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The 10 Best All Mountain Snowboards of 2024 - Men's & Women's

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | September 29, 2023


It’s always sort of a challenge to describe what an “all mountain” board is. And to be fair, part of that has to do with the fact that this category contains a bit of range in board style. One thing we noticed is, in the case of professional riders, you’re likely going to see an all mountain snowboard under their feet during a good chunk of the season. There’s a reason that Bode Merril’s, Arthur Longo’s, and a big chunk of the Burton Team’s chosen boards are on this list. The best all mountain snowboards are versatile, powerful, and they can deal with a wide range of snow and terrain conditions.

New This Year:

The 2024 array of all-mountain snowboards welcomes fresh entrants including the notable Burton Family Tree Grill Master Snowboard, adding a zesty twist to the collection. This year, the focus remains on delivering versatile boards that cater to a wide spectrum of riding styles, ensuring a fulfilling ride whether you're carving down groomers or exploring off-piste terrains. The new additions, along with the seasoned favorites, promise a blend of agility, power, and playful performance. For those on the lookout for the perfect ride, choosing a snowboard that complements your riding style is paramount, and the 2024 lineup offers a diverse range to meet individual preferences. The expanded lineup beckons riders to explore the mountain's offering with a renewed zest, ensuring every descent is a narrative of fun and adventure. The 2024 season is all about embracing the diversity of all-mountain snowboarding, inviting riders to discover the blend of tradition and innovation that the best all-mountain snowboards bring to the slopes.

Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard 2024

Burton Family Tree Gril Master

The new Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard is a freestyle masterpiece, blending agility with power for riders who want to be able to have fun cruising mellow runs with the family but also have the gusto to crank up to 11 for a few impromptu runs with the crew. With a responsive flex and a versatile shape, it's ready to slay the side hits, send it off cliffs, and carve up the groomers with style. So start clicking your tongs and strap into the Gril Master and channel your inner Grilo, because legends aren't born, they're carved through experience.

Danielle, Product Content Writer: "The Burton Gril Master is a solid deck for those who do a little bit of everything. Straightliners won’t be as impressed by the medium flex and softer nose, but those who do a bit of everything will enjoy the balanced shape that allows for all-mountain exploration, freestyle shenanigans, and float on a blower day."

Read Burton Gril Master In-Depth Review

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/CamberDirectional5 - 8 / 10$679.95

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Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP C2 Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP C2

The Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP C2 Snowboard was born and raised in Jackson Hole. If that doesn't mean anything to you, let us break it down: it's annoyingly good at everything, loves a good cliff or couloir, and it invades Moab in the off season. If it can handle Corbet's, it can definitely handle your neck of the woods, so level up your game with Travis Rice's baby.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberTrue TwinStiff$699.99

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CAPiTA The Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA The Black Snowboard Of Death

The CAPiTA Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard has been tearing around in pursuit of the goods for over 20 years, and it remains one of the best all mountain boards in the game. This is still the progressive, directional board you know, and love, ready to thread the needle in technical terrain, demolish fields of untracked pow, and lay filthy trenches on the cord.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional6.5 / 10$699.95

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CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard 2024


Artificial Intelligence. Alien abductions. Mysterious materials from Jupiter's ice moon. The CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard combines tried and true twin tip style with super-materials straight out of a sci-fi movie to make one of the most impressive snowboards of our dimension. Upgraded with a new 3D Thermopolymer SuperCore and Moonshot Omni-Tune performance stone grind for maximum speed in any direction, it's a nebulous swirl of natural and supernatural elements all baked into a freestyle vessel that'll pop, butter, and spin like the deep space craft it is. All you're missing is an unexplained monolith to slide.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerTrue Twin6 / 10$749.95

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Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Snowboard 2024

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

When Jeremy Jones turns his attention to freestyle, you know it's going to hit different. The Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Snowboard is a specced out ripper for expert riders laying the freestyle hammer down in big, bad terrain. Its versatile CamRock profile and powerful flex allow you to crank through your repetoire of spins and butters without sacrificing float or stability, and freeride / freestyle pack inserts mean you can switch up your stance as conditions change. If there's a better all-mountain freestyle weapon for the creative charger, we haven't found it.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional Twin9 / 10$649.95

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K2 Antidote Snowboard 2024

K2 Antidote

Tired of the same old options? The K2 Antidote Snowboard is the perfect cure. With a stiff and slightly setback design, it's perfect for hard-charging, down-the-line ripping. But don't let that fool you, this full cambered directional twin is also great in the park, providing exceptionally snappy performance along with a balanced feel in the air. Whether you're freestyling in pow, playing around on big mountain lines, or attacking the park, the Antidote delivers.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
CamberDirectional Twin8 / 10$649.95

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Jones Airheart 2.0 Snowboard - Women's 2024

Jones Airheart 2.0 - Women's

The Jones Airheart 2.0 Snowboard is a flying machine, built to make you feel 10 feet tall and ready for any day's conditions. This is a ripping park board that is capable of delivering the best damn overall ride of your life, a full-on freestyle-anywhere machine. Boasting a Power Camber profile for stability and pop, with Carbon / Innegra fibers in the layup for torsional stiffness and power, the Airheart is an elite all-mountain freestyle ripper for the fearless woman who likes to ride fast and go big. Legendary performance is just an everyday thing for the Jones Airheart Snowboard.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional Twin7 / 10$599.95

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Season Nexus Snowboard

Season Nexus

The Season Nexus Snowboard stands out in the arms race of bloated quivers and technical jargon - a simple skeleton key capable of unlocking the innate potential of any day in the mountains. Its straightforward geometry cuts through the noise, creating something that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. Ample float in powder, smooth, engaged turns on hardpack, and dependable performance in everyday resort chop. It’s the ultimate quiver of one - more than enough to remind you why you fell in love with snowboarding in the first place.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional Freeride TwinMedium$549.00

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Yes. Hel Yes. Snowboard - Women's 2024

Yes. Hel Yes. - Women's

When second place ain't good enough, reach for the Yes. Hel Yes. Snowboard. This powerful freerider is custom made for slashing fresh, straight lining chop, and exploring the unseen, with a Directional CamRock profile and UnderBite edge contouring for grip and control in any terrain. A poplar and paulownia wood core provides stability and power without weighing you down, while bamboo inserts deliver the response required to navigate through the gnarliest of lines. Hell, YES!

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional Twin7 / 10$549.95

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Ride Magic Stick Snowboard - Women's 2024

Ride Magic Stick - Women's

Carve up the slopes like a mystical sorcerer with the Ride Magic Stick Snowboard! This enchanted, Extra Camber shred stick is designed for those who seek the perfect balance of power and finesse. With its responsive camber profile and lightning-fast sintered base, you'll be casting spells of style and speed as you dominate every run.

RockerShapeFlexOriginal Price

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