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The 10 Best Powder Snowboards of 2023 - Men's & Women's

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 23, 2022


It seems like everywhere you turn (literally), there is a new shape bursting on the snowboard scene. Mindfully crafted and designed with complementing materials and camber profiles, the best powder snowboards can make a good day on hill unforgettable. Whether it’s a swallow tail designed to keep your nose up and your slashes snappy, a powder twin that allows for maximum freedom to turn the whiteroom into a park, or 3D shaping to displace snow and create easier turns, there’s something for everyone on a deep day. Who needs a one board quiver when there’s a storm in the forecast? Picking the best powder snowboard will ensure you’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ all damn day on those mornings after a big snowfall. Take a deep dive and check out the latest and greatest powder snowboards for the upcoming season.

New This Year:

Trending this season are swallow tail shapes, powder twin profiles, and 3D shaping to ensure you won’t get bogged down on a day where the only thing that matters is the next slash.

Bataleon Surfer Snowboard 2023

Bataleon Surfer

Back off Warchild, the 50-Year Storm is here. The Bataleon Surfer Snowboard is made for the biggest dumps that know no friends, thanks to the super set back stance, oversized nose, and long swallowtail that keep your front end out of the swell. 3BT™ sidebase uplift with AirRide™ floats through pow and dampens the chunder, so you can surf the pow, cruise the hardpack, and leave the kooks in your wake.

Fully loaded and ready to rip, the Bataleon Surfer isn’t holding back. Advanced to expert riders can maximize those days where the stars align thanks to 3D shaping for maximum float, turn initiation, and stability.

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Nitro The Quiver Cannon Snowboard 2023

Nitro Quiver Cannon

Catch the buzz of the world's most famous swallowtail with the Nitro Quiver Cannon Snowboard. A versatile sidecountry destroyer that'll charge through chunder just as naturally as it surfs weightlessly atop pow, the Cannon's unique shaping and mid-wide width make it incredibly fun. Moderately stiff with Nitro's Cam-Out rocker/camber profile, the Nitro Quiver Cannon Snowboard is a one-of-a-kind specimen that you'll find yourself saddling up on every time there are fresh turns to be harvested.

Just because there’s a foot of fresh snow, doesn’t mean you can’t charge the hill with power and force. The Nitro Quiver Cannon balances moderate taper with a powder-hungry nose and snappy swallow tail.

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CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard 2023

CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin

If "CAPiTA Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard" sounds like the answer to your prayers right off the bat, you should probably listen to your gut. This pow-hungry freestyler keeps the extra wide waist, the tight, carvy turn radius, and gentle Surf Camber profile of its Spring Break brethren, but packages them together in a Twin shape that's perfect for playful powder riding. The latest model comes with upgraded Carbon V-Tech Amplifiers for lightweight power and response. Build that backcountry booter and get to work on your backside three, the Powder Twin is ready to rumble.

Spriiiiing Breeeeaaak sort of says it all, right? Created with the mindset of mixing freestyle boarding with an epic pow day, Capita’s twin powder shape has the qualities that make lapping the park fun but still provides the float and snappy decision-making you need to ride in deep conditions.

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Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard 2023

Jones Mind Expander Twin

The Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard is surf-inspired and pow-approved. A medium flex, tight sidecut, Christenson Surf CAMBER profile, and 3D Contour Base 3.0 define this playful freeride board that loves to float. Enjoy a damp ride that's equal parts snappy and slashy as it is supportive. Jib, hit pillows, and take your style mountain wide with the Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard.

A powder snowboard with a legacy that rivals its namesake, the Jones Mind Expander features a blunt nose and tail that just want to float. Perfect for someone who wants the perfect rig for a deep day but won’t be upset riding the same snowboard on a spring day with the squad.

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Rome Ravine Select Snowboard 2023

Rome Ravine Select

There's a difference between a ravine and the Grand Canyon, and the Rome Ravine Select Snowboard is the biggest ditch of them all. All of the essentials of the original Ravine are here - floaty and smooth Diamond 3D, shock-absorbing impact plates, and the super versatile rockered nose and cambered tail. The Carbon HotRods get an upgrade with carbon Omega construction, for explosive pop and energy when you're flying down the mountain. If you want a board that feels like it was injected with pure adrenaline, the Ravine Select is the board for you.

