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The 10 Best Snowboards for Beginners of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 16, 2022


Learning a new skill can be insanely challenging, occasionally painful, and ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Not to mention, with snowboarding, you have to learn about a whole mess of new gear to go along with your new bruises. But we are here to help. We put together this list of the best snowboards for beginners of the season so that when you're learning how to snowboard you will go from first-timer to expert as fast as you can handle it.

New This Year:

We’ve got men’s and women’s beginner snowboard options from five of our favorite brands, each offering a unique twist on a progression-minded snowboard. The common thread you’ll find among all of these boards is that they are built to be easy to ride. They have soft cores that are easy to flex, upturned edges that are hard to catch unexpectedly, and forgiving shapes that want to make turns as much as you do.

Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2023

Burton Ripcord

The Burton Ripcord Snowboard is all about progression. It's the perfect tool for snowboarders on the rise, still working to master their craft. If this board was sentient, it would be giving TED Talks about edge control and standing on the street corner spinning a sign around that says "Try snowboarding! It's awesome and fun and easy to learn!" With its forgiving flex, Flat Top profile, and Easy Bevel edges, the Ripcord is so good at teaching snowboarding that even expert boarders could probably improve their riding just by putting it under their pillow at night and listening to it whisper sweet nothings about how to initiate the perfect toe side turn.

Where many beginner snowboards are based on freestyle designs, the men’s Ripcord uses a directional shape similar to what you’d find on a freeride or all mountain board. Paired with the easy-going flat camber, this makes the board easy to carve and smooth at any speed.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price

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Burton Stylus Snowboard - Women's 2023

Burton Stylus - Women's 2023

Put your stylus to the canvas and make your mark. The Burton Stylus Snowboard is an easygoing tool for getting the hang of snowboarding and provides plenty of performance so the fun doesn't stop once you start shredding. A flat base, forgiving flex, twin shape, and Easy Bevel edges make it easy to initiate turns, hard to accidentally catch an edge, and almost impossible to wipe the huge smile off your face.

One thing we love about the women’s Stylus is the Easy Bevel edges Burton uses on their beginner boards. By detuning the edges, it helps decrease the fear of linking turns at speed. The edge holds when you need it to, but doesn’t catch unexpectedly.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Flat/RockerTrue Twin$419.95

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Arbor Ethos Snowboard - Women's 2023

Arbor Ethos - Women's

The Arbor Ethos Snowboard encapsulates the playful spirit of the mountains in a board that will have you surfing, turning, and spinning as if you were born to ride the white-covered slopes. Beginners and intermediates will love the forgiving nature of a rockered ride with a softer flex, perfect for working on your technique and whetting your appetite to explore faster and steeper terrain as your abilities grow.

There’s nothing quite like riding a full rocker board. The female-specific Ethos uses Arbor’s System Rocker profile to provide a playful feel for any rider. Smearing turns, buttering boxes, and floating soft snow are close at hand when you learn the ropes on this one.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
RockerDirectional Twin$399.99

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Arbor Foundation Snowboard 2023

Arbor Foundation

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And for snowboarding, that first step is a heck of a lot easier on the Arbor Foundation Snowboard. This aptly named snowboard is the perfect platform on which to perfect the craft of sliding sideways on frozen water. It has a fully rockered profile, which means the edges curve away from the snow instead of towards it, so turn initiation is easy and catch-free. The flex of the board is smooth and soft for easy rideability, and the build itself is done as sustainably as possible, which doesn't do anything to make the board easier to ride, but does make it easier for all of us to keep riding further into the future, so that's a big win for everyone!

As the men’s version of the Ethos, the Foundation offers the same playful, easy-turning application of rocker in a larger range of sizes. Like many of the other boards on this list, it features a versatile twin shape and a nice soft flex pattern.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
RockerDirectional Twin$399.95

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GNU GWO BTX Snowboard 2023


The GNU GWO BTX Snowboard is built around the simple excellence of Banana Technology. This unique snowboard design places a small pocket of camber under each foot for power and edgehold, and one mild pocket of rocker in between them, creating a catch-free, easy pivoting feel at the apex of your turns. In addition to enabling loose, skate-inspired styles in the terrain park, Banana Tech also makes all-mountain progression a breeze. The GWO turns easily, holds speed well, and is just plain fun to ride.

