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The 9 Best Splitboards of 2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | October 02, 2023


Pushing the boundaries is what snowboarding is all about. With the rise of splitboarding, those boundaries are being pushed more and more literally, with easier access and approachability. Splitboard technology has rapidly caught up to that of traditional snowboards, with shaping, camber profiles, sidecut technology, and lighter hardware and materials closing the gap in board feel and performance. Picking the perfect splitboard now is a lot easier, with no shortage of options in the market. If you’re looking for a powder-hungry rig that is going to let you chase those steep and deep lines, there’s a splitboard for you. Or if you’re itching to get out before the resort opens in variable conditions, there’s an option that will complement the zone you’ve had your eyes on all summer long.

New This Year:

The 2024 terrain of splitboards unveils exciting additions like the Taka 2.0, Isolator, and Carter, marking a year of both innovation and diversification. This year’s lineup showcases a mix of volume shift boards alongside standard length boards, catering to a broader spectrum of rider preferences. The volume shift boards, with their wider and shorter profiles, offer a playful and buoyant ride in powder, while the standard length boards provide a familiar feel with precise control. The 2024 collection underscores the industry's continuous evolution, striving to offer splitboards that cater to varying styles and terrains, ensuring every rider finds their perfect match for exploring the boundless backcountry.

Salomon HPS - Taka 2.0 Splitboard 2024

Salomon HPS - Taka 2.0

The Salomon HPS - Taka 2.0 Splitboard is designed for speedy uphill travel without sacrificing on the descent. The reduced profile makes it Salomon's lightest, most buoyant shape, achieved by utilizing the Ghost Green Core and Damplifier Lite honeycomb inserts. The large rockered nose and tapered directional shape floats and pivots with ease in deep snow and it comes with custom-cut, cult-favorite Pomoca Skins and Plum hardware. The base is 100% recycled too, so the board is lighter on your feet and on the planet.

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K2 Isolator Splitboard 2024

K2 Isolator

The all new K2 Isolator Splitboard takes the Excavator and hacks it down the middle for backcountry duty. That's great news, because the Excavator is one of our favorite boards from the last few years. The Isolator matches the shape and profile - fat nose, slight swallowtail, smooth al dente flex pattern blending camber underfoot with rocker up front - and pairs it with a featherweight Paulownia Tour-Lite Core that keeps you moving and grooving on the skin track.

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CAPiTA Navigator Splitboard 2024

CAPiTA Navigator

The powder-crushing Navigator shape, freshly available as a split, you say? The CAPiTA Navigator Splitboard will sell like crazy, with it's pow-proven Poplar-Beech core and V2 Directional profile. With Union Expedition skins included and a full range of unisex sizing, your excuses for not getting enough powder turns are getting fewer and fewer.

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Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Splitboard 2024

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca

Bring the spirit of Travis everywhere with the Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Splitboard. It's everything you love about your Orca solid: the floaty early rise nose is made for untouched pow and the tapered C3 camber body both climbs and shreds with ease. But if you think the backcountry means constant untracked powder, think again - big ascents often mean variable descents, and the Magne-Traction edges will see you through the worst the backcountry can bring.

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Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard 2024

Lib Tech Split BRD

The Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard is designed for fun on both sides of the skin track. The lightweight Paulownia core and Karakoram Ultra Clips help you fly up the hill and breeze through transitions, and then it's all about that sweet BRD shape for the way down. This directional board is fast and floaty, perfect for dreamy powder descents. Plus, it has a C3 camber profile for the perfect blend of edge hold on dicey conditions and playful pop when it's time to send that windlip or backcountry booter.

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Arbor Carter Camber Splitboard 2024

Arbor Carter Camber

Celebrating rider Mark Carter, the Arbor Carter Camber Splitboard is freeride focused and loves to tackle tough backcountry lines in any conditions. Born in the peaks of the Tetons, it's cambered for uphill support and tapered for improved float in varied terrain. Constructed with a wide platform, Arbor recommends sizing down 3-5cm because this puppy has a huge surface area. Enjoy steep couloirs and get after it on the Arbor Carter Camber Splitboard.

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CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Racer Splitboard 2024

CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Racer

We all love that loose, surfy feel of a wide board in powder - the only problem is finding the deep stuff. Solve the quandary by setting yourself up with the CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Racer Splitboard, and turn all those unused acres around the ski area into rideable terrain. As with the solid Powder Racer, the split version provides straight up monster surface area, with waist widths well into the 260's and 270's. A full fledged Surf Camber profile (almost zero camber, with super low angle approach rocker at both ends) means you'll have to be moving very slowly not to get this baby up on plane. A light core of Paulownia and Poplar woods rounds out the package, so you'll sweat less on the way up and enjoy floaty mobility on the way down.

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Salomon Highpath Splitboard 2024

Salomon Highpath

Whether you're getting deep in the backcountry for untracked lines or enjoying your time in nature, it all ties back to a healthy planet. The Salomon Highpath Splitboard features recycled and sustainable materials, including the base, topsheet, resins, and edges. Don't think it comes at a performance cost, either - the tapered directional shape and Rock Out Camber are stable and quick in variable terrain. The kit comes with Plum Hardware and pre-cut, cult-favorite Pomoca Skins too, so it's truly the ultimate package.

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Cardiff Goat Pro Carbon Splitboard 2024

Cardiff Goat Pro Carbon

The Cardiff Goat Pro Carbon Splitboard doesn't pull punches, spit hairs, or make do with compromises - this is the ultimate splitboard for the discerning backcountry rider who is serious about accessing the best lines anywhere. The Goat Pro Carbon Split uses Cardiff's top end TITANcore of Poplar and Paulownia woods, with a vertically laminated Titanal in between for a tremendous balance of lightness and stability and finishes up with both unidirectional and Triax carbon laminates in the layup. For power, precision, and lightweight maneuverability in the backcountry, the Goat Pro Carbon Splitboard cannot be beat.

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(1 Soft - 10 Stiff) 150cm: 5 | 154cm: 6 | 158cm: 7 | 162cm: 8 | 166cm: 9Rocker/Camber/Rocker$1350.00

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