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The 10 Best Freestyle & Park Snowboards of 2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | October 6, 2023


Close your eyes. Imagine the perfect park day at your local resort… mid to high 30s, sunny with just one little happy cloud in the distance, every feature groomed to perfection, all your buds in tow, and of course you stomp everything first or second go. While we can’t promise this fantasy world, you CAN realistically strap into one of the fantasy park snowboards listed below. And when you and your board click, some days really can feel close to perfect.

New This Year:

For those looking to dominate the terrain park in 2024, a few standout models are leading the charge in innovation and design. The new Lib Off Ramp makes its debut, promising riders a fresh experience with its unique construction and performance capabilities. The Headspace, a favorite among park enthusiasts, returns with a revamped shape, ensuring better agility and response during those critical moments. Additionally, K2 has reimagined their classic with the redesigned Medium, set to redefine park snowboarding standards. As riders contemplate choosing their next park snowboard, these exciting updates and additions ensure they're equipped to push their boundaries and explore new dimensions of freestyle snowboarding this season.

Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech Off Ramp

If you're after the ultimate jib stick, look no further than the all new Lib Tech Off Ramp Snowboard. Designed and refined by Phil Hansen, Matteo Soltane, and friends, this freestyle machine is perfect for riders stacking clips in the park and the streets alike. Powerful C3 Camber pairs with a true twin shape, Magne-Traction edges, and a poppy Aspen and Paulownia core for a tough, durable board that's begging to be thrashed on your favorite features.

Duncan, Retail Associate: "It’s full of camber and full of fun snowboard for the intermediate to advanced park rider. Its comfortable on both rails and jumps of all sizes and it flies on a top to bottom run if the groomers are too good to pass up."

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Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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GNU FB Head Space C3 Snowboard 2024

GNU FB Head Space C3

The GNU FB Head Space C3 Snowboard is Forest Bailey's tool for street sessions, park laps, and side hit shenanigans. The latest model drops in with a fresh outlook, ditching asym life for a more traditional pill-shaped twin shape. It's a throwback to the boards that made snowboarding great, and like those old school boards, the ingredients are simple but effective. There's a light and poppy G-Lite 2 wood core, C3 Camber for power and stability, and Magne-Traction edges for grip. If you're riding park and building features in your back yard every time it snows, this is the board for you.

Landon, Data Specialist: "It screams freestyle and nods to old school boards with the new shape. The performance throughout various conditions and the ability to make anything you ride fun is unmatched. "

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GNU Asym Velvet C2 Snowboard - Women's 2024

GNU Asym Velvet C2 - Women's

The GNU Asym Velvet C2 Snowboard is an all mountain twin with a twist. This smooth customer is designed to complement the body's natural asymmetry with a softer core and shorter radius on the heel-side for improved response and a velvety smooth feel that'll keep you hopping back on the lift for one more lap. Its a joy to carve down groomers, feels lively through the trees, and delivers tons of energy and pop for freestyle maneuvers all around the mountain.

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K2 Medium Snowboard 2024

K2 Medium

The K2 Medium Snowboard is an ode to the dedicated freestyle fanatic, boasting top-of-the-line technology to deliver the ultimate riding experience. With a twin shape, full camber profile, and Carbon DarkWeb technology, this board provides incredible grip and explosive pop, perfect for tricking off everything in sight. Now available in gender inclusive sizes down to 144cm, this versatile ride is at home in the park, on the groomed, or even in the city.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Twin CamberMedium$549.95

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Ride Benchwarmer Snowboard 2024

Ride Benchwarmer

Rumor has it, if Coach would have put the Ride Benchwarmer Snowboard in during the fourth quarter, the team would have won state for sure. I mean, quadratic sidecut AND a directional shape? What's an opposing park feature supposed to do against that kind of combo? Add in a stiff flex, beefy Cleave edges, double impact plates, and a carbon-backed camber profile, and this freestyle twin can do things that others can't even dream of. It's incredibly maneuverable, mega poppy, and downright nasty stomping the big jump line. Don't leave this bad boy on the sidelines: get in the quiver, pronto!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Twin Extra CamberStiff$549.95

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CAPiTA Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Spring Break Resort Twin

While its big brother, the Powder Twin, waits for the next dump, the CAPiTA Spring Break Resort Twin Snowboard is getting busy inbounds. This new offering from Spring Break brings their out-there vibe into civilization, with a twin silhouette and enough girth for modern freestyle mirth. This is a poppy jalopy with quad carbon amplifiers in the tip and tail, allowing you to boost to the moon on sidehits and in the park. It has Death Grip™ bumps between the feet, too, so you can carve for speed at the next wall without slipping out onto your face. Spring Break's a staycation this year!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Resort V2 TwinMedium$549.95

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CAPiTA Ultrafear Camber Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Ultrafear Camber

Don't be deterred by its name - the CAPiTA Ultrafear Snowboard is actually quite chill once you get to know it. It may sound scary but it's designed to embrace that exhilarating rush of near-fear that makes life worth living and keeps you on your toes. This is a true twin freestyle stick with a medium flexing traditional camber profile that'll keep you upright on sketchy landings without delivering frozen butters. The Ultrafear is aerial therapy, stomp treatment, pure ripping that'll get you over the hump. Get your heart rate up and lean into the Ultra as you embrace the Fear. It'll work.

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Nitro Optisym Snowboard 2024

Nitro Optisym

The Nitro Optisym Snowboard is NItro's self-proclaimed "friendly" freestyle board, perfect for those who switch seamlessly between park features and natural side hits, as well as those who love the challenge of the street. Featuring Cam-Out camber for pop without hookiness, a Dual Degressive 2-radius sidecut for predictable turn initiation, and Ureshred Sidewalls and Railkiller Edges for durability, the Optisym simply gets it done, over and over again.

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Cam-Out CamberSoft$499.95

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Nitro Optisym Snowboard - Women's 2024

Nitro Optisym - Women's

The Nitro Optisym Snowboard is a park and jib tool just waiting for your dose of inspiration - lively and easy-flexing, with the forgiving Dual Degressive Sidecut and the street-defying shock absorbing power of Polyurethane under the binding mount area. The Optisym also uses an extruded base, Rail Killer edges, and PU sidewalls for extra longevity, so you can continue to give 'er well after other boards have given up the ghost.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Cam-Out CamberSoft$499.95

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Bataleon Wallie Snowboard 2024

Bataleon Wallie

Learn to progress your park and freeride skills with the Bataleon Wallie Snowboard. Its low camber and 3BT™ tech give you the freedom to carve and float effortlessly, combined with its forgiving flex and park-oriented design. SuperTubes, Carbon Stringers, and unique Wallie Tips™ create a lightweight and tweakable platform that inspires. Part of Bataleon's genderless collection, the Wallie comes in a wide range of lengths for riders of all sizes.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Low CamberSoft$499.95

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