Line Sick Day 9520151741712evo
Line Sick Day 9520151861931evo
Line Magnum Opus20151881938evo
Line Opus20151782168evo
Line Opus20151852401evo
Line Opus20151922582evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20151842123evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20151902354evo
Line Blend20151711684evo
Line Blend20151781799evo
Line Blend20151851929evo
Line Chronic20151641564evo
Line Chronic20151711634evo
Line Chronic20151781723evo
Line Celebrity20151481353evo
Line Celebrity20151581388evo
Line Celebrity20151681476evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty20151551620evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Deathwish20151741861evo
Moment Deathwish20151842038evo
Moment Deathwish20151902164evo
Moment Governor20151862215evo
Moment PB&J20151721725evo
Moment PB&J20151821871evo
Moment PB&J20151882135evo
Moment Underworld20151811773evo
Moment Underworld20151871854evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billygoat20151762232evo
ON3P Billygoat20151862510evo
ON3P Jeffrey 12220151812455evo
ON3P Jeffrey 12220151912688evo
ON3P Steeple 10220151741894evo
ON3P Steeple 10220151841978evo
ON3P Steeple 11220151842090evo
RMU Ski Weights    
RMU Apostle20151751817evo
RMU Apostle20151861869evo
RMU Apostle20151951913evo
RMU Bluelight Special20151751800evo
RMU Bluelight Special20151851999evo
RMU North Shore20151751931evo
RMU North Shore20151852083evo
RMU North Shore20151952025*evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Super 720151721830evo
Rossignol Super 720151801959evo
Rossignol Super 720151882000evo
Rossignol Soul 720151641698evo
Rossignol Soul 720151721820evo
Rossignol Soul 720151801897evo
Rossignol Soul 720151882003evo
Rossignol Sin 720151641828evo
Rossignol Sin 720151721884evo
Rossignol Sin 720151801987evo
Rossignol Sin 720151882128evo
Rossignol Smash 720151501459evo
Rossignol Smash 720151601522evo
Rossignol Smash 720151701702evo
Rossignol Smash 720151801812evo
Rossignol Experience 10020151741965evo
Rossignol Experience 10020151822092evo
Rossignol Experience 10020151902276evo
Rossignol Tempation 8820151561688evo
Rossignol Tempation 8820151641789evo
Rossignol Savory 720151621730evo
Rossignol Savory 720151701804evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Q9020151611493evo
Salomon Q9020151691650evo
Salomon Q9020151771743evo
Salomon Q9020151851767evo
Salomon Q9820151641557evo
Salomon Q9820151721800evo
Salomon Q9820151801848evo
Salomon Q9820151881996evo
Salomon Q10520151841791evo
Salomon Q10520151882104evo
Salomon Q Lab20151762090evo
Salomon Q Lab20151832287evo
Salomon Rocker2 10020151621741evo
Salomon Rocker2 10020151701781evo
Salomon Rocker2 10020151781926evo
Salomon Rocker2 10020151862099evo
Salomon Rocker2 10820151822119evo
Salomon Rocker2 10820151902279evo
Salomon Rocker2 12220151842288evo
Salomon Rocker2 12220151922504evo
Salomon Rockette20151591762evo
Salomon Rockette20151641906evo
Salomon Rockette20151701999evo
Salomon Stella 10320151581632evo
Salomon Stella 10320151651719evo
Salomon Stella 10320151721860evo
Salomon Lumen20151541471evo
Salomon Lumen20151621567evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Aura20151561806evo
Völkl Aura20151631865evo
Völkl Aura20151701919evo
Völkl Kendo20151701808evo
Völkl Kendo20151841961evo
Völkl Kenja20151491580evo
Völkl Kenja20151561627evo
Völkl Kenja20151631669evo
Völkl Kenja20151701792evo
Völkl One W20151662005evo
Völkl Pyra20151471427evo
Völkl Pyra20151551482evo
Völkl Pyra20151631568evo
Völkl Mantra20151772036evo
Völkl Mantra20151842082evo
Völkl Mantra20151912243evo
Völkl Nanuq20151631446evo
Völkl Nanuq20151701489evo
Völkl Nanuq20151771638evo
Völkl Nanuq20151841640evo
Völkl Nunataq20151701755evo
Völkl Nunataq20151781792evo
Völkl Nunataq20151861954evo
Völkl Two20151862403evo
Völkl Three20151862508evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 9420151661335evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 9420151761425evo
Völkl V-Werks BMT 9420151861580evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20151912028evo
Völkl V-Werks Katana20151841905evo

