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The 10 Best Freeride Snowboards of 2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | October 03, 2023


The next time you find yourself in awe of the bigger terrain in and around your local resort, OR the latest pro’s high-flying video part, take a moment to consider what sort of equipment you’d need on your feet to step to that sorta stuff. More than likely you’d be imagining something close to a board on this list. We’ve got a list of 9 of this year’s best freeride snowboards ready to get as buck as you wanna take them. These high-tech snowboards are ready to take on the steep and deep while holding a solid edge when you really need it.

New This Year:

The 2024 trail of freeride snowboards is marked by the emergence of powerful directional boards, exhibiting stiffer flex for precise control and robust performance. This year, the spotlight shines on the new Mega Death snowboard, a symbol of the bold and commanding presence these boards are bringing to the slopes. The shift towards stiffer flex caters to riders seeking a more aggressive ride, allowing for high-speed carving and remarkable stability even in challenging terrains. The directional designs further enhance the control and responsiveness, making every descent a meticulously crafted adventure. As riders look forward to choosing their next snowboard, the 2024 lineup of freeride snowboards offers a realm of sturdy and commanding boards, ensuring each ride resonates with the audacity and precision that freeride snowboarding embodies.

CAPiTA Mega Death Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Mega Death

Contrary to reports, the CAPiTA Mega Death Snowboard does not in fact come with a Marshall amp and a cord. That means you'll have to supply your own feedback drenched soundtrack, but heavy metal riding comes as standard. The Mega Death is loaded up to the eyeballs with Capita's finest tech for an ultralight ride that's capable of tackling the gnarliest lines on planet shred. It's a snowboard shaped power chord screaming out into the alpine void – all it needs is a freeride specialist to take care of the melody. Rock on.

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Season Aero Snowboard

Season Aero

The Season Aero Snowboard is a rocket ship, surgeon’s scalpel, and artist’s paintbrush rolled into one. It’s that friend you can rely on to drop everything to go ride - the same one who makes you feel ten feet tall when things get spicy. Crafted with traditional camber and a powerful flex, it exudes confidence in rugged terrain and purrs when you open up the throttle to paint fast, clean arcs through the chop. Top to bottom, bell to bell, the Aero is built to fly.

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Jones Flagship Snowboard 2024

Jones Flagship

Foundational, freeriding, and fun: the Jones Flagship Snowboard is everything you need for finding the fall line and foraying into fresh snow. Featuring directional rocker, Traction Tech for grip, and a 3D contour base for precision and float, the Flagship excels in soft snow and holds firm when its less than fresh. If you're looking for something that will last and deliver as you grow from 30 degree couloirs to 50 degree chutes, look no further than the Jones Flagship Snowboard.

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Yes. PYL Snowboard 2024

Yes. PYL

Pick your line with the Yes. PYL Snowboard, a fast, stiff, and directional freeride powder monster that delivers float and fun without compromising on functionality. Constructed with triax fiberglass and a stiff yet lightweight mix of Poplar and Paulownia, this board has more edge hold and power than you've ever dreamed of in a tapered board. With wavy art, this naturally damp platform brings high performance feel to wherever you ride.

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GNU Hyper C2X Snowboard 2024

GNU Hyper C2X

The GNU Hyper C2X Snowboard is a blank slate, and we're not just talking about the minimalist graphics. Its directional shape, Magne-Traction edges, and insanely responsive layup let your style do the talking whether you're hunting leftover pow, painting clean arcs on fresh cord, or taking your park antics to the sidecountry. It's smooth and powerful, stomps hard, carves well, and pivots surprisingly easily for a board of its size. If you're looking for a new medium for all mountain expression, this Blake Paul pro model is a great way to make your mark.

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CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard 2024

CAPiTA Mega Mercury

The CAPiTA Mega Mercury Snowboard takes the all-round versatility of the already popular Mercury and slathers it with extra sauce. Laid up with a super poppy core, this capable deck is amped up and slimmed down with Capita's Megacarbon™ Array and Megalite Skin™ for lightweight performance that allows you take flight in any situation. New for this season are freshly minted wide models and Capita's fastest Megadrive™ Base, found only on the Mega line-up.

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GNU Banked Country C3 Snowboard 2024

GNU Banked Country C3

Designed by father/son duo Temple and Cannon Cummins, the GNU Banked Country C3 Snowboard is a do-it-all resort ripper for advanced riders chasing their next adrenaline rush. It's got a big, floaty nose, powerful construction, and directional progressive Magne-Traction technology designed to put extra bite in the tail of directional boards. Featuring a redesigned tail shape for easier switch riding, this everyday crusher is ready for action.

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Lib Tech EJack Knife HP C3 Snowboard 2024

Lib Tech EJack Knife HP C3

If your set-up trick is a lofted Cab 5, the Lib Tech EJack Knife HP C3 Snowboard is for you. The ultimate backcountry freestyle stick, this one's been stomping landings for a few years now, and it just keeps getting better. New for this model is a soft-serve spoon nose, do you can squeeze out a few more miles per hour on your way to that cheese wedge. Aggressive C3 camber, a super lightweight core, and a stiff flex only add to the eye-watering speeds you'll enjoy out there too: this board is ready to drop more hammers than a hardware store on a sinkhole.

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K2 Passport Snowboard 2024

K2 Passport

From the steeps and deeps to the groomed and zoomed, the K2 Passport Snowboard will get you there. On the cover, you get a dependable directional shape, designed for all-mountain freeride fun. And once you start flipping through the pages, you'll find that its backed with K2's top of the line A1 core, triaxial carbon glass, and a super fast sintered 4000 base. It's high end tech in a widely accessible package, ready to be filled with stamps from far flung locales at every snowy corner of the globe.

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Nitro Alternator Snowboard 2024

Nitro Alternator

An all-mountain board that seamlessly blends features of several other Nitro classics, the Nitro Alternator Snowboard is a fresh design for those equally interested in hiking the backcountry gates and railing inbounds. A moderately stiff flex and full camber profile give the Alternator tons of pop and the power to drive from turn to turn, even in challenging snow conditions.

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