Generally speaking, rockered boards offer easy turn initiation, while cambered boards provide a more powerful edge hold. By combining the two in their Banana Tech, GNU has created the perfect tool for beginning riders, offering both comfort and reliability.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberTrue Twin$459.95

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GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard - Women's 2023

GNU B-Nice BTX - Women's

Learning new things is hard. But it's a lot better if you have a good teacher. Someone that will be patient, be encouraging, and most of all be nice. The GNU B-Nice BTX Snowboard is just that teacher. It's a friendly, catch-free all-mountain freestyle board that will take you from day 1 to pro in no time, with nothing but kindness and stoke along the way.

The B-Nice is the women’s equivalent to the GWO, so if you're a female rider and like the sound of Banana Tech rocker, this one's for you. It’s a nimble, easy board to ride that can progress in the park or on the groomers.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberTrue Twin$459.95

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CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse Snowboard 2023

CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse

The CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse Snowboard is an all-action, no-frills option that strips snowboarding down to the bare bones: human + board + gravity = fun. Let loose on man-made and natural features alike with a throwback blunted shape that cuts swing weight for aerial maneuvers and slides on metal, concrete, or wood. This version features reverse camber for a skate-like feel that floats like a butterfly and turns on a dime.

Conveniently, a lot of the things that make a good beginner board (soft flex, twin shape, flat camber) make for a great freestyle board as well. On the Pathfinder, you will have an easy time learning the ropes, and once you’re ready to step it up, you’ll find that the board handles itself in the terrain park just as well as it did on the beginner slopes.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Flat/RockerTrue Twin$429.95

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CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard - Women's 2023

CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy - Women's

If your day takes in just about everything the mountain has to offer with park laps sprinkled liberally throughout, the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard should be on your list. With its true twin, medium-flexing, rocker-flat-rocker construction, it's just plain hard to beat. Whether you're carving cord, ripping in and out of the park, or have your eyes set on secret pow stashes, the Space Metal Fantasy delivers the most fun this side of Neptune.

Similar to the Pathfinder, the women’s Space Metal Fantasy is a board that can level up with you. It has a bit stiffer flex than some of the others on the list but is far from overpowering. It’s a perfect choice for riders on the cusp of intermediate who have a bit of a flair for playful riding.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Flat/RockerTrue Twin$429.95

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Salomon Sight Snowboard 2023

Salomon Sight

If you're looking to shred off-piste, the Salomon Sight will get you from the ridgelines on top to the groomers below. The Cross Profile Camber is made for stability while charging and the rocker at the tip and tail add a bit of float in the deep. The Quadratic sidecut and tapered shape enhance turn initiation and control on variable snowpack and the cork rails dampen chunder and do good for the Earth.

The two Salmon boards on our list are the only ones to feature camber between the bindings. While this makes for a generally more aggressive ride, we still think that the Sight is a great choice for high-level beginners. It has a toned-down directional freeride-inspired shape that’s ready for the big mountain whenever you are.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Rocker / Camber / RockerDirectional$379.95

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Salomon Lotus Snowboard - Women's 2023

Salomon Lotus - Women's

Do your body a favor and make the learning process a little easier with the Salomon Lotus Snowboard. The Directional Twin shape is great at transitioning from falling leaf to linked turns, and the Bite Free Edges will give you a catch-free ride. A soft flex paired with Flat Out Camber is less aggressive than other camber profiles, so you can experience stability and response without all of the ground impacts.

The Lotus board is another beginner board that would make a great transition into a park board if you choose to go in that direction with your riding. Its cambered twin shape provides plenty of pop and a lively ride while still bringing the lightweight, soft flexing goodness you need to help make progression easy.

Camber TypeShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/RockerDirectional Twin$349.95

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