2014 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
4FRNT Ski Weights    
4FRNT Renegade20141962487evo
4FRNT Renegade20141862343evo
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada ARW20141661716evo
Armada ARW20141611688evo
Armada Alpha X20141822176evo
Armada Alpha X20141762034evo
Armada Alpha X20141701935evo
Armada Alpha X20141641857evo
Armada Coda20141812020evo
Armada Coda20141761904evo
Armada Coda20141661757evo
Armada Coda Jr20141501366evo
Armada Coda Jr20141431293evo
Armada Coda Jr20141361195evo
Armada JJ20141852180evo
Armada JJ20141752079evo
Armada JJ20141651909evo
Armada Magic J20141902321evo
Armada Magic J20141802134evo
Armada Magic J20141701994evo
Armada Norwalk20141892152evo
Armada Norwalk20141792023evo
Armada Norwalk20141691879evo
Armada Tantrum20141561582evo
Armada Triple J20141551656evo
Armada THall20141811959evo
Armada THall20141761921evo
Armada THall20141711868evo
Armada THall20141661774evo
Armada TST20141922061evo
Armada TST20141831911evo
Armada TST20141741892evo
Armada TSTW20141651663evo
Armada TSTW20141561540evo
Armada VJJ20141651913evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Automatic20141932306evo
Atomic Automatic20141862213evo
Atomic Automatic20141792146evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20141832308evo
Atomic Blog20141852024evo
Atomic Blog20141771875evo
Atomic Century20141661684evo
Atomic Century20141561572evo
Atomic Charter20141861997evo
Atomic Elysian20141661669evo
Atomic Elysian20141591609evo
Atomic Elysian20141501372evo
Atomic Millennium20141771874evo
Atomic Millennium20141611700evo
Atomic Panic20141811697evo
Atomic Panic20141731662evo
Atomic Punx20141821853evo
Atomic Punx20141761664evo
Atomic Punx20141701539evo
Atomic Punx20141641526evo
Atomic Supreme20141651556evo
Atomic Supreme20141571393evo
Atomic Supreme20141491317evo
Atomic Theory20141861963evo
Atomic Theory20141771778evo
Atomic Theory20141681676evo
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Bonafide20141872214evo
Blizzard Bonafide20141731943evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20141591522evo
Blizzard Black Pearl20141521497evo
Blizzard Cochise20141852316evo
Blizzard Cochise20141772163evo
Blizzard Samba20141591625evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS 112RP Hybrid20141902177evo
DPS 112RP Hybrid20141842114evo
DPS 112RP Hybrid20141781911evo
DPS 112RP Pure20141901977evo
DPS 112RP Pure20141841835evo
DPS 112 RPC Hybrid20141922359evo
DPS 112 RPC Hybrid20141862268evo
DPS Lotus 138 Spoon20141822028evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20141922103evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20141842147evo
DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid20141681718evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Cho Oyu20141741147evo
Dynafit Grand Teton20141821662evo
Dynafit Grand Teton20141731547evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Cham Woman 10720141751810evo
Dynastar Cham Woman 9720141661584evo
Head Ski Weights    
Head Caddy20141841649evo
Head Collective 10520141912418evo
Head Rev 9820141771947evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Nomad RKR20141812094evo
Icelantic Shaman20141842208evo
Icelantic Shaman20141731943evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Amp Rictor XTI20141771839evo
K2 Annex 11820141742256evo
K2 Annex 11820141812332evo
K2 Annex 11820141882487evo
K2 Annex 10820141771938evo
K2 Annex 9820141912082evo
K2 Annex 9820141771856evo
K2 COOMBAck20141671784evo
K2 COOMBAck20141741882evo
K2 COOMBAck20141811997evo
