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The 9 Best Freeride Skis of 2024

By: Jordan Sunshine: Ski Buyer | October 17, 2023

Do you continually feel the urge to explore, push your comfort zone, and get creative when skiing? If so, freeride skiing is a style that checks all of those boxes, but now you’ll need some new skis to match. Freeriding takes place on ungroomed terrain where skiers often seek out steep and challenging terrain and use a combination of techniques such as carving and jumping to navigate through it. As it is a more advanced form of skiing and requires a high level of skill and experience, you’ll want to ensure the freeride skis you choose are more than capable.

New This Year:

2024's freeride ski landscape showcases a blend of power and finesse. While the trend continues towards hard-charging wide skis, there's a noticeable shift from the ultra-burly designs of previous years. Brands are crafting skis that, while retaining their aggressive edge, offer a touch more versatility and approachability. This evolution ensures that skiers can experience the adrenaline of freeriding without the need for overpowering gear, striking a balance that appeals to both seasoned freeriders and those looking to delve deeper into this exhilarating discipline.

Black Crows Atris Skis 2024

Black Crows Atris

The Black Crows Atris Skis have been soaring from the highest steeps for years now and they're not slowing down any time soon. With the change to a 105mm waist last season, the Atris becomes even better on hard snow and more directionally stable when you really need or want to pin it - say straight lining it over pesky 'shrunds and the like. The Atris has been at the top of many elite freeride wish lists for a while now, and the remarkable combination of stability and high stakes handling are the reason. If your preferences run away from the tame and groomed, you probably can't make a better choice than the Atris.

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Fischer Ranger 102 Skis 2024

Fischer Ranger 102

Up the ante on your every day with the all new Fischer Ranger 102 Skis. Designed to be agile, stable, and easy to steer, these lovingly developed planks feature Fischer's Freeski Rocker profile and a Titanal reinforced wood core. If you're ripping nooks and crannies in the West or Sailing through a fluffy day everywhere else, the Ranger 102 is the tool you need to ski more and worry less.

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Line Skis Blade Optic 104 Skis 2024

Line Skis Blade Optic 104

The Line Skis Blade Optic 104 Skis are an awesome daily driver for areas that get a bunch of snow on a regular basis - they rip in pow, chop and crud, but aren't out of place on a firm groomer if that's where you take them. Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive™ technology gives this ski uncommon power and dampness at speed, and generous tip and tail rocker make it a breeze to stay on top of anything from true pow to funky monkey mank.

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Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis 2024

Blizzard Rustler 10

Can't decide between a powder ski and and all-conditions ski? Get the best of all worlds with the Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis, and don't look back. With an all new design featuring FluxForm Titanal around the perimeter of the ski and a perfectly tuned TrueBlend Freeride core, the latest Ruster 10 is a little less "carvy" than the old version, and more confident at speed. With a waist of 102mm but plenty of surface area at the tip and tail, the R10 is the most versatile (and popular) of the outstanding Rustler series.

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Dynastar M-Free 108 Skis 2024

Dynastar M-Free 108

The Dynastar M-Free 108 Skis are hot stuff around our neck of the woods where the snow is deep and unpredictable and the terrain is steep and technical, and for good reason. They've got enough surface area to excel in anything up to a foot and a half of fresh, remarkable edgehold for a mid-fat 108mm waisted design, and an uncanny ability to master a variety of turn shapes depending on terrain and obstacles. A go-to choice for all-mountain experts who live for snowy steeps, the Dynastar M-Free 108 Skis are a stout, damp, and hard charging ski that still maintains that coveted playful, surfy feel.

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Völkl Revolt 114 Skis 2024

Völkl Revolt 114

Völkl's new kid on the block isn't one you want to pick on. Tough, hard-punching, and with a nose for speed, the Völkl Revolt 114 Skis are everything a skier like Marcus Eder is looking for in a comp ski. Happiest when really moving fast, with unreal stability and plenty of float even on the deep days, the 114 is a worthy addition to the Revolt lineup and the one you'll most likely pick the majority of the time. As with the other Revolt skis, the Revolt 114 features a Multilayer Woodcore, Full Sidewalls with a Mini Cap wrap over the tips and tails, and Völkl's unwavering commitment to hard-charging greatness.

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Nordica Unleashed 108 Ice Skis 2024

Nordica Unleashed 108

The "Ice" in the name of the Nordica Unleashed 108 Ice Skis refers to the graphic, not it's intended use, but it actually has excellent edgehold on firm snow for a wide freeride tool. Where it comes alive, though, is on a steep and deep playground with plenty of variety in the terrain, just where you want to head on a pow day (or even a day or two after). With its uncommon blend of smooth power and ability to smear in an instant, the Unleashed 108 was an immediate hit last season, and this season won't be any different.

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Faction Prodigy 3 Skis 2024

Faction Prodigy 3

One of our favorite all-mountain rides for years, the Faction Prodigy 3 Skis can get after it in any snow conditions (though they favor softer) and give you one of the most versatile freeride/freestyle platforms in the business. Built around a Poplar wood core with XL 2.5mm edges for durability, the "3" rips hard going both directions and lets your imagination reign supreme.

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Rossignol Sender Free 110 Skis 2024

Rossignol Sender Free 110

Scope your favorite lines and set phasers to send, the all new Rossignol Sender Free 110 Skis are ready to bring the heat. Engineered with deep rocker lines at both tip and tail, the Sender Free 110s offer a surfier flavor than their Sender brethren for skiers with a penchant for drifting and slashing their way down the mountain. Add a lively poplar wood core and a do anything, go anywhere 110mm waist width, and you've got a freeride ripper for all occasions.

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Jordan Sunshine

I was born and raised in northern Vermont and moved west as soon as I turned 18. I bounced around the PNW for a while eventually following evo’s store openings to Denver where I have called home since and although I will always take even the wettest of pow days, have come to appreciate any day skiing in the sun, be it with friends or my kids.

I have been skiing since I was 2 and started working in a ski shop when I was 14, which was way more fun than washing dishes. Over the years I have worked as a ski tech, boot fitter, liftie, product copywriter, and eventually came to manage evo’s Portland and Denver stores. Now I am the Ski Buyer, overseeing ski hardgoods and backcountry accessories.