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The 10 Best Directional Snowboards of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | October 12, 2022


It’s safe to say that the short/wide directional snowboards trend is here to stay. Although that means it’s not really a trend then, is it? Nevertheless, there’s a reason that these little guys have exploded in popularity to the point where almost every board manufacturer has its own version. Can you believe it’s been 7 years since the first K2 Cool Bean, and 5 since the first Lib Tech Orca? These kinds of boards are such a staple on hill that it feels like they’ve always been around.

New This Year:

If you're one of the few holdouts, ripping your 165 full-cambered, stiff-as-heck bulldozer of a board, we respect you. That being said, it’s ok to try new things and choose a differently shaped snowboard! While some of the best volume shifted snowboards on this list are quite extreme (really short, really wide), others have more range. What unites them is their penchant for effortless float, nimble response, and a fun, unique feel on hardpack, in pow, and in slush. While a few offerings here are pure fun, don’t shy away from serious terrain or big drops. Don’t believe us? Travis Rice, the GOAT, is not a small human being; 5’10’, 180lbs, last we checked (according to the internet of course). Guess what he routinely rides on giant, scary, steep AK lines… A 153 Orca. In SHORT (hehe), try one of the best directional snowboards if you’re new to pow, or want to send it deep with a bit more ease in 2023.

(Quick Note: If you’re new to these kinds of boards, they are meant to be ridden much shorter than your standard deck. You'll typically size down 3-6cm from what you would usually ride.)  

Salomon DanceHaul Snowboard

Salomon DanceHaul

The Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard is the disco ball of the mountain, and not just because it sparkles. The wide, tapered directional shape cruises through powder, and the shorter length keeps things nimble and fun. Rock Out Camber and Popster Core with Ghost Basalt Stringers dampen chatter but bring out the snap where you want it for an epic but controlled ride.

The Dancehaul is going to be one of the more versatile boards we mentioned in the intro. There’s taper, but not too much, and the stance is actually centered on the deck. We could definitely see this board being a daily driver or even your go-to for maneuverable fun in the park. A nice medium flex ups the versatility factor even more. If you've been wondering what volume shift boards are all about, grab yourself a Dancehaul and party your way down the mountain.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
RockOut Camber3/5$479.95

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Ride Psychocandy Snowboard

Ride Psychocandy

Based on the insanely popular Warpig model, the Ride Psychocandy Snowboard brings the same all-mountain, volume-shifted excellence to a narrower platform, with smaller sizes available for riders who can't find the right fit with the OG Pig. In addition to its inclusive size range, the Psychocandy also has a slightly more tapered tip and cutout tail, adding easy pivoting in powder and even more playful riding through slush and groomers. It's insanely fun in any conditions and especially sweet on the feet of a jib-happy all mountain rider with a flair for speed.

Directional Zero Camber and a medium flex mean this board is going to ride super smooth and easy. Best for beginner and intermediate riders looking to have fun in pow and slush, but would also be insanely fun on low-angle hippie pow for any level shredder.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Directional Zero CamberMedium$519.95

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K2 Excavator Snowboard

K2 Excavator

The K2 Excavator Snowboard was built to dig trenches. Whether those trenches are in a foot of fluffy pow or a field of manicured pinstripes, the Excavator provides with ease. This stylish directional board has a fat nose, slight swallowtail, and smooth al dente flex pattern with just the right blend of camber underfoot and rocker up front. The Excavator isn’t just for slow cruising either; it’s got an uber-fast Wax Infused Sintered 4001 Base, Carbon Power Fork additives in the core, and a Snowphobic top sheet so you aren’t weighed down when you pop to the moon.

The Excavator is a left turn, right turn connoisseur, serving up an all-you-can-eat buffet of corduroy licking, face shot gobbling fun. Best for intermediate to advanced riders looking for maximum float and a different feel underfoot.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Directional Camber7/10$549.95

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Ride Peace Seeker

Ride Peace Seeker

In pursuit of the voyage to chase the special serenity that can only be found at high speeds and in deep powder, we give you the Ride Peace Seeker Snowboard. Oh you want to do a tech dive? Here we go: Directional Extra Camber means intense camber underfoot, with a big early rise nose, an aggressive Performance Core combines Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia wood for weight savings and strength, and who can ignore that wild double pintail for laying into aggressive lines? But wait, there's more: Double Impact Plates, Carbon Array 5, Glass Pedal, Hybrid Glass, Carbon Slim Walls, AND a Sintered Stone Ground base. Ride really loaded this puppy up. Grab a peace seeker if you’re an aggressive rider looking to lay down hard carves and ride that deeeep snow.

Young, Receiving Lead: "This board is built to dig trenches. And it does them so well that you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to do something different. From powder to hardpack, it’ll be your go to in no time. Boards like these are why the directional carvers are the new ‘it’ board."

