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The 10 Best Powder Snowboards of 2024 - Men's & Women's

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | October 6, 2023


It seems like everywhere you turn (literally), there is a new shape bursting on the snowboard scene. Mindfully crafted and designed with complementing materials and camber profiles, the best powder snowboards can make a good day on hill unforgettable. Whether it’s a swallow tail designed to keep your nose up and your slashes snappy, a powder twin that allows for maximum freedom to turn the whiteroom into a park, or 3D shaping to displace snow and create easier turns, there’s something for everyone on a deep day. Who needs a one board quiver when there’s a storm in the forecast? Picking the best powder snowboard will ensure you’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ all damn day on those mornings after a big snowfall. Take a deep dive and check out the latest and greatest powder snowboards for the upcoming season.

New This Year:

2024 brings a thrilling evolution in the world of powder snowboards, with a clear emphasis on innovative and playful shapes tailored for maximum floatation. These designs, while rooted in performance, also introduce an element of fun, allowing riders to experience the sheer joy of effortlessly gliding over deep powder. Whether carving out fresh lines or indulging in tree runs, these uniquely shaped boards ensure every turn feels more buoyant and every descent more memorable. The trend underscores a broader move in the industry towards enhancing the powder riding experience, prioritizing both function and the sheer exhilaration of surfing the white wave.

Season Forma Snowboard

Season Forma

You know it when you feel it - a Platonic ideal brought to life for a few fleeting moments of gravity fed bliss. Like the Wizard of Oz bursting into technicolor after a lifetime of sepia, the perfect turn changes everything. The Season Forma Snowboard is crafted to seek it wherever it lies, with a volume shifted swallowtail design that harks back to the early days of surf shaping. This throwback pow shape offers dolphin-like agility in deep snow, but crank it up to speed on firmer ground and the Forma gives as good as it gets, begging you to get low and drag a hand.

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Lib Tech MC Wayfinder II C2 Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech MC Wayfinder II C2

Find your way through whiteout days and bluebird pow on the Lib Tech MC Wayfinder II C2 Snowboard 2024. This volume shifted surf machine is made for powder and ripping backcountry lines but will be just as fun laying down trenches as your daily driver. And when your powder-chasing takes you into questionable terrain, the Magnetraction will turn that icy windcrust into gold.

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GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard - Women's 2024

GNU Free Spirit C3 - Women's

The GNU Free Spirit C3 Snowboard is all delivering that euphoric out-of-body experience on the slopes, while keeping your actual body in complete control of proceedings. The directional, volume shifted design floats through pow and maneuvers tight spaces with speed and skill that regular boards just can't match. Powerful C3 camber gives it stability and pop while lightweight, tapered construction and a 3" setback make it easier than ever to surf and slash when the going gets deep. Snowboarding has rarely felt so good.

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K2 Special Effects Snowboard 2024

K2 Special Effects

The K2 Special Effects Snowboard is your go-to board for the deepest powder days. Its mega-fat nose, setback stance, and swallowtail shape make it perfect for slashing through windlips and bouncing over pillows, while an elongated Directional Rocker profile and extra springy Bambooyah™ core deliver tons of energy out of every every bottomless turn. Surf's up!

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Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca

The Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard is still out there chomping fish. The volume-shifted pow ripper that'll have you laughing as you chop the tops off moguls, the Orca has become the pillar of do-it-all boards. The sidecut's tight enough to drill a spiral carve down to the bedrock, the short nose floats like a dang cork in the Dead Sea, and it stays stable at ludicrous speeds. From Jackson Hole to the BC BC, from Mt Baker to whatever that ice moon of Jupiter is called: the Orca's ready to eat.

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Arbor Terra Twin Camber Snowboard 2024

Arbor Terra Twin Camber

The Arbor Terra Twin Snowboard is an intermediate to advanced board designed with 3D terra tech for stability and increased float. Thanks to its twin tip design and large surface area, it excels in deep snow and loves freestyle terrain. Built on Arbor's system camber platform with a light, nimble feeling wood core, the Terra is made to ride the curves of the earth, not fight them.

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Burton Family Tree Power Wagon Snowboard 2024

Burton Family Tree Power Wagon

The Burton Family Tree Power Wagon Snowboard: a new big mountain snowboard born from the minds of Burton Ambassadors, embodying the essence of big mountain adventures. Crafted with a freeride-inspired directional camber shape that fuses power and stability, it conquers diverse landscapes and variable snow conditions with ease. Prepare to unleash your inner explorer as you charge through the gnarliest of terrain, leaving a trail of stoke in your wake. If power is what you seek, rest assured there is none lacking in the rider-inspired Family Tree Power Wagon.

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Burton Family Tree Short Stop Snowboard 2024

Burton Family Tree Short Stop

Meet the Burton Family Tree Short Stop Snowboard, a new directional powder-slashing masterpiece designed to deliver an exhilarating, surf-like experience on the slopes. Its compact size and generous width make it a nimble and quick deep day companion, while its stiffness and responsiveness (even more so than it's Pow Wrench brethren) add an extra punch of control and high-speed confidence to your ride. Embrace the thrill of carving through untouched powdery terrain with this versatile beast.

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Bataleon Camel Two Snowboard 2024

Bataleon Camel Two

The original Camel Toe was surfy in the pow and flowy on the groomers, and the new Bataleon Camel Two is even chargier. A tapered, modern 3BT™ shape slices through anything and carbon Dual Super Tubes provide lightning-fast response. The combo Hyper Glide and Flip Flop bases are fast and minimize waste, for a ride that's easy to love and easy on the planet.

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CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Glider Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Glider

You know that intriguing shape that always catches your attention as you scan the snowboard wall? The CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Glider Snowboard isn't just eye candy, it's a tool for the most fun you can have on a deep day and delightfully adept at the resort as well. Using a new core unique to this board - the new Surflite 4.0, which uses the ultra light Paulownia wood more commonly found in touring skis, Capita keeps the weight to a minimum considering the massive surface area of this board, and backs up the performance with their smooth Surf Rocker profile to keep you up on plane in the trickiest of snow.

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