K2 Remedy 10220141591971evo
K2 Remedy 10220141692051evo
K2 Remedy 11720141692283evo
K2 Shreditor 12020141892626evo
K2 Shreditor 12020141792446evo
K2 Shreditor 12020141692258evo
K2 Shreditior 11220141892370evo
K2 Shreditior 11220141792183evo
K2 Shreditior 11220141692010evo
K2 Shreditor 10220141892308evo
K2 Shreditor 10220141792108evo
K2 Shreditor 10220141691998evo
Lib Tech Ski Weights    
Lib Tech Fully Functional Five20141851979evo
Lib Tech Fully Functional Five20141751831evo
Lib Tech Freeride20141882105evo
Lib Tech Freeride20141781833evo
Lib Tech Wreck Create20141791807evo
Lib Tech Wreck Create20141711578evo
Lib Tech Wreck Create20141631431evo
Line Ski Weights20141792087evo
Line Blend20141711800evo
Line Blend20141781908evo
Lind Blend20141852045evo
Line Future Spin20141741677evo
Line Future Spin20141811819evo
Line Influence20141792282evo
Line Influence20141862401evo
Line Opus20141782165evo
Line Opus20141922611evo
Line Pandora20141621754evo
Line Prophet 9820141721987evo
Line Prophet 9820141792203evo
Line Prophet 9820141862172evo
Line Sick Day 12520141862401evo
Line Sick Day 12520141922489evo
Line Sick Day 11020141862136evo
Line Sick Day 11020141791995evo
Line Sick Day 9520141791900evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20141721920evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20141782007evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20141842197evo
Line Soulmate 9820141651797evo
Line Soulmate 9820141721870evo
Line Travelling Circus20141611684evo
Line Travelling Circus20141711905evo
Line Travelling Circus20141781996evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bibby20141922388evo
Moment Bibby20141862263evo
Moment Ghost Train20141862308evo
Moment Ghost Train20141782163evo
Moment PB&J20141821935evo
Moment PB&J20141721769evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica La Nina20141692005evo
Nordica Nemesis20141691769evo
Nordica Nemesis20141611625evo
Nordica Patron20141932632evo
Nordica Patron20141852506evo
Nordica Patron20141772332evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Experience 9820141882333evo
Rossignol Experience 9820141802016evo
Rossignol Experience 9820141721974evo
Rossignol Saffron 720141701928evo
Rossignol Savor 720141701776evo
Rossignol Sin 720141882116evo
Rossignol Sin 720141802079evo
Rossignol Sin 720141721888evo
Rossignol Soul 720141882027evo
Rossignol Soul 720141721759evo
Rossignol Super 720141882064evo
Rossignol Super 720141801924evo
Rossignol Star 720141882078evo
Rossignol Star 720141701838evo
Rossignol Star 720141621758evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Lumen20141621536evo
Salomon Quest 11520141882491evo
Salomon Quest 10520141842024evo
Salomon Quest 10520141741861evo
Salomon Quest 9820141801931evo
Salomon Quest 9820141721766evo
Salomon Stella20141651738evo
Salomon Stella20141581631evo
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Aura20141631749evo
Völkl Aura20141631760evo
Völkl Bridge20141711853evo
Völkl Gotama20141862130evo
Völkl Gotama20141782013evo
Völkl Gotama20141701914evo
Völkl Gotama Jr20141581434evo
Völkl Gotama Jr20141481297evo
Völkl Kendo20141771849evo
Völkl Kendo20141701751evo
Völkl Kenja20141561549evo
Völkl Kenja20141491512evo
Völkl Kiku20141701879evo
Völkl Kiku20141621672evo
Völkl Kiku20141541638evo
Völkl Mantra20141912196evo
Völkl Mantra20141842104evo
Völkl Mantra20141772000evo
Völkl One20141862392evo
Völkl Pyra Jr20141381028evo
Völkl Pyra Jr2014128965evo
V-Werks RTM 8420141761770evo
Völkl Two20141962562evo
Völkl Two20141862457evo
Völkl Two20141762225evo

