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The 10 Best Beginner Snowboard Boots of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | October 28, 2022


If you’re in the market for your first pair of snowboard boots the options can be a bit overwhelming. To put your mind at ease, at this stage of your snowboard journey, the gear is easier on the wallet, AND pretty much any beginner snowboard boots in the soft-medium flex range can work for you. What matters is that you like the way they look, the lacing system makes sense, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, that they FIT! Yes, that means ideally you find a place to try before you buy. If you’ve got a local shop, or happen to live near one of evo’s retail locations, cruise on in. Even if the exact pair you’re looking for isn’t in stock, at least you can see how your feet fit in a few different brands and get advice from an expert.

New This Year:

Now that our older sibling guidance portion is out of the way, it’s time to dive into this year’s best beginner snowboard boot offerings. Vans, Burton, DC, Thirty-Two, Salomon, and Ride have been in the game for a long time, and that’s no accident. Every one of these companies makes good products, it’s just going to be up to personal preference to choose the right snowboard boots for you. All of these boots are meant to make your first few years on hill as easy as possible, from the flex profiles to the lacing systems, not to mention the price points. Lots of BOA options this time around for quick adjustments, but we do have one option with traditional lacing if that’s your thing. Strap in, or lace up rather, and dig in!

Vans Encore OG Snowboard Boots - Women's

Vans Encore OG - Women's

Simple, lightweight, and effective. The Vans Encore OG Snowboard Boots provide the durability and performance you need out of an all-mountain boot, but with a pared-down design that doesn't distract itself with all of the bells and whistles. The single Boa system will have you dialed in for a good time, and a forgiving flex and super comfortable liner will help you get the most out of any style of riding.

Three different colorways all featuring classic Vans style mean you can pick your poison to fit your kit. And at under 250 bones, you’re not going to break the bank. These boots are best for the style-conscious beginner to intermediate, who may want to start taking laps through the park.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Single Boa$229.99

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Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

Burton Mint Boa - Women's

The Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots are the only thing fresh enough for all the lines you will shred this winter. Soft, playful flex for an easy and forgiving feel with lasting comfort, perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. The Boa® Colier™ system makes getting in and out of the boots undeniably easy, making the Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots a must-have this year.

With a bunch of weight-saving tech and a focus on comfort, these boots will be great for all-day wear on a variety of terrain. Throw in Burton’s Women’s Specific True-Fit Design and you know these boots will fit like a glove! If you’re still not convinced, this model is tried and true, just take a quick dive through the extensive reviews on our product page; over 40 reviews, almost all of them 4 and 5 stars.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
3/10Single Boa$249.95

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Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto Boa

The Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots have been in the Burton lineup for 17 years. With over a decade under its belt, the careful refinement of these legendary boots has made them a must for any novice to experienced shredder who needs the best soft flex boot on the mountain. Stay warm and dry while you carve some surfy lines without any toe drag thanks to the Shrinkage™ footprint reduction technology. Ultimate comfort and an easy-to-use Boa® Coiler™ lacing system make the Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots a must for creative riding and park tweaks.

Three different colorways mean you can get the boots that match your style the best and at just under $250 you’ll have some money leftover for extra steeze refinements! And not to rely on our faithful customers too much, but again, dive into the over 70 reviews on our product page to read how these puppies perform in real-world scenarios.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
3/10Single Boa$249.95

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DC Phase Boa Snowboard Boots 2023

DC Phase Boa

The DC Phase Boa Snowboard Boots are a longtime favorite with some cool upgrades. Fit for navigating snowy planets with surefooted confidence, the Phase Boa boasts an overhauled construction with a more reliable H4 coiler to help you dial in the perfect fit, Sequence™ technology, and a weight-reducing UniLite™ outsole.

Pair those features with the Impact-ALG Insole AND classic DC style, and you’re comfy and good-looking on hill. Approachable pricing, and a soft-medium flex, means these boots can get you through and beyond your beginner Phase.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Single Boa$229.95

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thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots 2023

thirtytwo STW Double Boa

All about comfort and convenience, the thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots are a softer, freestyle-oriented style that are light on your feet and long on performance. With Double Boa closure and great heel hold when you're pushing the limits, the STW DB simply gets it done.