Built with the idea that one snowboard should handle it all, the Ravine Select packs versatility in a directional punch. With a 3D nose for float on deep days and Carbon HotRods in the tail for power and stability, the Ravine Select is built for epic powder days, sleeper storm mornings, and beyond.

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Yes. 20​/20 Powderhull Snowboard 2023

Yes. 20​/20 Powderhull

The Yes. 20/20 Powderhull Snowboard looks and rides like it was zapped into our timeline like naked Arnie, arriving from a distant, knowing future to make sure we correct things while we still can. It's packed to the gills with technology engineered to optimize your pow days and down days alike. Refined PowderHull 2.0 base contouring, Midbite edge shaping, and a featherlight Coreless Tech construction combine to create a board that shreds like it's 2099 and the decades-long nuclear winter never happened because we were too busy getting pitted to push the big red button.

The Yes. 20/20 Powderhull is changing the game when it comes to powder snowboard shaping. With a true twin shape, freestyle riders will love the same playfulness and board feel that typical powder snowboards lack. A responsive flex is balanced out by symmetrical pockets of rocker for float, quick turns, and stability.

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Season Forma Snowboard 2023

Season Forma - Unisex

You know it when you feel it - a Platonic ideal brought to life for a few fleeting moments of gravity-fed bliss. Like the Wizard of Oz bursting into technicolor after a lifetime of sepia, the perfect turn changes everything. The Season Forma Snowboard is crafted to seek it wherever it lies, with a volume-shifted swallowtail design that harks back to the early days of surf shaping. This throwback pow shape offers dolphin-like agility in deep snow, but crank it up to speed on firmer ground and the Forma gives as good as it gets, begging you to get low and drag a hand.

If you’re an advanced-to-expert rider, familiar with powder shapes, the Season Forma may just be the rig to take your deep day exploration to a whole new level. Featuring an elongated nose for ample float and a raised tail for an on-the-dime response, the Forma isn’t holding back on powder days… or beyond.

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Burton Fish 3D Snowboard 2023

Burton Fish 3D

When the snow-stake hits double figures, you better have the Burton Fish 3D Snowboard waxed and ready to rip. Combining a wild double swallowtail shape with a directional rocker and surfboard-inspired 3D base contouring in the tip and tail, this board handles deep pow like a crazed Sockeye swimming upstream to get to the hatch zone. It's the tool of choice for days when you run out of fingers and toes to keep track of snowfall, not that you'll be wasting time with such trivialities anyway. It's feeding time and the Fish 3D is HUNGRY!

One of the more recognizable powder boards on the market, the Burton Fish 3D offers ample board feel and control thanks to a flat profile, rockered nose, and 3D shaping throughout. Intermediate-to-Advanced riders will thrive on the Fish 3D, as its flex is on the softer side, but can still provide response when needed.

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Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's 2023

Bataleon Love Powder - Women's

On the list of things we love about snowboarding, powder days and fresh tracks rank right there at the top. The Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard feels the same, with its tapered swallowtail shape that keeps your nose high in the deepest snow. 3BT™ with SideKick™ uplifts the sidebases of the nose and tail for epic float and smooth, groomer-ready carves, so don't think this is a one-trick pony - it'll take you from cruiser piste days to big dumps without skipping a beat.

The Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard is a great option for intermediate female riders looking to expand their quiver and add a powder snowboard into the rotation. Featuring a directional shape and medium flex, the Love Powder will not only make a powder day even better but give you a slush slashing, rut laying option in every other condition.

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Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3 Snowboard 2023

Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3

Negative space is a powerful tool for artists and designers to harness. The same goes for snowboarders - slap a swallowtail on your board and you create magic exactly where the board ceases to exist. The Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3 Snowboard is a case in point, a powder-hungry carving enthusiast that defies easy labels. The huge, floaty nose and deep swallowtail combine with a new elliptical deep sidecut to help you plunder pow, graffiti clean cord with big, filthy arcs, and surf until your legs turn to jelly. An instant classic.

It’s hard to miss the swallowtail on the Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3, and it’s harder to not have an all-time day on hill when you’ve got this rig under your feet. With a low-entry nose, it’s easy to displace snow and stay up, and the deep swallowtail shape allows for aggressive riding and all-mountain charging.

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