2013 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
4FRNT Ski Weights    
4FRNT Hoji20131792120evo
4FRNT Hoji20131872300evo
4FRNT Hoji20131952410evo
4FRNT Madonna20131651708evo
4FRNT Madonna20131721808evo
4FRNT Renegade20131862302evo
4FRNT YLE20131772273evo
4FRNT YLE20131872433evo
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada Bubba20131781916evo
Armada Bubba20131782170evo
Armada Bubba20131882373evo
Armada JJ20131751999evo
Armada JJ20131852151evo
Armada JJ20131952382evo
Armada Magic J20131701976evo
Armada Magic J20131802147evo
Armada Magic J20131902395evo
Armada Norwalk20131792040evo
Armada TST W20131561549evo
Armada TST W20131651718evo
Armada VJJ20131651904evo
Armada VJJ20131752040evo
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Access20131511500evo
Atomic Access20131611588evo
Atomic Access20131711795evo
Atomic Access20131912080evo
Atomic Automatic20131792145evo
Atomic Automatic20131862218evo
Atomic Automatic20131922382evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20131832301evo
Atomic Bent Chetler20131922516evo
Atomic Blog20131611759evo
Atomic Blog20131691903evo
Atomic Blog20131771991evo
Atomic Blog20131852036evo
Atomic Charter20131661705evo
Atomic Charter20131761850evo
Atomic Charter20131861920evo
Atomic Drifter20131641684evo
Atomic Drifter20131731778evo
Atomic Drifter20131821922evo
Atomic Millennium20131611814evo
Atomic Millennium20131691906evo
Atomic Millennium20131771926evo
Atomic Punx20131551396evo
Atomic Punx20131731559evo
Atomic Ritual20131741943evo
Atomic Ritual20131822101evo
Atomic Ritual20131902176evo
Atomic Supreme20131651534evo
Black Diamond Ski Weights     
Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt20131782000BD
Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt20131882100BD
Black Diamond Gigawatt20131852610BD
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Bodacious2013   
Blizzard Bonafide20131802060evo
Blizzard Cochise20131702056evo
Blizzard Cochise20131772286evo
Blizzard Cochise20131852339evo
Blizzard Cochise20131932446evo
Blizzard Dakota20131701647evo
Blizzard Dakota20131772167evo
Blizzard Gunsmoke20131792124evo
Blizzard Gunsmoke20131862205evo
Blizzard Samba20131591647evo
Blizzard Samba20131731855evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Wailer 99 Pure20131841700DPS
DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid20131882155evo
DPS 112RP Pure20131841763evo
DPS 112RP Hybrid20131842116evo
DPS Lotus 120 Pure20131901923evo
DPS Lotus 138 Pure20131922117evo
DPS Lotus 138 Pure20132002192evo
DPS Spoon Pure20131902149evo
DPS Yvette Hybrid20131681711evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Huascaran20131671581evo
Dynafit Huascaran20131771751evo
Dynafit Huascaran20131861916evo
Dynafit Huascaran20131961957evo
Dynafit Manaslu20131781466evo
Dynafit Manaslu20131871511evo
Dynafit Manaslu Women's20131611188evo
Dynafit Manaslu Women's20131691255evo
Dynafit Stoke20131641431evo
Dynafit Stoke20131731533evo
Dynafit Stoke20131821656evo
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Cham 10720131842558evo
Dynastar Cham 10720131902724evo
Dynastar Cham 12720131842912evo
Dynastar Cham 107 HM20131661729evo
Dynastar Cham 107 HM20131751817evo
Dynastar Cham 107 HM20131841951evo
Dynastar Cham 107 HM20131902000evo
Dynastar Cham 97 HM20131781590 
Dynastar Cham 9720131722235evo
Dynastar Cham 9720131782342evo
Dynastar Cham 9720131842446evo
G3 Ski Weights    
G3 District20131872167evo
Icelantic Ski Weights    
Icelantic Nomad RKR20131812097evo
Icelandic Oracle20131551500evo
Icelandic Oracle20131651617evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 BackDrop20131741892evo
K2 BackDrop20131812020evo
K2 COOMBAck20131741887evo
K2 Gotback20131461456evo
K2 Gotback20131531539evo
K2 Gotback20131671616evo
K2 Gotback20131741793evo
K2 Hardside20131812010evo
K2 Hellbent 20131792566evo
K2 Kung Fujas20131792037evo