These boots are starting to creep up on the price scale (relatively speaking for this list), but that extra BOA does improve your ability to dial in the fit. We also think that a wider range of riders could use this boot due to that extra support. So, great for a beginner rider, but also a perfect choice for a more experienced park rat who wants to tweak, butter, and press through their runs.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
3/10Double Boa$279.95

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Salomon Pearl Boa Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

Salomon Pearl Boa - Women's

The Salomon Pearl Boa Snowboard Boots are minimalist boots with maximum comfort for new riders. The D-Light outsole dampens vibrations and enhances board feel and the Boa® coiler is quick and easy to adjust. The Fit to Ride construction and heat-moldable Ultralon foam liners are designed for ultimate comfort and customization too, so you can focus on your technique, not your gear.

An advantage of some of this tech we’ve mentioned is that these boots are insanely light. That might not seem like a big deal, but over the course of a day, your legs and core muscles will thank you. Swinging around big bulky boots at the end of your twigs is a quick way to get tired out. The Pearl Boas will put a little extra spring in your step for a little bit longer! These would be best for true beginner riders, or those looking for maximum ease, comfort, and affordability on the slopes.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
SoftSingle Boa$239.95

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DC Lotus Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

DC Lotus - Women's

The DC Lotus Snowboard Boots are sure to help your skills blossom. Their medium flex and super customizable double Boa fit system make them a great all arounder for budding snowboarders ready to spring into action. A warm and moldable Response 2 liner creates a comfortable fit that lasts all day long, and secret hits of flair keep your style tight on hill.

Rated at a 4 out of 10 on the flex scale (plus the support of double BOA), the Lotus Boots have a bit more range than others on this list. If you are a taller/heavier rider, or maybe going into year two on snow, these could be a good fit for you. Or they’ll just last you a bit longer into your progression than others on this list.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Double Boa$289.95

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Ride Rook Snowboard Boots 2023

Ride Rook

If you're gonna hit the big leagues, you're gonna need quality gear. The Ride Rook Snowboard Boots rescue you from the morning rental scrum to get you out on the snow sooner. They offer a mid-flexing design with a comfortable Intuition® Plush Foam liner and an easy-to-adjust Boa® H4 closure system. A fantastic, progression-friendly choice for riders with big ambitions.

These boots are going to be for the rider looking to get on the hill with as little fuss as possible. All black so you’re looking clean, but also simple as heck so there’s nothing to fiddle with. Put your feet in, tighten the BOA and go. The built-in liners mean you’re never going to scrunch them up in your toe box or get them weirdly twisted around the shins. We would recommend a boot dryer if you ride in wetter conditions, just so you can get these puppies toasty for your next outing.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Single Boa$219.95

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Vans Hi Standard OG Snowboard Boots 2023

Vans Hi Standard OG

The standard-bearer for classic style and modern performance, the Vans Hi-Standard OG Snowboard continues to be one of the best-selling boots on the market. Keeping the comfort and familiarity of your favorite Vans, the Hi-Standard OG offers a traditional lace-up closure and key features like an Instep Lace Lockout and Internal Web Harness. With a V1 Waffle Lug Outsoles and an iconic Vans side stripe, the timelessness of the OG speaks for itself.

Now before you shy away from traditional lacing, hear us out. BOA is great, it’s convenient, and it’s fast. But, BOA adds price to a pair of boots, they add bulk to your ankle and shin areas, and on the off chance one breaks, you’re pretty much out of luck for the day. With these, you throw an extra pair of laces in your pocket and you’ve got insurance for the day. Plus, what other well-performing boots are you gonna find for under $200?!

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Traditional Laces$199.99

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Ride Sage Snowboard Boots - Women's

Ride Sage - Women's

The Ride Sage Snowboard Boots are mellow and sweet. Perfect for snowboarders of all levels, the plush liners are a joy to slip your feet into, and the toned-down flex means all-day enjoyment for cruising around the resort. They're as comfy as a pair of slippers and still give you the confidence to keep progressing with your riding.

The Jade Last fit is a performance fit designed for women, and the integrated C.A.T. (Calf Adjustment Technology), means you can dial in your fit even further. As we stated at the beginning of this list, FIT MATTERS, and if you have an extra way to adjust that in a beginner boot, that’s a plus for us. Best for beginner to intermediate riders looking for the ease of BOA and who want to dial in their fit juuust right for their day on hill.

FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
4/10Single Boa$249.95

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