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The 10 Best Ski Poles of 2022-2023

By: Jordan Sunshine: Ski Buyer | November 2, 2022


If you thought ski poles were just some sticks that you hold onto while you’re skiing, you’re dead wrong. Okay, maybe not totally wrong. Actually, you’re mostly pretty much right. But not all sticks are created equal. With options in adjustability, weight, durability, and functionality, the best ski poles on the mountain turn out to be as varied as the skiers who hold them. Whether you’re looking for an ultralight backcountry tool, a colorful accessory, an aerodynamic piste planter, or an indestructible powder day partner, read on, we’ve got something for you when choosing ski poles .

New This Year:

One pole we’re particularly excited about this year is the all-new Salomon MTN Carbon S3. Built for ski mountaineer extraordinaire Cody Townsend, these might just be the most perfect touring pole we’ve ever seen. They’re carbon fiber and adjustable, and they’re fitted with powder baskets, releasable straps, and extra-long padded grips. Also, speaking of grips, our partner brand Season Eqpt. has upgraded its in-house poles with new cork grips for a sleek, ergonomic style.

evo Overland Carbon Ski Poles

evo Overland Carbon

It's about time your poles got in on this whole lightweight thing. The evo Overland Carbon Ski Poles are so light you might just forget you're carrying them, but they punch well above their weight for strength and durability. Made from featherlight carbon fiber paired with super comfortable EVA grips, they're the perfect tool for everyday resort ripping.

Our in-house carbon ski poles are just the thing for riders looking to cut weight without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a high-quality carbon fiber stick, this is one of the most affordable options you’ll find.

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Season Aluminum Ski Poles

Season Aluminum

The Season Aluminum Ski Poles combine dependable aircraft-grade aluminum with a contoured cork grip for a sleek, timeless pole you can use for a lifetime in the mountains.

Taking your standard ski pole up a notch, these are another no-frills option for the more stylistically inclined. In keeping with Season’s all-black aesthetic, these poles are clean, comfortable, and cork accented.

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Salomon MTN Carbon S3 Ski Poles

Salomon MTN Carbon S3

Look like Cody Townsend with the Salomon MTN Carbon S3 Ski Poles, an updated version of their classic touring pole now made with extra grip and mustachioed style. Carbon shafts and an adjustable length make these backcountry heroes suitable for skin trackers of every size, and their super cushy foam grip makes kick turns and sketchy slope assessments a breeze.

If you’re a serious backcountry skier, these poles are the cream of the crop. With a complete feature list of anything you could ask for out of a touring pole, we just can’t recommend these things enough for anyone looking for the best touring ski poles they can find.

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BCA Scepter Ski Poles

BCA Scepter

Pole straps or not has long been a heavy debate amongst serious skiers. On the one hand, they could mangle your hand if you fell in just the wrong way. On the other hand, they're pretty useful for not dropping your poles and stuff. Well, the debate is finally over with the BCA Scepter Ski Poles. In addition to the multi-function baskets and grips (perfect for fiddling with risers on touring bindings), the Scepter also has releasable wrist straps designed to break away before your hand does. So you can have your poles, and keep them too.

The Scepter is a standout option for backcountry skiers who value durability above all else. Keeping the solid one-piece aluminum construction of a downhill pole, they add surprisingly useful functionality with a special basket and grip designed to help you flip the risers on your touring bindings without bending down.

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Atomic AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles

Atomic AMT Carbon SQS

The Atomic AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles combine a featherlight swing weight with durable 4* Carbon shafts and a Safety Quick-Release System that releases instantly when excess pressure is applied, saving you from a dislocated shoulder or worse.

These Atomic poles are a great choice for riders going in and out of the backcountry. The carbon shaft makes them extra light, and the single-piece design makes them extra sturdy.

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evo Merge

evo Merge

Throw on your blinkers, check those mirrors, and get ready to merge onto the skiing superhighway. The evo Merge Ski Poles are strong, durable, and feature comfortable EVA foam grips to keep you pole planting with a smile all day long.

If you don’t care much for fancy features, and you just want a pair of ski poles, you can stop reading here and snag a pair of these. They’re industry standard poles done the evo way, with a sleek look, great durability, and an accessible price point.

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Black Crows Meta Ski Poles

Black Crows Meta

Can you imagine if your ski poles had little pictures of ski poles on them? Or if when you pole planted, your pole produced a smaller pole, which itself pole planted, raising the question of like, what is a pole, and how does the act of planting it help initiate the turn of our consciousness through the cosmos? That would be so meta. Luckily, the Black Crows Meta Ski Poles don't do any of those things.

If you’re looking for flash, these are the poles for you. In keeping with their penchant for loud colorways, Black Crows offers the Meta in a range of neon colors that are guaranteed to add swagger to your day.

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evo Way Up Adjustable Ski Poles

evo Way Up Adjustable

The evo Way Up Adjustable Ski Poles come with durable Aluminum Alloy shafts and a healthy 16" of adjustability, perfect for resort skiers who like to dabble in the backcountry.

Our in-house touring pole is a powder day specialist, complete with adjustability to fine-tune your touring day, plus sturdy aluminum shafts and big powder baskets to help you bash your way down.

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Black Crows Stans Ski Poles

Black Crows Stans

A new, narrow-diameter carbon pole, the Black Crows Stans Ski Poles are light, quick, and reek of French style. Even if your name is not "Stan," this is a great solution for the problem of what to hold in your hands while skiing.

These slender carbon pointers are perfect for amateur racers and hard snow fanatics, with a streamlined aesthetic and a crazy low swing weight.

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Armada Legion Ski Poles

Armada Legion

Built with strong and light 7075 Aluminum for the ultimate in response and durability, the Armada Legion Ski Poles feature an extended rubber Bike Grip, burly 18mm shafts, and 80mm powder baskets.

If you specialize in getting rad, these are the poles for you. Bucking the trend of everything being more lightweight and adjustable, these are overbuilt with a bigger shaft, a bigger basket, and a sweet handgrip for extra durability and style.

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Jordan Sunshine

I was born and raised in northern Vermont and moved west as soon as I turned 18. I bounced around the PNW for a while eventually following evo’s store openings to Denver where I have called home since and although I will always take even the wettest of pow days, have come to appreciate any day skiing in the sun, be it with friends or my kids.

I have been skiing since I was 2 and started working in a ski shop when I was 14, which was way more fun than washing dishes. Over the years I have worked as a ski tech, boot fitter, liftie, product copywriter, and eventually came to manage evo’s Portland and Denver stores. Now I am the Ski Buyer, overseeing ski hardgoods and backcountry accessories.