K2 Missbehaved20131491816evo
K2 MissBehaved20131591931evo
K2 MissBehaved20131692061evo
K2 MissDemeanor20131491599evo
K2 MissDirected20131592159evo
K2 MissDirected20131692253 
K2 MissDirected20131792361evo
K2 Pettitor20131792401evo
K2 Pettitor20131892528evo
K2 Pon2oon20131692260evo
K2 Pon2oon20131892632evo
K2 SideSeth20131742220evo
K2 SideSeth20131812337evo
K2 SideSeth20131742220evo
K2 SideStash20131742012evo
K2 SideStash20131812207evo
La Sportiva Ski Weights    
La Sportiva Hang 520131781900 
Lib Tech NAS Ski Weights    
Lib Tech POW NAS20131812188evo
Lib Tech Fully Functional Five20131752079evo
Line Skis Ski Weights    
Line Blend20131782019evo
Line Blend20131852028evo
Line Celebrity 9020131511463evo
Line Celebrity 9020131581576evo
Line Celebrity 9020131651673evo
Line Influence 11520131782251evo
Line Influence 11520131862405evo
Line Influence 10520131862424evo
Line Mr. Pollard's Opus20131852537evo
Line Mr. Pollard's Opus20131922644evo
Line Prophet 9820131792179evo
Line Prophet 9820131862188evo
Line Pandora20131521747evo
Line Pandora20131621787Line
Line Pandora20131721968evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20131721925evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20131782019evo
Line Sir Francis Bacon20131842156evo
Line Soulmate20131581704evo
Line Soulmate20131651812evo
Moment Ski Weights    
Moment Bibby Pro20131742029evo
Moment Bibby Pro20131842158evo
Moment Bibby Pro20131902284evo
Moment Deathwish20131782114evo
Moment Deathwish20131862227evo
Moment Hot Mess20131561332evo
Moment Hot Mess20131661555evo
Moment Jaguar Shark20131822143evo
Moment Jaguar Shark20131872184evo
Moment Jaguar Shark20131922359evo
Moment PB&J20131621660evo
Moment PB&J20131721841evo
Moment PB&J20131822039evo
Moment Vice20131781656evo
Nordica Ski Weights    
Nordica Helldorado20131932738evo
Nordica LaNina20131691821evo
Nordica LaNina20131771955evo
Nordica LaNina20131852123evo
Nordica Nemesis20131531589evo
Nordica Nemesis20131611667evo
Nordica Nemesis20131691791evo
Nordica Nemesis20131771818evo
Nordica Patron20131772275evo
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billygoat20131912475evo
ON3P Caylor20131912549evo
ON3P Jeffrey20131712051evo
ON3P Wrenegade20131812264evo
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol S720131681836evo
Rossignol S720131781980evo
Rossignol S720131882267evo
Rossignol S7 W20131681816evo
Rossignol S7 W20131781980evo
Rossignol S320131681693evo
Rossignol S320131781837evo
Rossignol S3 W20131591556evo
Rossignol S3 W20131681664evo
Rossignol Squad 720131902419evo
Scott Ski Weights    
Scott Venture20131882076evo
Salomon Ski Weights    
Salomon Geisha20131531678evo
Salomon Geisha20131641847evo
Salomon Rocker 2 9220131631765evo
Salomon Rocker 2 9220131711920evo
Salomon Rocker 2 9220131792020evo
Salomon Rocker 2 9220131862120evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820131661887evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820131822105evo
Salomon Rocker 2 10820131902370evo
Salomon Rocker 2 12220131802128evo
Salomon Rocker 2 12220131842330evo
Salomon Rocker 2 12220131922514evo
Salomon Rocker 2 11520131782152evo
Salomon Rocker 2 11520131882372evo
Salomon Rockette 9220131611784evo
Salomon Rockette 9220131691908evo
Salomon Rockette 11520131641950evo
Salomon Shogun 20131641858evo
Salomon Shogun 20131822180evo
Völkl​ Ski Weights    
Völkl Bridge20131791987evo
Völkl Bridge20131872113evo
Völkl Gotama20131782012evo
Völkl Gotama20131862134evo
Völkl Gotama20131942268evo
Völkl Kendo20131631641evo
Völkl Kendo20131701679evo
Völkl Kendo20131771821evo
Völkl Kendo20131841872evo
Völkl Kenja20131491442evo
Völkl Kiku20131541624evo
Völkl Kiku20131621736evo
Völkl Kiku20131701876evo
Völkl Mantra20131701823evo
Völkl Mantra20131841872evo
Völkl Mantra20131912198evo
Völkl Shiro20131732169evo
Völkl Shiro20131832328evo
Völkl Shiro20131932529evo

