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The 10 Best Women's Snowboards of 2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | September 30, 2023


It’s that time of year when you need to start thinking about a new snowboard purchase. Whether it is your first board or fifth board, we have you covered with the best women’s snowboards of 2023. From Magne-Traction to Grip-Tech, Directional to Twin, or Camber to Rocker, dialing in the perfect options to cater to your riding style will complete the quiver and maximize your days on hill. Traditional camber provides you with the most stability with four main contact points and will be slightly less forgiving when you catch an edge. Rocker provides the most forgiving for slower speeds and playful turns, thanks to contact points that are lifted, preventing you from catching an edge but making it harder to hold an edge.

New This Year:

The 2024 roster of women's snowboards showcases a delightful trend towards fun, all-mountain shapes, encapsulating the spirit of versatility that's reigning supreme this year. The shift towards designs that promise an all-encompassing mountain experience signifies a celebration of the adventurous spirit of women riders. Whether it's carving through groomed runs, exploring off-piste terrains, or playful freestyling, the new lineup is designed to adapt and excel. The mantra 'Versatility is Queen' resonates through each board, ensuring riders don't just conquer the slopes, but do so with a blend of fun and finesse. This year's collection is about encouraging women riders to break free from the bounds of specific riding styles and explore the mountain in its entirety. The 2024 women's snowboards are not just about stepping up the performance but also about amplifying the joy and freedom that comes with every ride.

CAPiTA The Equalizer Snowboard - Women's 2024

CAPiTA The Equalizer

The CAPiTA The Equalizer Snowboard is Jess Kimura's tool for everyday all mountain freeriding, from steep big mountain lines to laying trenches on corduroy. Designed specifically for women, the Equalizer is updated with Capita's latest Meta Core, tuned for all mountain shredding, and a hybrid profile that blends camber underfoot with rocker at the nose and tail for imrpoved float. Mix in a host of high end materials that deliver exceptional control and stability without overpowering the pilot, and it's clear that the Equalizer is a force to be reckoned with.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Ride Psychocandy Snowboard 2024

Ride Psychocandy

The Ride Psychocandy Snowboard brings the all-mountain, volume-shifted excellence of the Warpig to a slightly narrower platform with more inclusive sizing for smaller riders who can't find the right fit with the OG Pig. It also has a slightly more tapered tip and tail shape for easier pivoting in powder and even more playful riding through slush and groomers. It's a total blast to ride in any conditions, and a great choice for riders at all ability levels.

Mackensie, Planner: "The Ride Psychocandy is a killer option for experienced riders looking for an all-mountain board. The medium flex coupled with the directional shape and tapered tip/cutout tail offer ultimate versatility on not only the deep days but also in variable conditions where quick responsiveness is essential."

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Season Kin Snowboard

Season Kin

Spend a season in the park, and you'll see why the rail sliders, box boopers, and jump line maniacs think of themselves as family. Day after day, honing skills, hollering encouragement, and picking your homies up off the snow to have another crack at nailing that. one. friggin'. trick. It shifts your perception of what matters and why we do what we do. The Season Kin Snowboard is a directional twin shape for the whole freestyle fam - men, women, young, and old. It has a symmetrical camber for added grip and energy, a playful, pressable flex, and durable construction engineered to withstand everyday abuse in the park and beyond.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
CamberSoftDirectional Twin$499

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Arbor Swoon Camber Snowboard - Women's 2024

Arbor Swoon Camber

Fall in love with the Arbor Swoon Camber Snowboard, a responsive board for advanced riders looking to take their skills to the next level down steep terrain and challenging features. Thanks to a system camber profile that provides stability and edge hold, you can side slip your next couloir or style it. Manufactured with renewable resources and featuring a full wood profile, this stable board is easy to handle and sure to boost your mood.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber6/10Directional Twin$549.95

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GNU Barrett C3 Snowboard - Women's 2024

GNU Barrett C3

If Michelangelo designed freeride snowboards, his notebook would probably be filled with sketches of the GNU Barrett C3 Snowboard. This board is freeride perfection, with an aggressive C3 profile, directional shape, and firm flex delivering a fast, stable ride and scalpel-like precision. If you're pushing the boundaries in committing terrain, the Barrett has exactly what you need.

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K2 Party Platter Snowboard 2024

K2 Party Platter

Get ready to have a blast with the K2 Party Platter Snowboard. This board is all about fun, with a volume shifted design that allows for short and playful turns on groomers and family-sized slashes through pow. The Combination Camber profile provides extra energy in transitions, making it ideal for tight trees, narrow chutes, and featured terrain. As one of the originators of the volume shifted movement, K2 knows a thing or two about throwing a party, and the Party Platter is the perfect invitation to let your hair down.

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Salomon No Drama Snowboard - Women's 2024

Salomon No Drama

The Salomon No Drama Snowboard brings girls of all abilities together to hit jumps, ride rails, and cause havoc throughout the park. Its true twin shape excels riding either regular or switch and the combination of Quad Camber with EQ Rad Sidecut is stable, snappy, and agile. The stiff flex can handle big landings and the Royal Rubber Pads give extra protection to your sidewalls, so you can jib off any feature and leave your worries and drama at home.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker4/10True Twin$499.95

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Jones Stratos Snowboard - Women's 2024

Jones Stratos

The Jones Stratos Snowboard is a modern day freeride icon with deep roots in the ancient art of freestyle. The name alone evokes a timeless, elevated quality, as if strapping in grants the rider access to the upper reaches of the stratosphere, hucking thousand foot cliffs and stomping landings on monstrous cumulonimbus clouds. It's heady stuff, but this board delivers down here in the surface realm, too. The hybrid shape blends the directional feel of a freeride charger with the narrow sidecut and playful flex of a freestyle specialist. With 10mm of taper and Float Pack Inserts, it crushes pow on the deepest days, and it's the first board you'll reach for when the groomers are firing. Add the Stratos to your quiver and it's all up for grabs. Go get some!

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Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard - Women's 2024

Lib Tech Dynamiss C3

Performance and fun collide deep inside the Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard, making it a solid choice for freeriders who take a few runs through the park, and vice versa. It definitely leans toward classic power riding, with a smooth-entry nose and slight taper that keep it trucking through the flats and slashing everything in sight. With strong legs controlling the aggressive C3 contours, you'll be ready to roast anything on the mountain: this is a dream daily driver!

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberMedium FlexDirectional$579.99

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Nitro Drop Snowboard - Women's 2024

Nitro Drop

The Nitro Drop Snowboard is an all-mountain ride that gets it done under any circumstances. With a smooth riding Cam-Out profile that blends tons of pop with easy handling and intuitive turn initiation, the Drop makes you riding come alive. Powerlite Core, a super fast Sintered Speed Formula HD base, and Nitro's classic directional twin shape round out the package.

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