Read Ride Peace Seeker In-Depth Review  

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Directional Extra CamberStiff$599.95

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Nitro The Quiver Dinghy Snowboard

Nitro Quiver Dinghy

A brand new addition to the family, the Nitro Quiver Dinghy Snowboard was born to meet the needs of larger-footed riders as well as those just looking for a wide all-pow board. Shorter and stouter than your typical board, the Dinghy has managed to marry effortless float with pinpoint maneuverability making it the perfect choice for those looking to pillage those secret powder stashes tucked away in the trees.

This all-orange charger is equipped with good old-fashioned True Camber, married to a bit of Taper for float. An exaggerated nose and stubby swallowtail round out this medium-stiff flexing package from the mind of Bryan Fox. The Quiver Dinghy can truly work for any level rider if you like its looks, just make sure that 155cm length is going to work for you!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
True Camber7/10$569.95

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Burton Mystery Con Artist Snowboard

Burton Mystery Con Artist

If you think you can find a better pow board than the Burton Mystery Con Artist Snowboard, we have a bridge to sell you. This one comes with a powder-hungry combination of Directional Camber, heavy taper, and a setback stance to help you surf the white wave.

Equipped with Burton’s strongest and lightest core, the Dragonfly II 500G Core, as well as “Pro Tips” for reduced swing weight, the Mystery Con Artist might literally float like a feather in the deep stuff. To top it all off this board is laid up with Mystery Glass, a high-tech carbon/fiberglass layup with an unheard of strength-to-weight ratio. And oh yeah, for good measure Burton put their fastest Methlon base on this thing so you can cruise through any flat spots with ease. For the powder connoisseur who makes no compromises. Book that dream trip to Japan, you only live once!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Directional CamberMedium$1799.95

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Lib Tech T. Rice Apex Orca Snowboard

Lib Tech T. Rice Apex Orca

We all know about the black shadows of death, the terrors of the deep that are killer whales. Well, the apex predator just got 50% more apexier. Think killer whales with freaking laser beams on their heads. Think orcas fighting great whites or giant squids or something, and their skin gets ripped off their face, revealing Terminator-style chrome and blinking red lights underneath.

The Lib Tech T. Rice Apex Orca Snowboard is the pow-slaying all-mountain hunter we all know and love, laid up with a crazy light, concerningly bloodthirsty Apex Construction. This core is the lightest Lib has ever made, using Aspen, Paulownia, Recycled Plastic Bottles, and Balsa Wood. Lay that foundation up with loads of lightweight carbon and fiberglass, and throw in the Lightweight Spin Slim tip and tail, and you’ve got a regular Orca on roids. Best for aggressive riders looking to send it into pow, or maybe ultralight bootpackers looking to shave a few ounces off their kit.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price

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Spring Break Slush Slasher 2.0 Snowboard

Spring Break Slush Slasher 2.0

The CAPiTA Spring Break Slush Slasher 2.0 Snowboard doesn't do "serious", and it doesn't think you should either. This playful little deck is the heart and soul of the entire Spring Break line, designed to be ridden with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and a huge smile plastered across your face. The latest model has been redesigned from the ground up with a deeper, carvier sidecut and a new Surf Camber profile that improves freestyle versatility.

Break the Slush Slasher out during late-season park and pow days, for your local pond skim, or whenever you want to goof off on hill. Don’t be afraid to size wayyy down too. Even the 139cm has a 262mm waist width, which is likely wider than anything else in your quiver. Slap your bindings on, set phasers to DGAF, and go have some fun, dang it!

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Surf CamberSoft$429.95

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Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard

Bataleon Party Wave +

If you head for the trees when the snow starts falling, the Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard is the pow stick you need in your quiver. The short, volume-shifted shape whips around obstacles with ease, and the 3BT™ uplifted sidebases and narrow centerbase make edge-to-edge transitions even easier. The setback stance and slight swallowtail keep your nose out of the deep stuff but the wider shape also lets you throw some hard carves on the groomers for a shreddy fiesta in any conditions.

With Carbon Stringers, an Ultra Light Core (Swiss Paulownia and Poplar), and Ultra Glide S Base, this + model is ready to rip! Best for riders looking to up their fun quotient without sacrificing performance when it’s really needed.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Low Camber + Triple Base Technology6/10$589.95

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Rome Stale Fish Snowboard

Rome Stale Fish

Forget the overpriced resort burgers and fries - when the snow starts falling, fish is the only thing on the menu. The Rome Stale Fish Snowboard is made for the hard-charging snow surfer, the kind of rider who values both style and speed. The long rockered nose and setback stance keep you moving in the powder and the Diamond 3D shape floats and turns with ease. Bamboo HotRods in the nose add a playful pop so you can hit a few features while making big surfy arcs, bringing the best of snowboarding and snow surfing into one epic board.

Part of Ståle Sandbech’s three board Rome Quiver, the Stale Fish is certainly maximum fun, but it can also hold up to bigger features and lines. A medium-stiff flex profile and a sintered base mean you can land fast and keep on truckin’! You don’t have to know how to do a Stalefish grab btw, but we bet it would be really fun into a nice deep landing on this new whip from Rome.

Camber ProfileFlexOriginal Price
Free-the-Ride Camber6/10$469.95

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