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2021-2022 Burton Hometown Hero Review

Born out of a love for navigating Vermont's tight trees on powder days and hard, icy snow the rest of the time, the Burton Hometown Hero snowboard is a powder board with all-mountain capabilities. A wide, directional shape and relatively stiff flex pair with the Hometown Hero's directional camber to give riders great edgehold and stability at speeds, while also delivering the nimbleness to turn on a dime. Whether you find yourself surfing pow through the dense evergreens of the Cascade Mountains or railing down groomers on the East Coast, the Burton Hometown Hero is the type of board that won't let you down when you're back home riding with your high school crush — wherever home is.

About the Snowboard

Wow what a board! This do it all machine will change the way you see the mountain, you will start to see side hits where you never saw them before! The Burton Hometown Hero loves to surf through powder and keeps its nose above the water without effort. Plus, if trees are your passion, the short tail is quick and responsive to keep you blasting thru. It may not be specifically designed for the park but with its balanced feel and confidence-inspiring stability, you will want to boot off some kickers and give your best method with this magical beast. I also love going fast on groomers and making as few turns as possible, and this board allowed me to do just that. Even in the chunder of the Northwest, the Hometown Hero is stable and fast, allowing you to keep up with those skier friends of yours. If you need one board to do it all then the Hometown Hero is the right board for you. 

Sizes (cm) 144, 148, 152, 156, 156W, 160, 160W, 165W
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm, 156 length) (300 - 252 - 288)
Turning Radius (m, 156 length) 7.4
Camber Profile Rocker / Camber / Rocker

Technical Details

Let’s dive into the tech specs we love. The early rise rocker in the nose will keep you from taking those dreaded nose dives while the backseat camber will give you stability at high speed and lots of pop off the booters. The Hometown Hero's twin flex will allow you to ride regular or switch with the same energy. A Burton Superfly II 700G core makes this board light but enough spring to launch you off those wonderful side hits.

Now let’s talk taper... With 12mm of taper from tip to tail, it's no wonder this board turns like a dream and makes for a slashtastic surprise for your friends. In a world with too much waste, this board makes use of a recycled, high-density sintered base that loves to cling tightly to wax and ride fast.

About the Reviewer:

Name: Brittany Mellander
Age: 30
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 122lbs
Size Reviewed: 145cm
Location(s): Crystal Mountain, WA
Bindings: Burton Lexa X EST
Boots: Salomon Kiana Dual Boa
Riding Style: I love to ride fast groomers while enjoying side hits. Trees and powder are favorites for me and I’ll play in the park every once in a while. 
Burton Hometown Hero Snowboard Review - evo 2022

Ride Impressions:

I love to ride the whole mountain, and the Hometown Hero helped me do just that. This snowboard may look like it's just for powder but that certainly isn’t all that it's good for. When hitting fast groomers and setting the pace for your friends is what your day is about, this board will have you waiting at the bottom. The sintered base with a fresh coat of wax will keep you sliding at top speed, while the backseat camber will keep you stable. Most people think they need a traditional camber board to ride fast groomers but the camber placement between the feet is what gives this board the stability it needs to keep up the pace and give you turning power. With this camber profile, making the groomers seem like a park is easy. The pop off the side hits will make you feel like you are dancing down the mountain. The Burton Hometown Hero is a stiff board that needs a bit of coaxing to initiate, but when you want it to turn it will turn. I am a fan of stiffer boards as it allows me to feel locked in through carves and not squirley.

As you'd expect, the Hometown Hero also thrives in pow. It may not be a full powder board like the Burton Pow Wrench but it could easily hold its own on a pow trip to Japan. The shorter tail sinks into the powder keeping the nose up and allowing you to make those glorious pow slashes. The 12mm of taper also helps to make tight turns possible when I was navigating my way thru the trees. 

In the Pacific Northwest, we get lots of days filled with heavy chunder and the Hometown Hero blasted thru all of it. Some stiffer camber boards can feel like they are bucking you thru the ice and chunder but I think this is how it gets the 'hero' in its name. I always felt confident and stable regardless of variable snow conditions.


  • Versatility.
  • Extremely stable and fast board
  • Floats through powder like a dream


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Requires a little more effort to initiate turns
  • Directional shape can make sizing a bit more tricky

Who's It For?

If you are an all-mountain rider like myself, then the Burton Hometown Hero Snowboard is for you. This is a board for intermediate to advanced riders who want a fast reactive board. Ideal for riding in powder and hauling down groomers. The Hometown Hero is meant for those that love deep days, fresh corduroy, and making the mountain your playground.
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Burton Hometown Hero Review - Bottom Line

The Hometown Hero is the ideal board for the whole mountain. With its sintered base and sidecut, this board loves to go fast and carve deep trenches. In the PNW, chunder (i.e. variable snow) is always plentiful but this board can handle it all. When the pow days land, this board doesn't hesitate either — floating effortlessly thru with its tail down and nose up.
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