2012 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Armada Ski Weights    
Armada Halo20121821815Armada
Armada TST20121831955Armada
Atomic Ski Weights    
Atomic Atlas20121922440 
Atomic Charter20121861920 
Black Diamond Ski Weights     
Black Diamond Justice20121751794 
Blizzard Ski Weights    
Blizzard Cochise20121852339evo
DPS Ski Weights    
DPS Lotus 120 Hybrid20121782025evo
DPS Lotus 120 Pure20121901924evo
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Broadpeak20121671075Dynafit
Dynafit Manaslu20121781423Dynafit
Dynafit Stoke20121821670Dynafit
G3 Ski Weights    
G3 Manhattan20121751965G3
G3 Tonic20121851880G3
G3 Zenoxide20121851695G3
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Hardside20121812010 
La Sportiva Ski Weights    
La Sportiva Hi 520121781758 
Rossignol Ski Weights    
Rossignol Super 720121882425Rossignol
Rossignol Super 720121952715Rossignol
Trab Ski Weights    
Trab Duo Race Aero2012164820 
Trab Race Aero WC2012174720 
Trab Stelvio XL20121711360 
Trab Volare20121711478 
Völkl Ski Weights    
Völkl Nanuq20121771606 
Völkl Nunataq20121781786 

2011 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
   Indiv. Ski 
Dynafit Ski Weights    
Dynafit Mustagh ATA Superlight20111691261Dynafit
Dynastar Ski Weights    
Dynastar Legend Pro Rider 11520111842414evo
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Gotback20111671616 
K2 Wayback20111741576evo
Movement Ski Weights    
Movement Logic X-Series20111681000Movement
Movement Random X-Series2011167900Movement
ON3P Ski Weights    
ON3P Billygoat20111862370 
ON3P Caylor20111812432 
ON3P Wrenegade20111812264 
ON3P Vicik20111762028 
PM Gear Ski Weights    
PM Gear Bro20111831785 
PM Gear Bro Carbon20111922250 
PM Gear Lhasa Pow20111962180 

2010 Ski Weights

Ski (one ski)YearSizeWeight (g)Source
   Indiv. Ski 
K2 Ski Weights    
K2 Backlash20101741809 
PM Gear Ski Weights    
PM Gear Lhasa Pow20101911957 
Trab Ski Weights    
Trab Duo Sint Aero20101641040 
Trab Duo Sint Aero20101711098evo

*Weights with the source listed as "evo" were recorded with a MyWeigh 7001DX digital scale using an actual product sample. We pick a single ski at random rather than weighing several skis and averaging the weights. These values may vary from the weights listed by manufacturers. We strive to provide you with accurate real-life information for your real-life use.

We recommend that backcountry travelers take an AIARE Level One class or equivalent and practice the skills they learn there regularly with their partners. Here are some great resources for avalanche safety education:

— American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education
— American Avalanche Association
— Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
— Avalanche Canada

You should carry an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe when travelling in avalanche terrain and know how to use them. Backcountry travel requires an acceptance of the risks involved (avalanches are not the only danger) and implies a willingness to take responsibility for educating oneself about these dangers and ways to mitigate them.

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