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The 10 Best Freestyle & Park Snowboards of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | October 6, 2022


Close your eyes. Imagine the perfect park day at your local resort… mid to high 30s, sunny with just one little happy cloud in the distance, every feature groomed to perfection, all your buds in tow, and of course you stomp everything first or second go. While we can’t promise this fantasy world, you CAN realistically strap into one of the fantasy park snowboards listed below. And when you and your board click, some days really can feel close to perfect.

New This Year:

This year we’ve got some new additions to the best park snowboards, as well as some souped-up versions of cult classics. Camber dominates, as it probably should, seeing as how park riding benefits from powerfully popped ollies. CAPiTA, Nitro, Burton, Rome, Bataleon, Ride, Gnu, Arbor, and Salomon are all bringing their a-game to 2023. There’s a bit of range in this list in terms of specific styles of riding and optimal ability levels, but in general, you can expect twin(ish) shapes, centered stances, medium flexing rides, and overall pretty approachable boards for most riders. Whether you’re a new park rider or a seasoned sender, there’s something below that will up your game when choosing your next park snowboard.

Capita Super DOA Snowboard


Martian conspiracies. Alien abductions. Mysterious materials from the moon. The CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard combines tried and true twin-tip style with super-materials straight out of a sci-fi movie to make one of the most perfect snowboards of our time. Upgraded with a new 3D Thermopolymer SuperCore and Moonshot Omni-Tune performance stone grind for maximum speed in any direction, it's a nebulous swirl of natural and supernatural elements all baked into a freestyle vessel that'll pop, butter, and spin like the deep space craft it is. All you're missing is an unexplained monolith to slide. Oh, and slide you will, on the Hyperdrive base, the ultra-hard sintered base that adorns CAPiTA’s top-of-the-line boards. Though the Super DOA is marketed as a park board, it’s going to hold up at high speeds on groomers and bigger natural features. Best for freestyle-focused riders who want the ultimate performance out of their gear.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Resort V16/10$749.95

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Nitro Optisym Snowboard

Nitro Optisym

The Nitro Optisym Snowboard is an asymmetrical jib merchant for riders who just can't help themselves. From side hit sends to cat track kickers and everything in between, the Optisym turns the mountain into your playground. Where it really differs from traditional boards is not only its asym shape but also its construction. Nitro has reinforced the heelside of this board with an extra helping of skate wheel urethane to better handle the inevitable abuse from rails and features. It's strong, but it's nice and flexy too, perfect for everything from butters and bends to wall splats and flatground tricking. The Otpisym comes with a durable extruded base and their Rail Killer Edges, which are twice as thick and 200% more durable than standard snowboard edges. The Optisym is going to be great for most level riders, but particularly well suited to those that are hard on their gear. The Optisym will take a lickin’ and keep on trickin’!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
CamOut Camber6/10$479.95

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Burton Blossom Snowboard

Burton Blossom

The Burton Blossom Snowboard is a classic freestyle design that thrives in the hands of a creative rider. With a true twin shape plucked straight from the snowboarding hall of fame, the Blossom combines a light, energetic Super Fly II™ 700G Core with traditional camber for maximum pop in the park and beyond. Burton’s second fastest base in the form of Sintered WFO rounds out this vintage-looking package. Designed by the Burton team, you know the Blossom will really perform when it needs to. Best for a nostalgic park rider, or someone who wants to cruise the whole hill feeling fluid and free. Don't miss out on this one, it's time to ride!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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Rome Artifact Pro Snowboard

Rome Artifact Pro

In 1,000 years, when the mountains are barren and no one remembers what it was like to slide on snow, archaeologists will unearth a Rome Artifact Pro Snowboard and marvel at its features. The Artifact Pro picks up where the Artifact left off, with its tried-and-true twin shape, classic camber, and flax impact plates. Double Kick rise in the nose and tail makes presses and landings even simpler and a carbon HotRod in the core provides a snappy feel that's begging to butter or launch you further into the air. True twin, 5 out of 10 flex, traditional camber, and an understated b/w graphic. They say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and in this case, we’d agree. Your tricks may be lost to time but at least your board can show what a shredder you were, so grab the Artifact Pro and make your mark on history. Best for any level park rider looking for traditional performance and predictability, and at an affordable price point to boot.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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Bataleon Evil Twin + Snowboard

Bataleon Evil Twin +

The Bataleon Evil Twin+ Snowboard is so powerful, it must have eaten its siblings in the womb and absorbed their abilities. It's the classic 3BT™ positive camber ride, with uplifted sidebases that make turning a dream and let you clean landings that mere mortals would biff. The AirRide™ core dampens vibrations and the carbon Central Super Tube adds skyscraping pop and weight savings for maximum airtime. All that tech paired with a medium+ flex rating means this thing likes to fly. No wonder the original design is nearly two decades old - you'll never experience another high-performance board that's this easy to ride. For riders who like to jump, spin, and step to bigger features in the park, or maybe even the aging gear nerd who’s gotta have the best tech out no matter where they ride!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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Ride Kink Snowboard

Ride Kink

The park is yours as soon as you strap into the Ride Kink Snowboard. For the most part, it's a very traditional freestyle snowboard: a full camber profile, all wood core, symmetrical shape, and beefed-up edges. But Ride gives it a little twist in the form of the quadratic sidecut, adding a bit of their signature flair to an exceptionally dependable park deck. It has a smooth flex, plenty of pop, solid edge hold, and intuitive handling for sending jump lines, pressing boxes, and locking onto rails. There’s a reason that the Kink has been a part of Ride’s board line for as long as we can remember. While this is one of the most affordable boards on this list, Ride equipped the Kink with a stone ground sintered base, a base material and treatment usually reserved for higher-end rigs. For the dedicated, budget-conscious, park rat, who likes a flexy stick on hill!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Twin Extra Camber"Mellow Response"$429.95

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GNU Riders Choice Asym C3 Snowboard

GNU Riders Choice Asym C3

The GNU Riders Choice Asym C3 Snowboard (or the RC C3 as it's affectionately called by its legions of fans) is a full-throttle freestyle ripping machine, incorporating all of the highest-end materials that GNU has to offer. It uses an asymmetrical design for easy, powerful turns, Magne-Traction edges for insane grip, and Carbon Power bands for a little extra oomph. To top it all off, the board is built around the aggressively poppy C3 Camber contour for pro-level power transfer and an attacking soul when tricking off of natural features and slaying contest-worthy lines. The trippy, but subtle b/w graphics are a nice touch on top of such a tech rig. The Rider’s choice is just that, THE pick for the intermediate to advanced freestyler who likes what Mervin stands for.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
C3 CamberMedium/Firm$659.99

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Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard

Arbor Draft Camber

It's not just another park board. The Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard is a board that brings the park with it wherever it goes. The mid-soft flex, big blunted tips, and fendered camber profile make this thing exceptionally fun to throw around. Its tail was made for boosting side hits, the nose was made for bonking trees and boxes, and its base was made for sliding rails. GripTech edges mean it’ll hold when it’s firm, and Flip Tips help keep the Draft catch free on ollies, nollies, and spins. If you’re still not convinced, just go watch some of Mike Liddle’s games from Slush the Magazine’s game of Snow that just went down this summer. He may have gotten second, but you can get a real idea of what this board is capable of! Best for park-focused riders who want to jib and bonk the whole hill.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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Salomon Abstract Snowboard

Salomon Abstract - Unisex

If traditional snowboards are limiting your creativity, the Salomon Abstract Snowboard is the versatile freestyle board that will let you best express your style. Rock Out Camber is stable underfoot and forgiving in the tip and tail for fast riding and easy buttering, and the Quadralizer sidecut provides dialed edge pressure for maneuverability and precision. Carbon beams in the tip and tail, and Royal Rubber in the sidewalls mean the Abstract is both poppy and damp. Top it all off with a structured sintered base, and you know you’ll have speed for that late-season kicker. Don't let snowboard manufacturers put you in a box — the Abstract is made for pushing boundaries from the resorts to the streets.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Rock Out Camber3/5$499.95

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Capita The Outsiders Snowboard

CAPiTA The Outsiders

The little voice inside your head telling you to pin it towards the lip of that monster jump without scrubbing your speed? It's the CAPiTA The Outsiders Snowboard. Engineered with traditional camber and a boatload of tech, this is a confidence-inspiring board that's thirsty for high speed and huge stomps. It's got tons of pop, stability, and responsiveness, and comes updated with all-new Aramid Body Armor for improved vibration dampening and strength in high-pressure zones. Spend a little time and look into all the Mothership has packed into this thing on our product page: FC Hover Core, HolySheet Fiberglass, Magic Bean Resin, Hyperdrive Base, etc. etc. etc. Best for the intermediate to advanced rider who wants their board to progress with them and inspire confidence on bigger features.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Park V1 Portland6/10$579.95

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Stew Langner

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